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Digestive tract too alkaline preventing candida cure?
Jerome99 Views: 2,182
Published: 9 years ago

Digestive tract too alkaline preventing candida cure?

I am an old poster who is currently dealing with candida for a second time after being essentially cured the first time around, because I drank a 16oz coffee every morning for six months. For some reason, coffee wipes out my good flora and sets me up for a candida invasion.

This second time around, I tried every antifungal that worked the first time around, including:

Olive leaf
Peppermint oil
Oil of Oregano
Coconut oil
Pau D'arco
Primal Defense

To no avail. With the exception of Candex, which brought very modest results, none of them did anything. Then I stopped all the antifungals and tried Florastor, which did produce noticeable results, including making my bowel movements normal again and giving me SEVERE die off rashes on both arms which cleared up after one week. Still, however, even with the Florastor I felt 'toxic' like I was still filled with poison, and I was still passing fresh white clumps of candida with every enema.

My tongue has been very white and furry for a year, ever since this last infestation. I tried gargling with milk of magnesium, which would make my tongue clean for a day, but then the yeast would come right back afterwards. For some reason the thought popped into my mind: my gut is too alkaline.

So I started upping my intake of pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C)--a lot. None of that buffered stuff, 'with flavanoids,' rose hips, timed release, etc. I went out and got the PURE ASCORBIC ACID--the cheapest ones that Vitamin Shoppe sells. 20+ grams a day. And BAM--I hit it. Crazy die off. I am now having constant hot gas that smells so bad it could choke a horse. For me this is a telltale gut candida die off symptom, going back to the old days. Also passing much more candida after enemas, and the constant itching on my face (which I kept under control with topical acv) is gone.

HERE IS MY THEORY: For some (most?) people, the shortage of beneficial bacteria (which are ACIDIC, hence "ACIDOPHILUS") allows candida to move in. Once candida moves in, it turns the gut MORE alkaline through its own actions. I believe Dr. McCombs has posted something to this effect as well. Hence in really bad, resistant cases like mine, you can take 100 billion probiotics a day to no avail. It just flushes right out of you--because your gut is too alkaline for them to even get a foothold and do their thing because the candida is so well established. And anyone who's studied war knows how hard it is to defeat an enemy who's already dug in.

By taking pure ascorbic acid frequently throughout the day, you are bringin the pH of your gut down using a beneficial substance. I found a study showing that women who were too alkaline 'down there' who inserted ascorbic acid into their vaginas brought down their vaginal pH and increased their vaginal acidophilus counts.

So that is the theory I'm going with. I am hammering the ascorbic acid. Today I will probably go near 25g in one day, and will continue taking 50 bil or so of my probiotics. The hot gas is continuing, and I feel I am on my way back to the living again.

This second time around has really made me appreciate how vicious and dangerous this yeast is. The days of me getting die off from a few drops of Oil of Oregano are over. The yeast laughed at all of that this time and just continued to spread. Luckily I hit upon the pH idea. Hopefully someone else will find this useful as well.


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