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A year of anger by the Self-Proclaimed Expert - Edit

Cloves & Wormwood
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Cloves & Wormwood
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 9 years ago
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A year of anger by the Self-Proclaimed Expert - Edit

Yesterday 20 people attacked nurses, doctors and patients in our local hospital with knives. This just is not normal. Jordan is the most peaceful place in the world. I went to read the news and saw we had 2 killings in the last week. I was shocked. Now I realize in America you have 2 killings every second, but in Jordan this is not normal.

We are the safest country in the world. Violence is non-existent and to see this happen is totally shocking. I remember when my husband was alive there was a robbery in Amman and the cops were so stupid and not use to dealing with bank robbers that they dropped their guard and the criminals overtook the cops and stole their car. Notice they did not kill the cops.

A bank robbery in Jordan is non-existent. To this date have not seen one since and he has been dead for almost 11 years. Stealing in Islam is a grave sin.

So to see so much anger in a short period of time is unusual to say the least. I may attribute this to the solar flares. AS you know the solar flares are affecting human behavior and depression is rampant.

I have seen a lot of anger on Curezone too. I am not sure why but it is present and continues. There are more wars on Curezone than any other place I write or visit. Sometimes we need to just take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

I have never figured out why people get angry. I see some forums where no one reads or visits and I see some that are chastized who use to be very popular. As for me my forums are meant to be read only forums. I am not much of a talker really.

I try to stay busy with my many projects but I did notice today I was called a self-proclaimed Expert. I rather like that. Self-Proclaimed means I know my subject well? Being I am the only expert on Black Seed is a great honor which I appreciate.

I have 6 websites and blogs on black seed alone and 2 Twitter pages and 1 face book page. I have written 4 books on black seeds too. So self-proclaimed may just suit me well.

Some people cause a lot of problems and others just give you the finger. But either way I do appreciate the many who come here. I am now number 122 out of more than 1000 proving that others consider me a self-proclaimed expert too.

Recently started a newsletter to spread the word further and have a brand new newspaper

My newsletter will be in my archives at the end of the month but if you want to subscribe to this self-proclaimed expert's newsletter then go to

If you want to join this self-proclaimed expert's Twitter Pages then go to

Nigella sativa is up and coming and being studied by more people, universities and government studies than you can imagine. I am pleased to be a forerunner in this very exciting field.

Now is the time to understand that Nigella sativa is being used to treat many diseases inexpensively compared to some who want you to purchase yee gads of supplements.

Oops edit:

If you are angry which I see a lot today just take 1 teaspoon of minced ginger and add in some ground black seeds. You will be in la la land and you will not care about anything or anyone.

The self-proclaimed Expert

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