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Issue 196: Liver Flush, Gallbladder and Gallstones
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Published: 7 years ago

Issue 196: Liver Flush, Gallbladder and Gallstones

CureZone Newsletter Issue 196:†

Gallstones & Gallbladder


  • Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush  by   #181254
    Gallbladder flush is amazing!!!!... I was diagonosed with multiple Gallstones of 6mm. I was in extreme pain. I did the flush in january 2014 for the first time and again after two weeks. I went for a full abdomen ultrasound...    Read the whole story
  • Good Evidence  by   Telman
    I came across this article and it may be useful for those who need some evidence that liver-flushing can actually remove medically diagnosed gallstones leaving the biliary route clear. They show an ultra-sound examination report in 2003 a second in 2006 and the liver-flush diary...    Read the whole story
  • Liver flush successes!  by   China49
    After about 10 liver flushes I could tolerate diary, gluten, citrus, alcohol and got rid of permanent pain in my feet...    Read the whole story
  • Disappearing gallstones: Report of 2 cases (p.101-103) by Robin Gray  by   White Shark
    Two cases of disappearance of gallstones confirmed by operation are described. It is suggested that a contributory factor in the disappearance Was the Patientís adherence to...    Read the whole story
  • I can now think, and I feel much younger! I'm a medical doctor.  by   cfsguy
    Iím a medical doctor and I had an experience that defies this kind of explanation. I was sick for many years and growing sicker all the time. I was losing weight and could hardly hold my head up. I was literally dying. I had a workup that included an ultrasound of the gallbladder, but not an MRI of the abdomen. The tests were all normal. I had tried two liver flushes without results. Iím the kind of person that perseveres and just keeps trying things. Several months later, I did a third liver flush, this time using 12 ounces of oil and a more elaborate preparation. Nothing ...    Read the whole story
  • What Causes Gall Bladder Pain & How To Avoid Surgery  by   Toonces
    Conventional medical wisdom in the United States is convinced that gall bladder attacks are caused by the presence of stones in the gall bladder and that when fatty foods are eaten the gall bladder contracts producing the typical right upper abdominal pain. This concept is completely refuted by research performed by Dr. James C. Breneman...    Read the whole story
  • She's sitting right here alive and no more pain!  by   lfis492a
    My wife was told she would die in 24 hrs if she didnít get her gall bladder removed. We did the oil/lemon flush and passed far more material than we put in. Not all of the stones floated. Not all of the stones were soft. Bottom line is that 4 years later, after she had bad bad gall stones sheís sitting right here alive and no more pain....  Read the whole story
  • Gallbladder cysts!  by   #162429
    I was diagnosed 2 years back with Gallbladder problems, so my doctor wanted to do an ultrasound. I couldnít eat anything solid without it making me sick. I went through with the ultrasound which didnít show any gallstones, but cysts in the gallbladder wall. ... ... I went home and started to look up anything I could about the gallbladder and came across a site about Dr. Clarkís method. I didnít know if anyone else had ever tried to ...    Read the whole story
  • Cure for hot, swollen, cracked+horrendous itching fingers and toes  by   debraapples
  • I want to do a liver flush but I am scared. Can someone tell me what to expect?  by   Detoxing Online
    I totally understand your fear... before I did my first flush I was really scared too and put it off for 4 months before I finally worked up the courage. During my first flush I was also really anxious which I donít think helped in releasing the stones. ... ... Iím about to do my 4th flush next week and Iíve never expeienced any complications (except for lack of sleep when I flush!) Read the whole story
  • There ARE other ways to heal your gallbladder besides liver flushes!  by   #20569
    HI----After having gallbladder problems for over 3 YEARS, I finally found something that has worked for me! I have been doing this for one month now and am down from ALL-DAY ATTACKS that continued for a week, to 1-2 episodes of five-minute back pain! The Ēdistended feeling under my right ribĒ is gone! It is worth a try, easier than these flushes------with no risk of stones getting stuck in ducts, vomiting excessively, possible visits to ER, drinking foul-tasting stuff, etc. Here is what I did to get rid of my pain!... ... EVERY NIGHT, castor oil packs using castor oil with a heating pad, u ...    Read the whole story
  • Can surgery take out only the stones, and not the entire gallbladder?  by   Telman
    The gold standard for the diagnoses of gallstones is ultra-sound. The solution is then to remove the gallbladder. This is the guidelines for health services in the USA and also the UK.... ... Currently in the U.S. there are approximately 30 million patients with gallstones, and about 15 million patients recovering from surgery, which is 14.3% of the total population. Many more have gallstones but donít suffer from any pain and never go to the doctor.... ... Gallstones in the gallbladder are a symptom of a more complex problem in the biliary cycle (liver, bile ducts, gallbladder, intestines). Many ...    Read the whole story
  • I am pain free for 50 days thanks to the flush!  by   nastynick
    Hello guys,... ... Its been around 50 days since i have done my first liver flush. I made a post about it here:... ... I was having gallbladder attacks 2-3 times EVERY WEEK for the past few months, usually late at night, the last ones were lasting 4-6 hours, I was feeling miserable.... ... I went to a lot of doctors, two told me to take nexium (??!), other said that since my blood tests were normal i didnt have a liver/gallbladder problem, until the last one told me to do a CT scan and showed the small calcified stones in my gallbladder.... ... So far I have ...    Read the whole story
  • Can surgery take out only the stones, and not the entire gallbladder?  by   Jill1556
    My gallbladder was filled with gallstones, but now theyíve all come out through flushing and I digest well. I even had one come out that was about 2 inches long during my 25th flush. You can remove your gallstones through flushing no matter what the doctors tell you.    Read the whole story
  • Gallstone cleared from 10 day water fasting only.  by   joiejoy
    Its been over a month now and I have not had one gallstone attack since my ten day water fast. This is really amazing ....Im wondering what happen... did I get rid of the gallstone or was there just a lot of blockage and water fasting cleared up everything? Either way I am still convince of the miracles of fasting. Now I need to get back into fasting and stay there for life.    Read the whole story
  • Desperate! Pancreas? Liver? Gallbladder? Pale stools plus Not eating ( plus /-) since 1 week!  by   Eva6
    I did everything you said, including the massage of abdomen and taking a teaspoon of epsom. That was last night, today I had 2 BM, first one in the morning was liquid and yellow/beige floating (Sorry TMI) I felt relieved and noticed a lot of the bloating went away...    Read the whole story
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome Cured  by   White Shark

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