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Some Causes Of Violence In Teens And Young Children
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Published: 9 years ago
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Some Causes Of Violence In Teens And Young Children

While I don't disagree with most of what you write, please don't forget that the young man probably had underlying biochemical health problems. There are reports that he had a diagnosis of Aspergers or other Autism spectrum disorder.

For some, the diagnosis changes over a number of years as various interventions allow the young person's health to move from Autism to the higher functioning Autism spectrum disorders--Aspergers, PDD-NOS, etc.

In a large survey of parents of kids with Aspergers and Autism the #1 rated intervention was Detox (chelation of heavy metals). Other highly rated interventions include diets that lower intake of gluten and certain carbohydrates, etc.
"Detox. (chelation)" 74% report "got better", 3% report "got worse", 23% report "no effect"

When I was a youth I was more commonly a "teacher's pet" than a problem. I graduated in the top 10% of my high school class and received awards at graduation for academic achievement and service. I managed to avoid even one demerit in four years. I certainly did not have ADHD.

From my late twenties through my forties I had list of strange, life-limiting symptoms, including the following:
"Difficult", critical, competitive mood but not yet to the point of being violent
A bone density problem that an award winning doctor in my metropolis and former med school professor did not understand
Various food, chemical and odor sensitivities
Fatigue and brain fog
A somewhat weird personality that probably made me grow introverted and more socially isolated.
Other strange, minor symptoms.

Even though I had once earned an M.A. I had to settle for just being a handyman carpenter.

At its worst I was on two psych meds, a mood stabilizer and stimulant for ADD. They generally worked very well except when I would consume caffeine. That combo could make me like a crazy Meth addict.

Thankfully I was lucky/blessed to guess correctly that exposure to lead and other heavy meals from my family's business was a major factor. (Thx to Dr Mark Hyman)

After silver-mercury Amalgam filling removal and 1.75 yrs of detox (Cutler protocol) my third bone density scan indicated my density was essentially back to normal. My doctor suggested that I no longer needed the last of the medications, just supplements.

He was correct. A couple of years later I'm still taking many supplements but most symptoms are improved or gone.

The improvement in my "difficult" mood is the one that is most impressive to me. I was doing the detox in order to avoid ending up in a wheelchair due to bad spine. I did not expect detox plus supplements to have such a major effect on mood, on personality!

For years I spent much energy trying to control my powerful, disruptive emotions, now I am like the normal youth that I once was. I really don't think I am less "chilled out" than the average person. I don't have to make much effort to be pleasant and cooperative.

Supplements that seemed to have the biggest impact were fish oil (2 caps per day), a couple mg of lithium orotate, magnesium citrate and low dose pregnenolone.

When I was a teen I recall looking down on others who were brain fogged, had mood problems or were undisciplined. I wondered why they did not try harder or did not snap out of it. I assumed there was a moral deficiency.

Fifteen years later I was one of them, and trying hard to avoid being that way! I understood why people looked at me strangely.

I was very fortunate that a close female friend who had known me in a church youth group during my healthy young years did not give up on me, even after I gave up on myself. She kept buying me books and recommending various medical professionals, especially those in alternative or semi-natural medicine.

Today I am an assistant manager of a non profit org. Young adults with Aspergers and high level Autism come to volunteer with retired Seniors and others to learn social and other skills. They seem to connect well with me. In some way I feel that I understand them. I'm not going to give up on them.


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