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The religion of science
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Published: 7 years ago

The religion of science

The religion of science.

Many respect the goals and objectives of science, I myself do respect the goals. However the objectives of Science are muddled and corrupted by money and for this reason and of several reasons, I no longer pay attention to medical studies and trials.

The same with Christianity, Islam and others, money corrupts. Religion tends to attract people with narcissistic personality disorders, stealth sociopaths and others. Sadly, psychotherapists see most victims of narcissistic PSTD are the wives and families of ministers and college professors.

I see no difference with Science and religion. I have seen and even tangled with scientists that are clearly narcissists or suffering from disassociative disorders. Many are just as narrow minded as the most religious of bigots.

Any of you that have studied the sciences, especially at the post graduate level know this. Don't dare question the high priest (professors) or your grades will suffer. Most students just shut up and don't buy what they are being taught. Cram and forget is the motto of far too many. Thus the ability to reason and question is trained out of the student; and university degrees have degenerated into overpriced job passes.

In addition the more one has been educated in the religion of science, the less access they have to intuition. Thus the high rates of disassociative disorders among scientists, they are explicitly trained to not listen to their own inner voice that is saying "something is wrong here".

There are so many published "scientific" medical studies that one can't read them all in a life time. I used to carefully pay attention to them, until one day I read two studies that appeared simultaneously in two different and well known journals that came to polar opposites in their findings on the same exact subject. Both of the study's methods were double blind studies and as the best I could determine were viable.

One of these studies was quietly pulled and can no longer be found. Wow, corruption in science. Well it has been discovered that there are many fraudulent studies. Money talks in science. The pressure of the publish or perish mentality in universities has also been shown to contribute.

This was a bit of a shock to my system. What is wrong here? Continuing my quest for truth, I suddenly realized that of the billions spent in medical studies in the last 100+ years, not one cure has been found for any non-infectious or nutritional related illnesses, not one.


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