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With regard to the forum:
I thought about a forum where one can post positive information with regard to ways people have found to circumvent the shadowy control grid. I have been, for some time, attempting to post messages within the Conspiracy forum, but they seem to be rather sparse and out-numbered by all the negative posting of messages that goes on there. So, I have considered to create a Support forum that can hold this type of information.

As the ground shifts beneath our feet, as the rotted de facto entity continues on its self-destructive path towards pending implosion & decayed disintegration, real people need to see that they are not alone, defenseless and trapped within a mind construct that has them believing there is nothing that they can do about it.

People do have the power within themselves. There is life that exists beyond the matrix. It just needs a greater number of people to not give their consent, to not silently acquiesce. And to see some things that many people have been doing, and are still doing now about working to change this. To know what one can do in ways of non violent, non-cooperation. And to begin withdrawing their support of this fraudulent and corrupt control system.


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