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24 yr old w/ Halitosis, PND, Allergies, tinea versicolor, low energy, acne, bad B/O.
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Published: 8 years ago

24 yr old w/ Halitosis, PND, Allergies, tinea versicolor, low energy, acne, bad B/O.

I'm 24 years old, have tinea versicolor all over my upper torso and a bit on my shoulders/arms. My energy levels are low, I don't sleep well, I suffer from halitosis no matter how much I brush/floss/mouthwash, I also have dandruff, and my hair smells really bad if I don't wash it for a couple days. I have lots of environmental allergies and a few food allergies , I eat healthier than every other person my age that I know, and I have Acne on my shoulders and sometimes on my face. I don't drink or smoke. I also have minor bouts of Depression from time to time. I also like to think I have bad B/O. My elbows have also caused me minor pain since I was 18. My left knee also grinds (bone to bone). Also, I'm not overweight, standing at 6'1 and 150lbs.

I feel as though I should be more vibrant, vital, healthy, and energized at this age. Everyone else I know parties, drinks, and eats fast food, yet they have great skin, no halitosis/oral bacterial issues, and great youthful energy. Around the age of 22-23 is when a lot of my symptoms began (bad breath, post-nasal drip, poor sleep, allergies, sinusitis). It just seems over the past 1-2 years my overall health has been declining more and more no matter what I do and this really scares me since I'm in the prime of my life. I just don't know what to do.

I got a tonsillectomy a month ago to get rid of my big tonsils/crypts/tonsil stones in order to improve my halitosis but it only went away during the 7 day Antibiotic course post-surgery and then returned. This makes me believe my halitosis is due to a bacterial dysbiosis/overgrowth of some kind. I've taken 3 courses of Antibiotics in my life that I can remember. I've also had my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago.

I eat organic as much as I can, minimize toxic foods like sugar, gluten, fast food, etc...only drink water and sometimes tea. No caffeine. Wild/free range/grassfed meats/eggs/poulty/seafood. I even use organic soap and shampoo.

Looking at my symptoms, could anyone give their suggestion on what you think might be going on with me systemically, and what therapies I could try to improve my health?

Thank you.

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