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Re: CDH - The New Way of Using MMS to Fight Disease
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: CDH - The New Way of Using MMS to Fight Disease

Since nobody has commented in over 2 weeks about my post on CDH I have to think that the people here possibly think I don't know what I'm talking about or something. So here is a copy/paste of the newsletter that Jim Humble sent out on it.
A New Simpler Miracle-Mineral-Supplement

A couple of our Health Ministers have been working on a new way of making up Miracle-Mineral-Supplement which we have named CDH. I would like to acknowledge the work of two people, Scott McRae and Charlotte Lackney, who spent many long hours, first inventing and then further developing CDH. Their hard work is greatly appreciated and much benefit has already been derived from this new method of using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

I would also like to mention that Kerri Rivera has been instrumental in proving CDH to be very effective with children, and others, who have autistic symptoms.

CDH stands for Chlorine Dioxide Holding [Solution], and is basically a hybrid between classic MMS and CDS.

While CDS has no raw materials left in the final product, CDH does, making it similar to classic MMS. The main difference between classic MMS and CDH, however, is that the sodium chlorite is allowed to react with the acid for a much longer period of time which reduces the amount of unactivated sodium chlorite and activator left in the final CDH solution. Then, since CDH is more fully activated outside of the body, it causes little or no stomach upset in most people. Also, CDH made with 4% HCl tastes much better. (Note: For those who still have a problem with the taste, ďSweetleafĒ brand liquid stevia has been tested and is compatible with MMS, thus can be used to make it taste even better.)

Below are some advantages of using CDH. Many people have already reported better results than the other forms of taking MMS, but of course, this is not guaranteed.

1. Tastes better
2. Lot less stomach upset
3. Once made it does not need activation, lasts for weeks
4. Appears to have better results

ĒMaking CDH with the 1 bottle methodĒ

CDH is very easy to make and any amount can be made using this ratio: 22 parts water + 1 part MMS + 1 part activator. But to start out, just follow these simple steps to make 240ml of CDH:

In the following order put the ingredients below into a 250 to 300ml glass bottle with a good sealing plastic cap.

These are the points to observe:

1. 220ml purified water (Distilled water is best but RO or bottled water is okay too.)
2. 10ml MMS.
3. 10ml of 4% HCl or 50% citric acid (33% citric acid is also okay to use.) It is very important to not activate the MMS and Acid before adding to the distilled water. This is the reason for adding the distilled water first.
4. Immediately cap the bottle tightly so that no CLO2 gas can escape.
5. Give the bottle a good shake to initially mix the ingredients well (and if possible 1 or 2 times later on.)
6. Store the bottle in a dark place at approximately 72 F (room temperature) or slightly above room temperature is fine, for at least 12 hours; leave it for 24 hours or longer if the room is cooler.
7. After the above waiting time has elapsed, put your bottle of CDH into the refrigerator (if available) for an hour or so to cool down completely (below 10.5 C or 51 F.)

(Note: If CDH is cooled down there will be less loss of CLO2 gas when the bottle is opened. Also, be sure to keep CDH away from sunlight, direct or indirect.)

8. Once cooled, your CDH is ready to use and will last for more than a week while you use it and no further activation is needed.

Every ml of CDH contains 1 pre-activated drop of MMS, so just dose as you have in the past, except instead of dosing with drops, dose with milliliters of CDH. Example:

MMS: You activate 3 drops of MMS in a glass for 20 to 30 seconds and then add a half cup of water or more and drink.

CDH: You put 3ml of CDH in a half a cup of water or more and drink.

Protocol 1000 with CDH

Use 1 liter (about 34 oz.) of water per day loaded with 8 to 24 ml of CDH. Take one 4 ounce drink every hour for 8 hours. Remember, each ml equals 1 drop of activated MMS. So if you added 8 ml to the liter that would give you 1 drop of MMS every hour, and if you added 16 ml that would equal 2 drops every hour and of course, 24 ml would equal 3 drops every hour. Start at 1 drop an hour and increase to 3 drops. That is the maximum amount of drops per hour that one should ever use on protocol 1000.

With severe life threatening illnesses, you should increase the protocol to 1000+ and go on to protocol 2000 if needed which then suggests more than 3 drops an hour. Lower the dose if you are feeling discomfort or nausea. See my site for more details.

4 January 2014
Archbishop Jim Humble
Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

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