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wombat!!! question???
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Published: 13 years ago
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wombat!!! question???

I've been reading the Lancet that you posted above and on the 1st & 2nd pages the author talks about the delicate attachement of the fetus at one stage of pregnancy and how easily it is for it to break loose. He talks about different organs and if they are irritated could cause abortion/miscarriage. (I can't seem to get any of it to copy and paste.) He states that mammary nerve irritation can cause miscarriage.

My?? After a woman starts nursing infant, she does not get her period on a monthly basis but may see some bleeding. My mother (72, nursed 6 babes to the age of 3) always stated that she never got pregnant while nursing until she had 2 periods in a row. I wonder if nursing mothers are actually getting pregnant, then aborting and not realizing it. Possibly due to a baby increasing their need for nursing at different times throughout the nursing phase, say for a growth spurt. I'll bet that the nursing mother get's pregnant, the milk production slows down, the baby doesn't get enough of what they want, their suckling comes more often and is more powerful so in turn brings on the irritation/contraction in the uterus needed to cause the abortion. Therefore, the mother would never know she was pregnant and see only spotting. Or her nutritional needs might cause the pregnancy to be taken up by the mother.

Since nursing brings on contractions in the uterus, there has to be a very strong link between breast health and uterine health. I wonder if women who end up with Breast Cancer also have a higher number of miscarriages. Do you know? I thought fibrocystic breast disease and uterine fibroids were linked and cause infertility.

This may sound crazy but I have an 8 year old daughter and I've been teaching her about the female body for a while now. I want her to know as much as possible at a early age instead of waiting until she is 40 to discover what it is all about! I chart on my calendar each month when she is really cranky or tearful and have noticed since the age of 2, that these fits cycle every 28 days. I've come to the conclusion that the terrible two's are really not what we have been taught, but the maturation and balancing of the sex hormones. It's my own belief that some children go through the terrible 3's only because they are developing at a later stage. Which makes me wonder if there is not a correlation between when the onset of puberty occurs.

I have a friend who's daughter had vaginal bleeding at birth which makes me believe that menstruation possibly starts long before the signs of puberty set in. Why not? Baby boys get erections. With this said, then the toxins would start collecting in the breast, lymp system at a very early age. With the removal of iodine, and the other halogens increasing, girls may be developing mammary disease's at an earlier age.

By the way, is the Lugol's mentioned on page 3 the man for which Lugol's Iodine is named? Thanks for this link! I am really interested in it.


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