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Re: Adult Circumcision: Drivin' a Cadillac to Drivin' a Pontiac
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Adult Circumcision: Drivin' a Cadillac to Drivin' a Pontiac

I think most do not understand....those men who are circumsized are being referenced as having ED?
Those who are uncircumsized are referenced as having no problems?

I think not. The issue with ED has nothing to do with circumcision or not.

Adult circumcision can cause loss of sensation just as with any other type of surgery. Men who usually have cicumcision as adults do so for health reasons. Diabetes can cause some whopper issues with the penis in those who are not circumsized. With diabetes comes ED, it is also related to high blood pressure as well.

Case history:
Patient has been battling a rash. He has developed a hardened thickened and flaky skin around the top of the shaft. It is extremely painful to pull the foreskin back. Patient has been applying salve/lotion to affected area.
When skin is pulled back, the head of the penis turns a deep purple suggested reason is lack of blood flow.
He is seen in my office after his wife insisted he go because she has heard through the grapevine he may have herpes from an ex-girlfriend years ago.
The rash was mixed with vertical linear open wounds as well as small papules, he had a chronic yeast infection.
Although it wasn't herpes, the issue was the man was in pain. The rash was chronic with short intermittent periods of scaling skin. Just as he thought it would clear up, it would begin again.
Upon testing blood sugar, it was confirmed he had type 2 diabetes. With more case history from the patient, it was learned he had tried Enzyte protocal for men with ED. The first battle with the rash while on Enzyte. Sugar in the urine caused a yeast build up underneath the foreskin after a day of work related sweating.
Not only was Enzyte found to be partly the cause of his diabetes, but diet as well.
I decided that the herbal creams and otc products the patient tried to hopefully get rid of the rash, the skin had already been damaged. I referred the patient to an MD for surgery. Patient elected to have the surgery and is doing remarkably well. His wife who previously shared the same sexual concerns is now happy to report that they no longer have just two ways of sexual intercourse. The length of sexual intercourse has changed some too- she reports the time from erection to cllmax has improved by lowering the amount of time as well. Before surgery patient would take much too long for cllmax- now she says he can actually feel, whereas prior to his day surgery the skin was "in the way."
Patient says there is more feeling now than previously because the damaged skin has been removed. Prior to the chronic rash, the skin was loose considerably and he was worried about his wife not being able to be in top position because as she got more excited, the penis would just slip out.
Adult circumcision and the loss of sensation does happen on occassion, but usually it is short lived- you have to give the healing process time. The nerve endings have to heal. Most men who have this done end up being thankful. (not to mention the wife).

A point to ponder:
By the time boys are men, the foreskin is no longer attached to the glans. The glans and parts of the penile head are what is pleasurable as far as sensation. Removal of extra skin certainly will not affect much of the sensation when the glans are not removed- there are many many men in the United States that have no problem becoming sexually aroused and that have no loss of sensation.

I have two boys and both are circumsized. I knew by the time they were sexually active, they would be well healed, nerve endings and all.


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