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First liver cleanse results...easy and painless!
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Published: 19 years ago
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First liver cleanse results...easy and painless!

Yesterday around 3pm I was doing errands and realized that I had not eaten except for Superfood at about noon...decided to buy some grapefruit and do a liver cleanse. I never did get around to doing a kidney cleanse, but did 3 Bowel Cleanses over the last several months. I had organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil waiting in my cupboard and Epsom Salts as well.

At 4pm I was feeling pretty hungry and thirsty so I decided to have some fresh apple juice. At 6pm I drank my first epsom and grapefruit juice. I really didn't think it was that bad, probably because I was hungry and was glad to get something in my tummy! The second at 8pm was welcomed as well.

At 10pm I drank the olive/grapefruit and thought it was quite good (again it may have had something to do with my hunger... Epsom Salt drink did not, like Dr Clark says, take MY hunger away)! I've read so many awful things about it...nausea and vomitting...but I had no problem drinking it right down and actually thought the olive oil aftertaste was kind of interesting with the grapefruit juice. I should add that I love olive oil and enjoy dipping bread in it! Really folks, I was expecting to want to vomit after everything I've read.

I had very very mild nausea shortly after drinking the potion and felt a tension or mild pressure in my liver area. I got myself a good movie to watch as I didn't think I would be able to sleep at 10pm. I stayed laying on my back with my head elevated until I fell asleep by the end of the film.

I must admit that the epsom salt/grapefruit drink this morning was NOT appealing...but drank both doses right down with not too much difficulty.

I passed about 12 bright green pea sized stones with one about double that size, along with several hundred tan gravel-like pieces. Do the tan stones come from the gallbladder? They were pretty hard, whereas the green ones were relatively soft and a darker green inside.

I have to thank Southern Belle for a post she wrote a few months back where she made her liver cleanse a special ceremonial night. I decided to take a hot Epsom Salt bath prior to drinking the olive/grapefruit drink and hopping into bed...I think feeling relaxed about the whole thing helped. I also did not deviate from Hulda's directions except for the apple juice at 4pm and a few sips of water.

I feel quite good and relaxed. I even did step aerobics this afternoon after having some vegetable soup and fruit. But at about 6pm I suddenly felt very tired and took a 2 hour nap.

I've been anticipating doing this for many months now. It all seemed so complicated when I first read about it, but now that I've done it I'm already planning when to do my next one! I can't say that I felt spectacular today, but I feel good and quite relaxed. Best of all I have no more fear or anxiety about cleansing.

Oh, I also did massage my liver/gallbladder in the Epsom Salt bath and after the olive drink (I really think the hot bath helped relax me).

Do like Southern Belle and make it a calm and special night to do something good just for yourself!

Thanks again to Curezone and everyone whose posts have inspired and encouraged me to take my health into my own hands!!! Love and good health to you all.


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