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A list of synchronicities
timsamir Views: 507
Published: 6 years ago

A list of synchronicities

On the topic of synchronicities, I've finally decided to gather all little reality gitches in one place synthesised in a list. All those started happening since I got more heavily involved with meditating. I'm not sure if this is pure coincidence in general or those matrix-black-cat-apoearsagain-cases are really a result of me having accessed a different aspect of reality through meditations ... I'm still not quite sure what they all mean, but I am 100% sure of their existence and do my best to keep my best friend informed about these, as I think that there should be someone keeping track of those or at least who should know about those events apart from myself only. Will try to be as clear and as short as possible.

1. I'm an art student and I do still keep most of my sketchbooks. One day I decided to revisit a few of those and took out a carton box I'd put them in, it was in the cellar. I took out one of the sketchbooks and a single key fell out from in between the pages. I kept my finger on the exact page the key fell from - it was a drawing I had made of a person locked in a glass box, and on the opposite page I'd drawn a hand holding a key, although I actually never managed to draw the key itself... And I remember very well that I didn't draw that because I was running out of time and was trying to finish the project asap to catch the deadline. I am SURE that I hadn't left any keys in the carton box! The key fell out from the exact place in the sketchbook where the intended drawing of a key was never really drawn due to rushing to meet deadlines.

2. A friend came for a visit and to have a few glasses of wine. I went to the kitchen to open the bottle of wine, but didn't have a corck screw - decided to use a screwdriver and got my screwdriver that has different adapters to attach for different screws (star shaped, cross shaped etc.) It had a cross shaped medum screw and I remember it clearly. I managed to open the bottle, but the adapter got stuck in the cork + some wine got spit all over the floor...I said to myself "on well, whatever" and threw the cork with the adapter stuck in it and cleaned the floor... The next day I get on a double decker bus and go to he second floor - just next to the seat I headed for there was the same adaptor left in the middle of the seat! The same one like the one that got stuck in the cork and that I threw away thinking "on whatever".

3. I recently came back from holiday in my home country. While there I found a very old pair of sunglasses that I wore and that I really wanted to bring back to London with me. Unfortunately, when I got on the bus to travel to the airport on my way back to London - I sat on them accidentally and one of the glasses popped out of the frame. I felt really bad and sad, they were something sentimental for me. I come back to London, go to shop for food and see a similar glass, just the glass - on the pavement as I was walking... I've lived in London for 6years and never have I seen a glass lens from sunglasses on the pavement, without anything else - just the glass... And this just oneday after I sat on my sunglasses and one of the lenses popped out of the frame.

4. Back in the past I was upset for a few days cuz I was out of money due to an unexpected expense I had to cover. Had a chat with a friend and he mentioned several times during this " every little helps"... It's a moto that's used as an advertisement by one of the biggest supermarket chains in UK - Tesco. I remember back then I totally disregarded his remarks and again, the day after - as I live in a shared house and there's only one washing machine used by all - I come back home and there's a big Tesco bag with big bold words - "Every little helps" printed on it. I'd never seen that bag before.

5. Very similar to the black cat effect in The Matrix - I walk encapsulated in my own thoughts and there's a couple ( a homeless man and a woman who seemed to walk quickly as if on meds or drugs) walking in front of me. We separated paths I passed them by and I went to cross the street - I usually walk quite fast - just around a minute after and a bit away from where I noticed them walking in front of me - they were in front of me AGAIN. I tried to think and calculate, but I'm sure there's no way they could've gone a different way and still appear in front of me!!

6. Me and a friend having a walk - we enter a park through one of many paths and I notice an old man with long grey hair singing and walking slowly. We pass by him, though I thought to myself "Hm, how unusual and untypical...". That's around 830pm. I stay at my friend's place for a few hours and then make my way back to my place. This park is located just before I reach my place, and I decide to pass through it this time from the opposite exit on my way back - time is 1230am after midnight - while I'm entering the park the same man is just about to exit and passes by me again - singing again- the only word I could recognise from what he was singing was " sailor".

7. This is a bit more washed out and spread out in time. A while ago I was searching for a new room to rent. I remember having viewed a room in a house that I really liked, but somehow we never really got to a point to arrange to rent that room... I find myself in a period when I'm searching for a new room again, just a few days ago I see the same ad with the same pics of the same house - this is around 4-5 years after the first time I saw the house first. Again, things didn't work out as I needed to go to the eye hospital 2 eves in a row after work and by then the room was gone.

I'm really puzzled what this all means, have had many theories by now, but no substantial information to back up and justify those events... The only few common things I see are:
- an event or an object I had an emotional reaction towards, reappears/ reoccurs under different circumstances, but clearly referring back to its original occurrence.
- there's always a gap in between - at east a night or in the case of the old singing man - before and after midnight.
- the nature of the second occurrence is always non typical and I can't deem it as a normal typical event of my daily routine, i.e. the screw on the bus seat, the lens on the pavement, the old man singing "sailor" walking out of the park, the key falling out off the sketchbook where a key had to be drawn but never was...

I'd be interested to read what you think about this. I would like to underline that my memories regarding the above are represented as objectively as they ever could be. They're definitely not a result of my imagination.

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