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Re: How To Prepare For Cancer Treatment
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: How To Prepare For Cancer Treatment

Sounds as though your here to tell how grand standard treatment is and that we somehow must accept the inevitable. You tell us we should talk to our all knowing doctor and the chemo isn't really that bad, it is all our mental outlook.

Well -- tell the thousands of people that are going through chemo that all their side effects are a natural, standard process of treating cancer. Really? Who says? The FDA, the AMA that follows what the FDA says and the Pharmas that tell the FDA what to approved according to their profit projections? It is not about treating cancer to cure it but to treat it in the most barbaric ways until either your drop dead from the chemo, or the cancer gets you or you run out of money - in that case you might survive if you go alternative otherwise you will succumb to the disease. It's not a good picture.

May advice to those being diagnosed. Take the diagnosis - go home - research find options! Read about them, talk to other doctors about them - integrative doctors! Get opinions. Meanwhile - throw out processed foods, chemical cleaning supplies, chemical soaps, lotions, you name it - if it touches your skin, or you ingest it or breathe it - and it has chemicals - get rid of it. Start fresh with good products that do no harm. If you can get a blood test that shows what chemicals and heavy metals you have - that will help you - but assume you do - you got cancer. DETOX - Begin eating organic, raw and slightly cook food. No refined sugars! Lots of juicing - helps the immune system and detoxing. Now find a doctor that is going to be there for you, get a good protocol based on your cancer, he or she will help you boost your immune system and kill the cancer with different modalities by weakening and killing it off. DETOX - dead cells and toxins will be coming through, take care of the liver, it will be doing a lot of work.

Stay focused on life, not death - that is a variable none of us know about. This is life - live it. The trinity-self has the cancer, treat the trinity-self.

No where in there is chemo and radiation - they would be the last thing I would think of ----- not impossible to skip but 90 percent will never need anything so barbaric. Cancer is made to be scary to make you run to the standard care and give them lots of money - if it is not insurance paying for it no one would use it, who has 2 million dollars? That is what the normally get for about 3 years of care - more if you live longer. For one percent or near that, of what you would pay your lovely doctor and hospital for standard care, you could be well and living happy; or you could give 2 million plus and die.

It's all about choice - but if the people are not told and they are fed propaganda the status quo will continue. Jesicha's Hope will not be part of the propaganda but we will open doors for those that see the light of the truth and we will support and advocate for them so they will find wellness and happiness without cancer.

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