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This forum is dedicated to Intermittent Fasting

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a period of fasting alternated with a period of eating.

In research settings animals that are intermittently fasted are fed every other day, so they eat whatever they want for a day, then they are denied food for a day. Interestingly, on feeding days most of the animals eat a almost double the amount that their ad lib fed mates do.

Like caloric restriction, intermittent fasting reduces oxidative stress, makes the animals more resistant to acute stress in general, reduces blood pressure, reduces blood sugar, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces the incidence of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, and improves cognitive ability.

1. The research has not established the benefits of Intermittent fasting conclusively. There are many studies by now, most of them done on rats.

2. Wild animals do Intermittent fasting. They cannot avoid it. So did wild humans, when they lived more like wild animals than they do now. So do I.

3. It is well-grounded in the evolutionary evidence as well.

4. About one third of the time our ancestors were in negative energy balance.

It is also theorized that Intermittent fasting turns on genes that maintain and repair tissues and some of these genes are now being discovered.

You will generally be more active when you are a bit hungry. This seems to be an evolutionary program that makes you look for food when you are hungry. When you are full, you become inactive.

Many people may have damaged their hypothalmus with excess food intake and neurotoxins.

Intermittent fasting will help to alter your attitude toward food. Living through a hungry day will make you look at food and how people eat in a different way. It helps you realize that you don't need all that food to feel good. You will see that being, like Cassius, "lean and hungry" is the way to live.

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