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After zapping, spreading rash on arms, to neck and chest Red pimples-like, itchy
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Published: 14 years ago

After zapping, spreading rash on arms, to neck and chest Red pimples-like, itchy

HELP!!!!! I am a nervous wreck!!! I zapped for the first time ever, 8 days ago. I bought the 10 dollar zapper with the copper handhelds. I wet a cloth and put it over the copper handhelds. I used it 7 minutes in my hands, then 7 minutes behind my knees, and then waited for 20 minutes. I did that 3 times. I have not used it at all in the past 8 days, just that once.

I noticed my vagina getting a little dry, and it got a little smellier, I think it gave me vaginosis over the next few days.

Also a few hours later I got a cluster of red pimple-like itchy bumps on my right forearm. then over the past 8 days they slowly spread up both my arms, and i have a couple on my chest and neck.

I went to the doctor today and he said they kinda looked like chickenpox, and gave me tons of antiviral stuff ( i havent filled the RXs) my mom is a nurse and said that i already had severe chickenpox, and the way it is localized to my arms just doesn't jive, they have not crusted over yet, which pox should. the pharmacists said it didnt seem like chickenpox or shingles, and they had never seen a real case of scabies so they couldnt tell.

I thought maybe they were scabies, but they are not in my skin folds, nor do they itch at night. they just itch when they are appearing, and again when I stress about it ( I get hives a lot, so i think my immune system makes them itch more when I stress) but on wikipedia there is a picture of a girl who has them on her hand just like me! i cant see any exits on the side of the bumps.they also do not itch at night.

PLEASE HELP!! I am worried sick that i messed up my perfectly fine body because of the zapper, I am going to try again to zap right now, just the 7-20 three times, not the 7-7-20 three times. I am afraid I unleashed some crazy virus. PLUS, I just came in contact with a 1 month old infant, and others...I don't want to spread anything to anyone!


I also think that maybe when I put advantage on my kitties little mites jumped aboard me, since they sleep with me and i hold them, and all the bumps are where I would be touching them...i read that notoedric mites can live on humans temporarily. but i feel like they have spread slightly over the past 8 days, but maybe it takes several days for the advantage to seep through their body and even the hatching eggs may take a while to hatch. i was one month late putting on the advantage on my cats, they had 2 ticks! plus a mangy cat was loitering near my house, and my cats are indoor/outdoor.

also, a few months ago i was training at a bad nursing home for 2 weeks, i wore short sleeves.

also, on 9/10 i sat outside in the sun with a tank top on, and my roommate said there were no-see-ums out. last time i got those bites, the pimple itchies lasted for weeks!

On 1/9/09 i returned from a 3 week trip to Portugal, the night before on 1/8/09 I spent the night in a cheap airport motel in Texas. on 1/10 I put advantage on my cats. On 9/11/09 I zapped around 2pm or 3pm, and the bites showed up at approx 5 or 6pm the same day. I have washed my bedding on 1/15/09. And I was out of town from 1/16 to 1/18 and i noticed more bites on my arms and neck. I came home last night 1/18 and sat on my couch for a little bit then changed into my pjs, i noticed two fresh bites behind my knee. I had just been driving for 4 hours. I slept in my bed on 1/18. I did not notice any new bites today. They only itch sporadically, when i stress about them, or when they are coming up. the first red dots that appeared are still there, not very itchy, but the doctor said he sees a little pus on top, maybe from my itching, but he thought it could be from impetigo or chickenpox.

I think i will zapp again right now, and then tomorrow see my natural doctor who uses muscle testing and standard process, and then go to my OB/gyn who is a nurse practitioner and see what they say.



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