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Re: What is going on? Candida? Virus? Something else?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: What is going on? Candida? Virus? Something else?

Hi RedDirt...If you want to cure yourself then take the protocol shown here:

Anti-Candida Protocol 

This is a serious alternative protocol that has a good track record and won't cost you an arm or a leg. I've used this protocol myself to cure my own serious systemic candida problems 9 years ago and I'm still cured. I've also improved on the protocol since and have successfully used it to help many other other systemic candida sufferers. This is also a wide acting protocol that kills candida, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma and parasites in the body. It also detoxes the body of heavy metals, including fluorine, bromine and other poisons. So be warned that you may well initially get considerable Herx or die off symptoms as well as heavy metal detox symptoms which is all part of the cure and to be expected. I never said this cure would be easy so likely you'll have a rough ride initially before you get better and finally heal. In this respect, I would seriously advise that you pump up your willpower before you start this protocol. 

Stay away from all antibiotics, anti-depressants, steroids and all allopathic drugs in general. And avoid Cypro at all costs -- an awful antibiotic drug that also contains fluorine!!

Follow this simple diet if you can:

Candida Diet

If you can afford it I would additionally buy and supplement high quality bovine colostrum powder from Soveriegn Labs. Take it 3 times a day outside mealtimes as recommended. This is about the best thing you could supplement to raise up your immune system to proper healthy levels again. Colostrum also heals the intestines, heals digestion, cures allergies and has many other benefits besides. Better still, find an organic dairy farmer and buy some fresh liquid colostrum -- the fresh stuff, even if you can only drink one gallon, will do you more good than anything else. Colostrum is the first milk for the calf after birth. See the articles and research on colostrum here and here

I've also written a book on how to cure candida called Candida:Killing So Sweetly sold an Amazon. The book will tell you all about candida behaviours, disease associations, candida waste toxins etc and will show you exactly what you are up against. But there's no real need to buy the book because the anti-candida protocol I've given you here in this post is the complete updated protocol from the book and all you really need to know. But if you want to know all about candida -- the invisible guerilla pathogen -- then its worth a read and will help you to more clearly understand this strange fungal disease. 

Candida sufferers always seem to underestimate candida. Many think candida is like a bacteria or virus. If you believe that then you are doomed to fail in your own cures. Here's an opening paragraph from my book which describes the unique, clever and robust candida pathogen:

"Let me further dispel some other myths about candida. Candida is not a bacteria and not a virus -- it is a yeast/fungus -- so you should not approach the treatment or eradication of candida as anything resembling or related to or similar to the normal treatment for viral or bacterial problems. You are making a big mistake if you do not heed this warning. If bacteria and viruses are the regular enemy troops that attack our bodies and our immune system, then you should regard candida as their Special Forces or as a highly competent guerilla terrorist force that can hide in your body using biofilms; candida can breed with the host cells, thereby easily adjusting to medicines; candida can cause cravings in its host for its favourite food -- sugar; it is both a saprophytic yeast and a fungal parasite with a dual form, that is always associated with many other pathogenic forms and diseases and one that uses superior chemical warfare to continually weaken our immune system via its waste products that act to poison and wreak havoc in our bodies with excessive levels of aldehydes, alcohols, poisonous proteins, tartaric acid and arabinose(a five carbon sugar). Knowing what I now know about candida and the effects of their waste products, I would far rather be infected with bacteria or a virus than from any fungus like candida."



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