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An Accurate Testimonial Of the Effects of the Beck Protocol on HIV
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Published: 10 years ago

An Accurate Testimonial Of the Effects of the Beck Protocol on HIV

This may be regarded as more than just a testimonial as I have attempted to be very accurate and truthful in my experiences using the Beck protocol. I was diagnosed with hiv on April 20, 2013 and shortly thereafter had tested 170,000 for hiv viral load and 80 for CD4 cells (T-cells). I started zapping in Sept 2010 and doing the other 3 parts of the Beck protocol. In late 2006 I was blood-tested as hiv negative. I take extreme good care of my health. The CD4 cells (T-cells) count of 80 (May 2013) indicates I probably had hiv over 5 years (a rough estimate). I have no obvious symptoms of Aids (Aids is clinically defined as having CD4 cells count lower than 200). I used the Blood electrifier over 2 hours a day since Sept 2010. From the blood tests the B/E was not strong enough to lower hiv to a low level but was strong enough to keep me from getting sick from opportunistic infections. My energy levels are excellent and I seem to never get sick, even though hiv has caused a compromised immune system. There are those that say that Bob Beck was a fraud or scam, but let me say that Bob Beck was Not a scam or a fraud in any way. He tested PCR positive patients, which as turns out with later information about hiv/aids is not a valid test to show if a person is hiv positive or not. In the 1990’s much was not known about hiv. In all his PCR tested positive patients symptoms of aids were alleviated. It looks like blood electrification does indeed assist a weakened immune system to do its job. But blood electrification does not have a strong enough impact on the hiv viral load and thus the CD4 cells (T-cells) will continually be destroyed by hiv. Blood electrification probably (in my opinion) slows this process down of CD4 cell destruction slightly but will not halt it. When CD4 cells (T-cells) finally reach a critical level the immune system will be so severely impacted that blood electrification will not save the patient. I personally do medication (Atripla) and blood electrification set at 10 hertz or 40 hertz.
Bob Beck found that some of his patients became PCR negative but not most. Remember also that at the time, the 1990’s, it still was not certain if hiv actually caused aids. The symptoms of aids, when using blood electrification, will actually go away as long as the immune system is not totally knocked down. Bob Beck was highly intelligent and not a scam but made an error due to the information regarding hiv/aids that was known at the time. But the Beck protocol is extremely useful and beneficial. I am just being very honest in explaining its limitations.
It may be possible that other methods of using the blood electrification may show some effect on hiv viral load.
Currently I am taking the hiv medication, Atripla and doing the blood electrification at 40 hertz or 10 hertz to avoid the effects of transfection (over absorption of meds). I am still zapping with 2 blood electrifiers for well over 10 hours a day. One used in a 4-point total body way (both ankles to both wrists, through the whole body) and the other zapper through the torso with one of the pads over the spleen). I use zappers by BioElectric and my energy levels are great. It may be that meds and better methods of blood electrification combined with better methods of using Colloidal Silver and ozone may knock down hiv so much that it would take a very lengthen period of time to come back. Experimenters are welcome.
This “testimonial” is maybe a very accurate picture of the Beck protocol when used against hiv. Blood electrification may be the answer or part of the answer for a cure for hiv ultimately. As of now it is very useful with alleviating symptoms and improving energy. (Note: Anyone starting blood electrification needs to start out slow, e.g. 15 minutes a day and work up to the longer times as I do).

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