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Re: Looking for feedback on my symptoms and feeling overwhelmed.
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Looking for feedback on my symptoms and feeling overwhelmed.

I don't know how I would survive if I didn't work from home. I already feel like parasite cleansing and detoxing has become my full-time job. It takes all of my focus and is so draining. It's all so overwhelming - I feel like I'm never going to be "normal" or happy again.

*Sorry for you issues. I have the same issues and have be fighting illness for 3 years. Ive actually come a long way from where I used to be. Just hang in there it can be a rough ride.

Yesterday I felt completely nuts from die off. I may have done too much. Today is the 5th day of taking myrrh, oregano oil, boswelia and neem for liver flukes. I did a P&B shake yesterday as well in addition to the daily sauna and coffee enemas. I also took DE the night before because there was a party in my gut and I couldn't sleep (story of my life). Then I was also up until 8am this morning unable to sleep.

*Make sure your taking probiotics because worm remedies kill your gut flora to let you know. P&B shakes/DE are good for pulling parasites out of the colon walls but they also can elevate your heavy metals so make sure you have anti heavy metal remedies like chlorella and activated charcoal ect... †Bentonite clay is know to have aluminum so I also take malic acid along with my coffee enemas to chelate any aluminum I have in my body to keep the levels down. Malic acid also opens the gallbladder to release bile during the coffee enemas. Make sure you have taurine too, it produces more bile for you to move toxins out with.

I got ornithine to help with sleeping, but then read that it causes scattering in heavily infested people. Should I avoid it?

* I dont know about ornithine causing scattering but I know arginine can cause virus flare ups. Arginine and ornithine work together to detox ammonia from the protein you eat. That probably why ppl sleep better on ornithine because ammonia can cause insomnia.

Here are my symptoms that donít seem to be resolving:

-paper cuts/tiny cuts that appear in both thumbs and get more painful unless I take parasite herbs. My skin will smooth out but itís always temporary. Is this a hatching stage symptom and what parasite could do this to skin?

*Viruses,bacteria and parasites can cause random phantom cuts and scratches. you would have to get testing to know which one is causing it. I get those on occasion.. But if you have chest symptoms on the left side or right side of the chest along with the scratches its definitely from a worm infection. Worms like to set up their nest in the lungs and liver.

-Buzzing/tingling/activation in my left temple, now moving to the right. This has been bothering me for years now. I feel like it's related to the buggers getting irritated in my liver and possibly dying off, but not sure


*Yea the liver can create sensations in the head whens its under stress. but also tingling in the head could be heavy metals, candida, viruses or plain o'l infllammation. Inflammation in the gut ends up in the head so its a toss up. I would throw my bets on it being candida and heavy metals causing the head symptoms... Worms in the head are obvious because wormse tend to go near the eyes and can screw up your vision. Ascaris has even made some people blind when scattered in the head

-head tingling in random spots
-head itching in two specific spots
-upper stomach/colon pain, across my entire upper quadrant, especially at the middle and either side. My stomach always hurts anymore.
-noise and movement in this area

-biting pain or intermittent dull pain in splenic flexure

*sounds like your stirred up a nest lol. Sounds like a mix of heavy metals and the immune system responding to toxins ,bugs ect.. the immune system attacks these things causing sensations. thats y i said alot of your symptoms are inflammation aka immune system. killing bugs releases heavy metals and the immune system responds to the released metals causing sensations.

Iíve read about strongyloides and Morgellonís and I just hope itís not that. The paper cuts are the oddest thing. These and my most awful symptoms started after a Carribbean trip last year. Great.

I know I have flukes. The myrrh has helped them but Iím also wondering what this beast is that seems to be hanging on for dear life, possibly hooked into my splenic flexure/descending colon. Every night (middle of the night) since I took triclabendazole last month, I would be startled out of sleep (if I was sleeping) with a sudden, instant, HUGE biting feeling in that general area. Like a clamping down. I had this once during a†coffee enema†last week as well.Since starting the myrrh protocol, the splenic flexure ďbitingĒ has changed. But the movement and noise are still there. And thereís an intermittent dull ache there now.

*You know what? Everybody gets that sensation. The sensation on the left side of the body... Sometimes it can be electrical too... I think it has to do with candida in the desending or its has†to deal with the liver. The liver has nerves connected in the rectum thats how coffee enemas stimulate the liver. When the liver is understress I get the biting feeling there too.

When I took DE the other night during the 3am parasite party, once it hit that area of my colon, I got an intense electric shock all through my body. It felt like someone literally took a wet power cord and jammed it into my side. Electricity went down through my toes! What. The. Heck.

I had been zapping before this, but not during. Is that what caused this? Was the beast full of electricity???? Thatís seriously what it felt like.

* lol. Yes parasites release heavy metals when they die so your probably getting †electric sensations from released metals. If you dont get on chlorella or any other metal binder your gonna be feeling electricity through this whole detox. Women tend to have high copper because of their estrogen levels. Copper and estrogen go together. DE and P/b shakes have metals in them themselves so its good to always be a metal binder. Coffee enemas release metals into the colon and they recirulate causing all kinds of sensations.

If you want this to go faster just get testing. Get a DNA/PCR test for your stool. Never get anitbody testing when your sick because your immune system doesnt work†the first place and you get false negatives at a COST. † Other good test are heavy metal hair test and organic acids test... If I would of took the right test I would have been out of this mess†along time ago. Also get Mthfr test(most important) To see if you have genetic propensity to have parasites and heavy metals. Its only 100 bucks from "23andme" testing.


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