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Leptin Resistance Support Forum
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Leptin Resistance Support Forum

This forum is dedicated to the discussion and support of leptin resistance and its effects in the human body, as well as discussion and support of other related hormones such as insulin and cortisol, particularly in relation to weight and weight gain.

Leptin is a hormone made exclusively by fat cells and plays an important role in weight gain, fat burning, thyroid function, reproduction, and appetite. It is in control of all other hormones in the body. Overweight humans do not suffer from a lack of leptin, rather, the more body fat a person has, the higher the levels of leptin are found in the blood. For people who are chronically overweight, the hormone leptin is unable to do its job of reducing appetite and stimulating fat burning. The effect of leptin is blocked. Scientists call this state LEPTIN RESISTANCE.

When leptin resistance happens, instead of the body being signalled to burn fat, it instead burns sugar. This causes the body to keep storing fat instead of burning it for energy. Controlling hunger is another way that leptin controls energy storage. Leptin can cause you to be hungry, a natural urge that is difficult to overcome, and you will eat more. Changes in diet are able to re-train the body to once again become sensitive to leptin, thereby re-programming the body to burn fat.

Leptin was only discovered in 1994 and many people are unaware that it plays a vital role in weight gain, along with other hormones.

The three hormones Leptin, Insulin, and Cortisol, all play an important part in weight gain or excessive fat storage by the body.

(From The Fat Resistance Diet:) "Insulin is produced in your pancreas. it lowers blood sugar by driving sugar and other nutrients into cells, especially muscle cells. Your muscles need insulin to help them produce energy and recover from the effects of exercise. Inflammation interferes with the effect of insulin on your muscles and causes not only leptin resistance, but also INSULIN RESISTANCE. With insulin resistance, your muscles are not fully responsive to insulin, so they don’t efficiently burn the sugar that circulates in your blood. As a result, your blood sugar starts to rise. Your pancreas responds by releasing more insulin. When the degree of insulin resistance outpaces the ability of your pancreas to produce more insulin, diabetes occurs.

"Insulin also turns on genes that produce a number of mediators of inflammation, so with high insulin, as with high leptin, the level of inflammation in your body increases. Your brain and your adrenal glands are attuned to the level of inflammation in your body. As inflammation increases, your brain sends a signal to your adrenal glands to produce more of a hormone called cortisol. You may be familiar with cortisone, a drug used to relieve symptoms of inflammation like itching, redness or pain. Cortisol is the natural equivalent of the drug, made in your own adrenal glands in response to stress. Cortisol naturally combats inflammation, but at a high price. Cortisol increases the amount of belly fat. It also causes fluid retention, muscle weakness, memory loss, high blood pressure, and further raises your blood sugar. The increase in blood sugar then stimulates a further increase in insulin."

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