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Angina almost gone with Lugols
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Published: 9 years ago

Angina almost gone with Lugols

Hello All,

I have been having severe Angina for last five weeks. A bit of history will help.....

Last year after my annual check up my doctor, MD/ND, asked me stop taking Iodine because he said that my urine test shows that my body has retained a good amount of Iodine. I have total faith in him, because he uses all natural ways to heal his patients. I did not take Lugol's for thirteen months and I started having very very dry and scratchy skin, my left thigh and left foot heel started having pain everyday, walking became harder. I was given Magnesium shots which made me feel great, but my thigh and knees hurt even more after a week or so after the Mg shots. I told my doc about this and he suggested that I take Nystatin to clean my gut, which I took for one week and stopped.The GTT test I had done showed that my Pancreas is dumping a lot Insulin even though I do not eat sugar at all.


After doing so many things to get rid of the Angina I came across this old post.

Arterosclorosis and Hypothyroidism....By Bling

Interesting blog. It seems i have a right to be concerned about my arteries but luckily i'm taking Armour. I'd never heard of mucin before. I wish i'd never reduced my Armour and will be gradually increasing again. Interestingly they also recommend the l-proline and l-lysine plus other stuff.

Some people are sub-clinical and are not aware they have an underactive thyroid. Everyone should take their temps and make sure, otherwise at risk. It didn't matter whether the cholesterol was high or not. The trouble is i have to stop the natural thyroid (Armour) when fasting. If fasting does rebalance the endocrine, as witnessed by many of the fasting gurus, the problem would be solved, but can i take the risk going without it as it could take several moderate to long fasts. And it is also regulating my calcium.

It is a concern considering they say this mucin rises sharply when meds are reduced or stopped.

I'm in a quandry. Any advise.

pos So after reading the link in the above message, I went back to Lugol's started with 5 drops and then 10 drops and in two days my Angina has almost gone. I had hard time putting my left heel on the floor in the morning till I warmed up, but that condition went away this morning. I also had a great feeling overall all day. Things seemed clear and I became hopeful. 

I had my full check up today and the EKG, BP etc. looks great. My blood and urine test will arrive on Friday.

I intend to up my intake of Lugol's starting tomorrow to 20 drops and then 40 drops etc. I do take the companion supplements at night, which are Vitamin C, D, Niacin, Selenium, Proline and Lysine. I ahve also added Hawthorne Berry Syrup to build the heart muscle.


Sorry for the long post, but I want all Curezonees to continue taking Iodine supplements and not make the mistake I made. 


Thank you all.





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