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Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions with Unyquity
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Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions with Unyquity

(This was initially written & posted on 6/25/12. It is FAR from complete, and it will be updated frequently. I will post notification of the updates on the forum when significant changes are made).

--->>> If you are not familiar with this forum or the Forum Guidelines, please scroll down to the Forum Guidelines section (at the end) and quickly familiarize yourself with these guidelines before making a post.


At it's baseline foundations, this forum is solely devoted to the study and application of truly natural health, healing & living (which is VERY different from "alternative medicine"). We use, support & recommend only organic foods, herbs & substances in their most natural & whole-some forms for nourishing, cleansing & restoring the body.

Why? Simple! Because when we're sick, it's because our body is in a state that's unnatural. The ONLY way to truly heal the body is to assist it back to it's natural state (homeostasis, balance & harmony) - and then the miraculous self-healing schematics that our body is programmed with, will do the rest. The fastest way to push the body FURTHER away from it's natural state, is to ingest substances that are unnatural to the body...and that includes most "supplements"! The fastest (and far & away most successful) way to bring the body back to it's natural state, is to cleanse, decongest & restore the major organs & systems, while ensuring that the body is receiving only substances that are truly natural to the body. NATURAL HEALING WORKS FOR ANY DISEASE, SYNDROME OR STATE OF COMPROMISE!

Hence, this forum is based upon the tenets, empirical evidence, and clinical works of three of the greatest & most successful healers that ever lived: Dr. Christopher, Dr. Schulze & Dr. Gerson (including the teachings of other similarly minded, time-honored healers of their ilk... wherein those aspects *do not* include the use of isolated/fractionated substances, synthetics or other unnatural substances or therapies).

These great healers proved that there is NO such thing as an "incurable disease"! The human body/mind/spirit is programmed with phenomenally advanced self-healing schematics. As long as the root cause/s of compromise to the triunity (body, soul/mind & spirit) are identified & eliminated, and the body is given nothing in an unnatural or harmful form*, there is no level of compromise that the human body cannot overcome! These healers were consistently able to cure cancer, MS, MD, ALS, Parkinsons, epilepsy and many other 'incurable diseases'...and did so safely and effectively. We can do it, too!

However, we must all recognize that none of these great healers were in devoted "clinical practice" in the last 30-60 years...and those 30-60 years have added immense levels of toxins, poisons, gmos, emfs and other harmful substances to our life, bodies & emotions. Just like they did with their mentors & teachers before them, it's now up to US to "ramp up" our knowlege & understanding, so that we can update & upgrade their protocols to meet with today's more intense challenges.

*(Dr. Gerson, being an MD, did utilize a handful of unnatural isolated/fractionated supplements in his protocol. He was not an herbalist, nor is it apparent that he knew how to achieve his nutritional/healing goals by using or substituting natural foods & herbs).

This forum is a 'haven of healing' for everyone wishing to learn & utilize these healing methods - along with learning (or remembering) how to truly live NATURALLY. This is a place where we can all come together (no matter what our differences may be) to learn how & why allopathic medicine has become the first leading cause of death in the US (and how & why it's companion, "alternative medicine" fails so dismally).

This is place where we can inspire each other to change our lifestyles & thinking back to what is truly healthy & natural for us. A place where we can share, compare, socialize, learn, teach & support each other - as we all work together to help change, restore & empower ourselves (and hence the world :) one person at a time!

Forum Guidelines

--This is a teaching/learning/support forum where everyone has the opportunity to learn to be their own doctor & restore themselves to vibrant health. This is not a place where I (or anyone else) is going "be" your doctor for you.

--As a teaching forum, we ALL are students and teachers. Yet this is a private support forum with my name on it, hence I am the one that carries the burden of responsibility for the contents of the "textbooks" (which are the words of every post made). PLEASE do your best to post within the forum guidelines, so that I don't have to 'edit or correct the textbooks'! Thank you.

--FIRST Physician, do NO harm! We are all healers & physicians in our own way, and when we post to others, our words are very powerful. Please refrain from using vulgar/adult language, and do not post with negative emotions or hurtful/harmful accusations & assumptions.

--Please post recommendations ONLY from healers, teachers & advisors that have solid extensive clinical experience, and have successfully & consistently "cured the incurables" using truly natural methodologies. This does not include those that have devised protocols that worked "for them" and a handful of others.

--Please do not (never, ever!) suggest or recommend any isolated/fractionated substances or supplements, protocols/cleanses that use them, or substances that are unnatural/harmful to the body. Isolated chemicals which have been laboratory extracted away from their dozens/hundreds of naturally occuring co-factors, nutrients & phytochemicals are not natural to our body (and are basically "drugs")...and every one of them stresses or harms the body in some way or another. Substances unnatural to the body include silver & other metals; rocks & shells; "typical" vitamin & mineral supplelemnts (synthetic or fractionated) and all variety of anything 'that was once natural' that is no longer in it's natural, whole-some form. IT IS RARE THAT IT IS EVER NECESSARY TO USE OR INGEST UNNATURAL CHEMICALS TO CLEANSE, HEAL, OR RESTORE THE NATURAL BODY!

--Please read through a persons posting history BEFORE posting suggestions to them. If you don't, it is very likely that your suggestions may cause someone harm.

--Please know that no question is a 'stupid question'! When we ask questions, it's evidence of our desire and hunger for knowlege. And "knowledge" IS the key to successfully healing our triunity!

--Please do not PM me; I do not do personal consultations. It is very unlikely you will receive a response if you PM me. Even if had the time to keep up with posts on the forum and reply to PMs, I would still ask your post be made publicly so it could benefit others.

That's all for now :)

Healthiest of blessings,


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