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Always open to life's possibilities, Connie Siewert is constantly in motion as she finds herself meeting new people, exploring new thoughts and discovering new truths. She is totally energized by opportunities to gain new wisdom and has a passion for sharing her experiences with others through the written word.

Throughout her eclectic career, she has been immersed in innovative environments. Her work experience started as a CPA with Deloitte, followed by ten years as a telecom executive with Nortel Networks, four years managing the brand program for the 1996 Olympic Games, two years as a marketing executive with Internet companies and five years as a marketing consultant. Connie makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia and is co-founder of the Eclectic Ladies Network, a women’s salon style social club that focuses on stimulating conversations and fun friendships.


Books by Connie R. Siewert
The Skeptic's Guide to The Adventures of Life
The Skeptic's Guide to The Adventures of Life
by Connie R. Siewert

ISBN: 0976271907
Price: US$ 19, Available worldwide on

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United Kingdom
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