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Re: Here's two for you.
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Here's two for you.

Being raised a Jehovah's Witness and dropping out at 16 ( now 30 )I have forever been on the search for the meanings of this life. I have gone through many changes spiritually and mentally. The strange experiences I have had only push me further in my attempts to understand why we are here.

I am beginning to believe that synchronicities are actually "pre-patterns". Basically I believe that there were similar beings before us that patterned us the way we are. I don't discount the Bible, I just approach it from a different angle. Here are just a few examples.

It was said in the beginning that we were created in "THEIR" ( plural ) "IMAGE" ( DNA structures? ). Translation can change a lot of how we interpret meanings. Images/likeness could mean "structure" or "build". We have seen how Science can duplicate life (cloning). Would we create life on another planet if we had the opportunity? Kinda' like our fascination with reality television. Oh yeah, and if GOD and angels are invisble not physical, how can their be an image or likeness?

How about the popular artist concept that angels had literal wings?

From what I have read "wings" depicted in ancient times often meant the ability to ride air or the ability to fly not necessarily actual wings like a bird. Ships possibly? How else would they arrive and guide us through our rough beginnings? Many stories from all over the world have been recorded of objects in our airspace. Back then, these simple peoples would have thought magick or some supernatural force was involved. With the invent of electricity, lights, and planes we now would say extraterrestrials in advanced ships.

Now, if we only use 10% of our brains and are still capable of complex speech and a myriad of other complicated tasks, imagine using 100%. Our technologies at 100% could poss. even give us the ability to create life with a set of specefic instructions to carry out. (Ambitions,weaknesses,reactions,events,etc...)

Sorry to run on, I think too much sometimes. As far as "Synchronicities" I have had alot. My wife and friends are witness to these things. Mainly comes in waves. Like one week tons of them. Then nothing for a while. Most take place in speech. For instance you will be talking to someone and use a word that is uncommon ( not like and,the,then,etc...)but a word that is not used very often. Then almost instantaneously it is said on the television or radio. When you know darn well the odds of this word being said immediately after you speak it is 1 to a million. Now if you have this happen several times in one week or even one day, imagine the odds?

Well, I will post more in future prob. or maybe I just fell upon this for today. At any rate just wanted to add a little of my thoughts. Thanks for sharing your "synchs".


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