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Hey Fecal Odour, how are you doing?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Hey Fecal Odour, how are you doing?

Hey Fecal Odour,
It's your old buddy, Ryan Annunziello here. Hey man, haven't heard from ya in awhile! What's up? Where ya been at? How you doing? Anyways, I hope all is okay now! I recall last time we spoke, you were in a emotional rollercoaster ride, because of the mental aspects to your fecal body odour problem! Is that still an issue for ya? Anyways, I just wanted to email you, to keep in touch and hopefully, you can stay in touch with me more frequently, as I need the encouragement as much as you do!! Well, 2011 marks 5 yrs of me having this fecal body odour problem, but I am trying to not focus negatively on this!! I am doing my best to stay positive, as hard as it is!! Um, didn't know if you found anything successful, in combating your fecal body odour probelm, but if you can across something that might help, please, please let me know okay! Anyhow, um, lol, still trying different products out! lol. I am a persistant person! lol. So yeah anyways, um, one product that I'm thinking of trying next, is this homeopathic remedy called?: Bowel Nosode Drops. It's suppose to get to the root of various bowel issues! Now, while I don't know if it helps FBO issues or not, that's still to be determined, but I was talking to a member on Curezone, by the username Dolphin Monkey and he described his problem being somewhat similar to ours!! He did say, that after 3 months of taking this Bowel Pathogen Nosode Drops, that his fecal body odour did somewhat subside! He also mentioned, taking other things as well! He didn't say what, but I sent him an email, asking him to contact me back!!! Anyways, if you look at the website:,
you would want to go to the homeopathics button and click that, then go to Nosode Treatments on the left, they will tell you, what kinds of treatments they have. They do have a Bacterial Nosode formula, but I don't know if it's something you're willing to investigate into? Another old friend of mine LPN12345, mentioned something about a charcoal body wash, possibly helping people out! She didn't say, whether it would help people who've got Fecal body odour, but I figure, what's it going to hurt right? We've tried all these different things, just to get back our dignity, why not keep trying, until we find something that works for us!!! That's how, I am trying to look at it!!! Alright so in ending, I do hope you stay in contact, because as much as your'e feeling down and out about this problem, I'm there along with ya dude!!! So what I am saying, is: EMAIL ME!!!!! Don't hesitate to post me an email okay!! I wanna know how you're doing okay!!! I'll talk to you soon. Take care and God bless! Bye for now. Oh one last thing, you mentioned that you were a Christian right? If you're a born again believer, how's your walk with Christ going? Let me know! Alright, see ya. Take care.

your friend,
Ryan A.

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