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sprouted pepitas in cinnamin coconut oil: candida diet
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Published: 12 years ago

sprouted pepitas in cinnamin coconut oil: candida diet

is there a low carb, no sugar, non-allergenic, high protein, filling yet SWEET snack that i can satisfy my cravings with while treating candida? and its raw too?

of course! i just discovered it days ago with my own tastes and intuition.

with my food sensitivities i cannot stand almost any nuts, though i love them so. i can stand seeds but sometimes i dont digest them well or they make me constipated. what changes this? two things: having my stomach acid at the correct levels (from using betaine HCL with pepsin which worked miracles and which i no longer have to take) and SPROUTING-which deactivates the anti-nutritive phytic acid, and activates other enzymes with life enhancing powers.

this recipe needs to be started the night before, as we will soak overnight, but trust me its worth it, and were making it in bulk so it'll be around(feel free to double it). there is approx 1 hour preparation time where you are needed to actually be doing things-there is about 12 hours of soaking and 4 hours of oven-heating, so youll need to be around for a few hours at night and a lazy sunday morning, but you can be reading or playing or doing anything in the downtime. good luck!

so were gunna need:

~4 cups organic raw shelled pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
~5 tbsp organic extra virgin coconut oil
~unrefined salt (himalayan, redmond, celtic) (salt to taste)
~coatings worth of ground organic cinnamon (i used saigon)
~1 tbsp ground organic ginger powder(to aid digestion)
~2 tbsp acid culture starter::sauerkraut juice-plain yogurt (whey)-apple cider vinegar
~plentiful unchlorinated, unflorinated water
~large oven safe ceramic bowl
~large baking sheet, maybe two

7:58 PM__wash, dont sanitize (trust me you dont wanna ingest that stuff: Antibiotics and more) your hands with some good natural soap (bronners) and warm water cause were gunna dive into this:

8PM__ get a large bowl and pour the pepitas in, cover with warm water, not steaming but warm to the touch. filter your fingers through the seeds with the water, and let the warmth seep into your bones. feel it in your stomach and down your spine. really work the seeds squeezing them through your fingers (they will squirt about like scared mice). the water will quickly become green and cloudy, get a plate and cover the rim of the bowl to pour the water out (or use a strainer)

rinse with warm water again to wash away residue-pour out

8:10PM__fill with warm water again adding one teaspoon of salt to the water let soak for 1-2 hours

10PM__pour out water and rinse pepitas, fill again with warm water, one tsp salt, and 2 tbsp acid culture starter, mix, and let soak overnight covered.


ahh sunrise and tea, what tranquility

8AM__pepitas are soaked and ready to support life, and give nutrition- pour and rinse pepitas

8:01AM__turn oven on BAKE 170 (thats as low as mine can go) and put drained pepitas in, what were trying to do is evaporate most of the moisture so the seeds will store for a long time. you will do better the thinner you spread them out so well use a baking sheet (preferably ceramic or steel)
check on them every 10 minutes and flip or stir to expose moist sides

8:45AM__the pepitas should be dry, if not -spread thinner and continue until completely dry on the outside->remove pepitas and place in large ceramic bowl add coconut oil a generous coating of cinnamon (its hard to overdo it) 1 tbsp ground ginger, 2 tsp salt and stir, taste oily juices-add salt to preference-the spices get activated by the heat and oils so they dont taste great yet...maybe add a little more cinnamon anyways- stir and place in the oven

9:30AM__stir-if dry add more coconut oil


12PM__your pepitas are warm and ready-they will appear wet but that is just oil-no water: eat them warm and they taste like popcorn, refrigerate them- and a few hours later they taste like cinnamon cookies-no joke! theyll store almost forever in the fridge, or the oil will let you carry them in a tupperware for a whole hot day without spoiling. share them with friends on hikes and feildtrips as you wander wonderous about and let them all see how great a raw vegan "notcook" you can be



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