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Re: Rape-Justice-Update
survivor23 Views: 2,254
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Rape-Justice-Update

Soulsurvivor, I think you and I are in the same place. The only reason why I found out about this is because of my legal/profession background, as the typical person wouldnt know how to "search".

I've come to the conclusion that the legal system is perverted like you mention. As long as you have a good attorney, pretty much anything can happen. In your case, your financial irregularities, I will tell you, that RARELY do those people ever get punished. If there is collusion or INTENT, its too difficult to present to people, to actually be able to illustrate the truth of what happened, or by the time the truth comes out, its been watered down to a "well so what, who cares"

For what its worth, I did write the judge about this monster. In the beginning, they were saying how he is allowed to travel because technically, he didnt really rape any children, (he got caught by a sting operation, an FBI agent posing as someone who sells child p 0 r n, and my predator purchased everything this guy had to offer, and was begging for more, and wanting to be a "long time customer" even confessing to such behavior in an email. Who knows, he may've been talking about me when I was 13, as he did these things to me, or he could've been talking about several OTHER victims in addition to me.

I wrote the judge an email about he stalked me. How he hung around middle school kids when he was in his 20s. HOw systematically stalked me before and after attacking me. Once he had me, he came back for more, and when I finally got up the nerve to get some help, (from another gang of thugs to keep him away from me), that was the only time I had peace, and left the state. He really ruined my childhood from 13 - until I fled.

I wrote about how he shouldnt have a reduced sentenced, just because he only got CAUGHT downloading an huge amount of child hood p 0 r n, showing children getting gang raped. Additionally, he was allowed time out to work, and to travel, (as long as no children are present), becuase he had kidney transplant, and the doctor said he needed exercise. He was allowed to travel, because the person that bailed him out, also lost her daughter and husband int he same month, and she was asking for him to accompany her to the funeral. How this guy has women doing his bidding despite this horrible charges is unreal.

Of course I cant tell from the docket if the judge actually got my letter or not, but what ever sentencing memorandum that needs to be prepared, it keeps getting postponed. He has a state appointed attorney, so it could be they are pleading to a lessor sentence for other reasons, like over crowding like you mentioned, or the likelihood of violence, (since I've heard the jail people hate and murder pedofiles. ). Clearly this guy is a pedofile. He went over and behind describing what he likes to do little girls and boys in his ordering emails. (ie, giving a 13 year old a medical exam where he makes it very painful for her. )

I am trying not to get incensed by the judicial system. I've learned alot through going through this economic downturn, and my business has been the source of many predators. Luckily, the attornies and judges are so incompetent, its easy for the competent person to get what they want.

In this case, I dont know what is up. There are two docket numbers in his name, and they are same case. Apparently, in the very beginning he pleaded guilty, and they closed it, but then, he changed his mind or something to that effect. And it was reopened. I read a letter from the attorny saying how she thought the other plea would be taken and it wasnt. Then, all this stuff happened, paperwork shuffling going back and forth, and June he was set for Sentencing in Sept, and then, Oct, now its November.

I know given the amount of material he purchased, and what was downloaded on his hard drive, he could be going to jail for a very very long time. But then again, its customary if you plea guilty, you get a significantly lower sentence. It seems as though the amount of time spent in jail, is a direct correlation to the amount, the graphic nature, of what was downloaded and purchased. Its a metropolitan area, (the most crowded in the country) so I wouldnt be surprised if they are working out a deal due to over crowding.

I agree with you. I think on some level, these predators are accepted by a society, and its a part of life, like the abuse of women. Its something thats accepted.

I have a daughter now too, so I am always worried about her safety. Usually, I think about it, when my teenage son is going out, and he texts me about where he is. I know that if that were my daughter, out late on a Sat night, she wouldnt be safe. My son agrees. He says its not safe for teenage girls to go out to parties. He sounds so knowing about what goes on, (how they pass girls around, sexua| assault, etc). My son did not come out and SAY these things, that he witnessed sexua| assault, but he says that the girls that goto these parties, better not be his sister. He is worried too, and advised me to put her in karate, and have her become some sort of super athlete.

Anyway, I will try to put this issue to bed. The fact that he is been in court hell for two years over this, AND he is finally actually going to jail, that is justice. Finally, after a whole life time of this prick abusing and raping women and girls, he finally is going to jail.

BTW, this guy is such a scumbag. He was a trainer, and some how hooked up with a rich socialite who was lonely in her marriage. She ended up breaking up with her 20 year husband, to go with this scumbag. She got pregnant, and during her pregnancy, noticed his abusive nature, and had a late term abortion. He then stalks her for two years, and sends naked pictures of her to everyone.. He did that to me in highschool when I vowed to get away from him. SCUMBAG!!!!

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