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Why you should not squeeze!
hogwarts90 Views: 55,963
Published: 9 years ago

Why you should not squeeze!

I am writing to those who want to be informed and also those who may be afraid of doctors who may lance your cyst. Please read.

For a week I was squeezing out yuckyness from my cyst on my face. During this week I was using hot compresses and castor oil. On the last day of my squeezing the cyst looked completely gone except from all the redness and swollenness from all the squeezing I was so excited to see how it looked the next day!

Horror struck when I looked in the mirror. My cyst had gotten bigger and it hurt and was so red! I was in a panic. I researched the next few days on what the heck to do to reduce this. I tried more castor oil, aloe vera, adding a healthier diet, drinking more water, neosporin, not touching it, ice bags and more hot compresses. NONE of this worked. I was having panic attacks at night afraid to go to doctor because of all the lancing stories I have read.

My father made me go because he didn't want me looking like this on my wedding day. The doctor told me I have an abscessed inclusion cyst. What happened was the sac inside had ruptured from me poking and squeezing it and the contents of the sac leaked out from the sac. And it got infected. She said we have to get the stuff inside out and I got very afraid. I told her I was afraid of the lancing and having a scar on my face. She assured me that my scar would be barely noticeable and would not need it glued or need stitches, it will be that small and I wont feel anything just pressure.

So the nurse injected the cyst with numbing solution with a needle which was the only worst part of this. Not the needle per say but the fluid she put inside it made me feel awful. If you have ever broken a bone and went to a doctor and they numbed you up, you know the feeling. I cried and cried. The doctor wiped it down to clean and only cut about the length of a pea. Like a little cut you may get if you bump into something. She said it will heal in a week. I did not feel the cut at all not even pressure, nothing. I was quite surprised. And she proceeded to squeeze all the stuff out so it will be completely drained. Once she got it all out she wiped it with something, im not sure but then added a bandaid onto it. She told me that for the next hour I will have a white ring around the area of where the cyst was and will go away. She also said that it may ooze a little the next few days so keep a bandage or gauze on it.

I was gone within 30 minutes. She sent me on my merry way and with some bacteria infection medication. I cant remember if she said the cyst will come back since the sac has been compromised but I think I remember her saying it may but personally I don't think it will if I keep an eye on it. She said if I wanted the sac removed it will be a longer surgery and much bigger lancing.

I wanted to write this for you all because this past two weeks have been a torment. Watching and reading all these DiY lance it yourself videos have scarred me internally. It made me so afraid and tense. I just hope somebody takes something from my post and does something serious with it, especially if it's on your face or if it's infected. Please do not be afraid and tell your doctor all your concerns and fears and they will listen.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and remember do not squeeze unless your doctor has told you so!

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