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Truth in Medicine Filled With Lies? Mega dose Vitamin C
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Published: 12 years ago

Truth in Medicine Filled With Lies? Mega dose Vitamin C

Truth in Medicine Filled With Lies?

Mega dose Vitamin C


Ever since there has been ascorbate infusions there has been people seeking to discredit these infusions.

The leading efforts seemed to come from our own A.M.A. whose studies failed miserably to replicate earlier trials but still had the audacity to arrive at conclusions based upon such flimsy evidence. Even the Tokeo study,…done on dying patients after chemo, radiation, jumps to mommoth conclusions about ALL CANCER, yet these infusions were performed on stomach cancer patients only.

Even though the earliest knocks on ascorbate have been scientifically disproven, certain individuals out of misguided efforts or ulterior motives still reach back to these earlier articles and then replicate, paraphrase them today, much to the disservice of those patients dying from dreaded illnesses. Illnesses without known cures in traditional realms. Killer diseases.

Here is a list of wrongful information often printed about vitamin c infusions, (ascorbate.)

These lies can be found right here on curezone in fact.


1)      No known studies on infusions have recently been conducted.

Actually NIH and University of Nebraska Medical School have conducted toxicity trials and actual clinical trials,…..


2)       Ascorbate infusions cause anemia by destroying b12.

In fact, latest study suggests synergistic relationship with these two vitamins especially against cancer,…this very old rumor started when acidic vitamin c was mixed in a flask with B12.  Conditions that did not replicate stomach and blood stream conditions.  Latest protocols actually require b12 injections which combine with ascorabate bi-products to form cobalt ascorbate, …cytotoxic to cancer cells.

3)      Ascorbate infusions will harm kidneys and cause kidney stones via oxalic acid pathway.

This too is overstated, mischaracterized issue. Very old claim. In some instances high dose ascorbate was found to actually reduce risk of kidney stones. But, In the instances of contraindications due to kidney failure it was found that vitamin b6 and vitamin e resolved this issue. So, the kidney stone issue is really disinformation that belongs in the trash. Only serves to scare people away from a therapy that is being performed in every state in the union, and in every country in the world.


Real Crime

What is equally offensive is the absence of real warning, ascorbate infusions can kill you if you have a genetic deficiency in enzymes, however, people who trash ascorbate infusions conveniently overlook this very serious side affect,… G6PD enzyme deficiency can be ruled out with simple blood test and any responsible practitioner should test for this deficiency.

This is the only case where ascorbate infusions are dangerous,…why do people who trash ascorbate infusions leave out this important information? 

It has been found that ascorbate infusions increase H2O2 production in the body, hence is used for more than cancer. 

The other offensive thing about ascorbate bashing is one hugely overlooked fact.  The supposed dangers of mega dose ascorbates could never be as dangerous as malignant cancer.

Funny how this one very important fact gets conveniently overlooked. 


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