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They know not what they do.
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Published: 16 years ago
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They know not what they do.

The MD's and pharmacists have been trained and indoctrinated into their way of thinking. As I understand it, the big pharmaceutical companies underwrite these institutions of medical learning and have been doing so since the early 1900's. They have their bias which is passed along in the medical schools which have dominated medicine since the early 1900's.

As far as the pharmacists go, well, selling drugs is how they make their living and support their families, isn't it? They don't make any money selling herbs, vitamins, or minerals even though you will find those products near the pharmacy section of your drug store. The drug store itself makes money selling those products, not the pharmacist.

As an RN, I can certainly testify that the drug companies target the MD's and Pharmacists 24/7 in this country to use their drugs. They give them lunches, dinners, cruises, vacations, etc. etc. just to try their new drugs out on us. It's all about selling drugs. It's all about the big drug companies making money. They have to target and use the MD's and Pharmacists in order to make their living and support their families. I've known many of them and I can tell you they are a slick bunch. I can spot one a mile away. They are salesmen/saleswomen.

MD's are not trained in parasitology in this country, it just isn't in the ciriculum at all. They are taught that parasites are not in the USA but only in other countries and they don't have a clue as to what to do about them so they have decided in mass that they don't exist in this country. I could tell you some medical horror stories about this while still doing nursing, but I'll spare you that for now.

Most people who go into medicine do it for altruistic purposes. A certain percentage go into for the money, but we will ignore them for now. Many people who want to be doctors/nurses/pharmacists actually want to help people. They believe the best way to do this is to go to medical/nursing/pharmacological school and then into practice.

It is just not in their heads at all that they are going to become pill pushers. It just happens though. They truly think they are helping people. They have been trained to have a certain mindset. They believe their mindset is the correct one. They are not deliberately trying to hurt anyone, only to help them. They are always quite surprised to find anyone who thinks they aren't helping people and saving lives. Many times they do save lives, or prolong lives. I'm thinking myself that this happens by accident a lot, but nevermind that for now.

Since they actually think they are doing the right thing, they naturally feel offended and become defensive when challenged. Sad to say, they also think themselves smarter than the rest of us, and this superior attitude surfaces when challenged by, what some of us now consider, to be common sense, or alternative therapy, and even sometimes, by reality. They really and truly believe that alternative therapy is quackery. This is a result of their training and experience. They have been "indoctrinated".

And, when I think about it, and about those people in the medical field, from a perspective of one who chose to get out of it, I feel sorry for them for the most part. These people are under so much stress that you can't believe it. Did you know that doctors live 10 years less than the rest of us due to stress? Did you know that dentists have the highest suicide rate of any other group of people? The divorce rate for MD's and nurses is sky high. I wonder about this. Do you think this high stress rate is due to the fact they are pushing drugs on the rest of us that are not helping us for the most part?

They spend all day long trying to help people with these drugs that are often making things worse for their patients who continue to clamour to them over and over and over again to make them healhier, and it doesn't happen? They are on-call all the time. They have no time for their families. They do nothing but work work work all the time, spinning their wheels, exhausting themselves, and most do not get better by their efforts. Yet, the people keep coming and coming and coming to them expecting to be healed. The insurance companies are breathing down their necks all day long, day in and day out, they have paper work piled up by the foot to complete day in and day out. The phone never stops ringing from people wanting to be healed, from insurance companies making them fill out more and more paper work. Day in and day out, it never ends for them. They have patients who come in for every minor sniffle and every minor ache they have who take up precious time at the expense of people who have more serious medical problems. They can't possibly spend more than 5 minutes with any patient before they are called to see another one. It's no wonder they make so many mistakes, and it's no wonder they rely on trying a magical pill for this ache or for that sniffle, because, they have no time and need to move onto the next patient, now and hurry hurry hurry up, there is paperwork to fill out for each and every patient for the insurance company.

Yes, they make a lot of money and have nice houses and lots of fancy stuff, but they die young and spend their whole lives under incredible stress, and have little time to enjoy their luxuries. Their lives are not their own, but belong to their patients. And, for the most part, given this sacrifice, they aren't really helping all that many of them, but often are making their lives worse from the effects of these drugs that they give them. I think the MD's think that somewhere out there just out of their reach is the perfect magic pill to give to their patients to make their lives easier.

And, they think the big drug companies are going to come up with that pill sooner or later, and they think each time a new pill comes out, this might be the one. Then, oops, a whole bunch of people die from it or have horrible side effects, so they take them off that one and try the next one which they hope is the magic pill. And on and on it goes this way. No wonder they die young. And, trust me, they do, by the handful every day.

It's a bit better for the surgeons cause they just like to cut and slash and when things get messy and complicated, they refer the rest of the follow up to the non-surgical MD's. But, it's just a little bit better for them, and they tend to live just a bit longer. They have their own burdens to bear, like going into a surgery that should take 1 hour and ends up taking 16 hours. Hey, hurry up, we have 6 more surgeries scheduled for this room and if you don't hurry up, our entire schedule is going to be messed up for weeks. And, the insurance company is not going to be happy about this, and we will punish you with a whole lot more paperwork if you drag this out much longer. And, if you don't get out of here soon, you are going to miss yet ANOTHER one of your son's little league games which you promised him you would be there for.

And really, isn't that what many of us here on are doing as far as health treatments go? We are trying all sorts of different treatments for our various ailments, or for preventative medical purposes. The difference is, of course, that many of us are finding treatments that actually work, and even if they don't work, they don't kill us or disable us. And this at a much reduced monetary rate. Plus, no stress, or little stress, and no waiting in the waiting room. Just waiting on the mail, or going to the health food store. The thing with this is that the stress level just isn't there to the extent it is with the MD's and Pharmacists. Just look at the difference in demeanour between your naturopath/acupunctorist/chiropractor and your MD. Night and day.

So I guess the moral of the story is, that allopathic medicine and the professionals that are involved in it, are doing the best they can under the worst of circumstance with a minimal amount of positive results and satisfaction for the betterment of people they actually do care about. They accept the stress as an acceptable price to pay, and they figure they do this sacrifice for the betterment of humankind; plus they make a lot of money doing it, which makes the sacrifice easier to them. Somehow. I don't even understand this myself even having lived in that world.

So, they know not what they do. So, forgive them and move on. I have a feeling that they will wake up soon and move on with the rest of us. Why? Because that is where the money is going to be.

Okay, I'll stop preaching now....mamahuhu


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