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Re: question for Humaworm, please
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: question for Humaworm, please

Hello Fiona! I will try to answer your questions in order:

1. Go ahead and do the parasite cleanse. Some parasites such as the hookworm can actually create tiny holes in the intestines. They latch themselves on the lining of the intestine with relatively huge hooked teeth. The tiny holes left will cause leaky gut syndrome which, as you know, leaks toxins into your bloodstream causing a whole different set of problems. KILL the parasites, REMOVE the toxins and allow your body to heal.

2. Strong doses over a short period of time (30 days) two to four times per year will remove the parasites, their larvae and eggs. You will be clear of them. Milder doses over a longer period of time (60-90 days or more) is not enough to sufficently kill and remove ALL parasites. Parasites, like roaches, have been around since the dawn of man and have the ability to adapt themselves to their environment in order to survive. If you MILDLY introduce medicinal herbs in a weak dosage, many of the larvae and eggs that are ALREADY IN YOUR BODY might be able to adapt to that and keep you infected. Strong doses over a SHORT period of time (less than 30 days) might get the bulk of the adults, but parasite larvae will migrate to different places in your body to escape the herbal "poison". When no more "poison" is fed to them, they come out of hiding and continue into adulthood and will keep you infected. Time the parasite cleanse correctly AND have the right blend of herbs at the right dosage level and you should be fine.

3. See #2. A parasite's life cycle is such that 30 days of the correct dosage of the correct herbs will remove ALL adults, larvae AND eggs. Not to be critical or rude, but MANY herbal cleansing manufacturers prey on unhealthy and scared people. They WANT your money and they WANT you take their product for longer than is really necessary. Herbal supplements ARE NOT regulated in the USA by the FDA. Scammers are EVERYWHERE!

3. PART 2: 70% of parasites are microscopic. You do a cleanse, you feel great BUT you never see a darn thing in your potty! Only 30% of parasites are visible - pinworms, hookwroms, roundowrms and even then, unless they're just totally obvious, you might miss seeing them in you stool too. Candida is not readily seen.

4. We sell all over the world. We have MANY customers in the UK. Shipping is the same as domestic (United States) for Airmail Parcel Post. Only a few (3) bucks more to get in within 4-7 days.

One more point. A GOOD herbal parasite remover will also include PURIFYING herbs that will cleanse out the toxins and help the body repair itself while it's getting rid of the parasites. This almost removes all die-off symptoms as your body is not thrown into shock as the herbs are killing the unwanted guests. You body has had to get adjusted to hosting parasites and it has to readjust itself to living without them too. The marshmallow root powder is a great purifying ingrediant for you because it becomes very gooey and sticky when wet. It will coat the sores that parsites such as hookworms leave behind. It soothes these irritated places during the cleansing process.

THANK YOU for asking! PLEASE feel free to post more questions OR email us direct.


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