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Re: Parasite Flare ups
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Parasite Flare ups

== reply below

Thanks for all the help you provide.
I've read your posts about the detox helping some of your ADD symptoms.

== Yes, it has helped but not resolved my problems. I'd say it has been better for the H hyperactivity in ADHD than for the inattentive part of my ADD. In my case that might be because I clearly have cadmium involved. Everyone says Cd is difficult to remove. Maybe most cases of inattentive ADD involve Cd to some extent.

My ADD has been messing with me for too long.

== In contrast, I clearly did not have ADD as a kid or teen. I went through 4 yrs of HS without a single demerit for poor behavior--with some luck--was a good student, more often a teacher's pet than problem. My problems started in my late 20s.

I had Amalgams as a kid and experience the physical symptoms of HM, candida etc etc. I need help starting out, been suffering quite a bit. Also on a budget, just finishing up school (took way way too long).

== The most expensive part of Cutler's protocol (AC) is removal of silver-mercury Amalgam fillings.

I have some liquid Iosol on hand as well as MSM and some NAC,

== AC warns that high dose Iodine can be problematic for those with HM problem. High sulfur/thiol foods and supplements will be problematic for at least 1/3 of those with HM problems. I've heard many reports of nasty intolerance for it. It will likely increase some inattentive ADD symptoms if your one of the sensitive ones.

== Some need more NAC but beware that it kicks up heavy metals. If you have a HM problem you have to kick up HMs very carefully and thoughtfully.

Zinc orotate, Molybendum,

== Commonly used in AC.

MSM powder (no fillers). These are just leftover supps from sometime before when I was giving it a go when I had more time.

Was thinking of taking 100mg ALA from every 3 hours and see if I get an effect.

== Wow, if you can tolerate that without it kicking your butt big time you probably don't have much of a HM problem if at all. A close friend accidentally took 100mg in a new formulation of a multi for 10 days and had a major melt down. She's really sensitive to it. I've heard many unpleasant reports. It will really mess up adrenals, mental clarity, etc. if not done carefully. My friend and a few others reported burning brain and hands, etc. This his a horrific symptom. Members of detox groups with that symptom are usually suicidal. Fortunately my friend did not have that one for long however in retrospect she says she thought she was dying.

That's the smallest dose I can find locally and cheapest way to "experiment".

== People doing AC will order 25mg caps and split that into several doses. Lots of people who are too sick to work need to start on 5mg doses.

I also have access to dmsa through a health friend but am kind of scared to do that as I've read some people made their situation worse.

== DMSA is tough on those with candida problems but otherwise tends to be better tolerated than ALA. It and DMPS work mostly in the blood stream. It is not going to kick up much in your brain and organs. AC says it reduces sfx of ALA when used together. That's been my experience.

== DMPS tends to be the best tolerated of the three chelators and is quite nice in the early months of detox.

I really want to give this run....

== I really think you need to do your homework before starting. Lots of guys who are tough in many ways have gotten their butts kicked by those tiny HM ions : ) HMs mess with so many important systems--brain, hormones, liver, etc. They are powerful.

before I commit to the stimulants. They make me depressed among other things.

== I was grateful for the Adderall while I was chelating. I would have been much less functional with them and ADD related supplements.

== What type of "depression"? Are you sad, hopeless, or mostly just can't get your butt unglued from the sofa to get anything done. Even more interestingly, if there were a fire or naked woman running across the room, could you respond or would you still be stuck to the sofa!? If you have ADD I bet you will say you could respond quite effectively : ) I have much more on this fascinating subject including personal stories.

== I liked Dr D. Amen's books on the subject of integrating supplements, healthy life techniques and maybe medication to deal with ADD and other mood challenges. Some like the book, The Mood Cure.

Don't refer to the yahoo message group please how can anyone possibly read that board!!!

== The folks running Yahoo Groups are amazingly clueless. They used to have a simple but valuable service. However searching the archives of the big 10+ yr old groups is valuable.

== I strongly suggest that you check out AC's interview with Davidson. The Files of the FDC group has valuable resources.

== The site that hosts 1000+ hair tests from the detox gropus is also a good resource for AC

You'll probably want to start your own discussion.

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