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5th flush results in!
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Published: 19 years ago
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5th flush results in!

I started my fifth flush yesterday and I owe it to you, Southern Belle, because you said you would log on to see my results. I wasn't going to do it this weekend even though I have had so much discomfort - it was the thought of the lovely fresh Dover sole waiting for me and the homemade soup. Anyway, I truly felt I couldn't disappoint you (insn't that amazing! -there you are all those thousands of miles away and I have never seen you.) Anyway, fruit for breakfast and I did have plain grilled dover sole for lunch with vegetables, no fat at 1pm. I had also had 1tsp of Epsom Salts in water in the morning and have been doing that for the past few days on Agnes' advice, for the discomfort. Took the dreaded Epsom Salts as in Clark recipe at 6pm and 8pm and had a lovely hot bath. Took one cup of grapefruit juice with 1/2 cup of olive oil at 10pm and lay on my back with a hot water bottle on the liver area. After 15 minutes felt the telltale rumble in the liver area and it could not be confused with the other gurglings and rumbles caused by the Epsom Salts . I tried lying on my right side but felt more nauseous so turned onto my back. I then fell asleep (can't take ornithine as they won't sell it in England) and woke 3 or 4 times in the night but soon fell back to sleep. Actually, my sleep pattern is becoming more restful with the liver flushes. Awoke at 6am to drink the ghastly Epsom salts but I had left it in a flask by my bed instead of in the fridge and I do prefer it at room temperature - somehow for me not quite as horrible. Fell asleep again and awoke about 7.30am. Rested till 8am and took (thankfully) last dose. I somehow felt this had been a fruitful cleanse in contrast to the previous two which had not yielded the results I was hoping for. Had the first BM at 9am which cleared the lunch yesterday. Then not long after clear BM with about 20 very respectable sized stones. Most of them about 6/10ths of an inch in width and length plus a few smaller ones and 4 or 5 the size of lentils. Dark green and green and putty coloured smaller ones. After fresh carrot and apple juice at 10am passed a few more biggish ones. Had headache from time of waking and felt pretty crap so decided a coffee enema would help to clear the toxins. Took enema at 11.30am and passed about 3 or 4 large stones and I suppose 50-70 little crystal like ones and some odd lentil size ones. Not possible to count the crystals. Had long hot shower and sat down to post this message. Having soup for lunch. I wouldn't like to go for a walk at the moment but it is lovely to feel clearheaded, if weak. Headache clearish but am limp physically. My results have pleased me because I just figure that seeing 50 stones washed and lined up are a lot better than having them in my liver though I must admit I do feel a bit envious of people who recount passing hundreds of them. Are they all as big as mine? However, that lot I passed today really caused me problems and so I will continue to do the flushing until my health has really improved and I pass no more stones. Am thinking of having colonic irrigation - any advice? The first flush, by the way, was the one that cleared a lot of 'gunk', haven't seen that since. The flushes are very much biggish stones and floating small crystals. Thanks to all of you who post such informative messages and give your support.

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