Blog: Bipolar Disorder Implications
by ManicOne

My new proposed theory on Bipolar Symptoms and other conditions. Nutrition and Sleep may be the most effective solution.

It this theory is correct and proven it may change how some disorders are treated and viewed.

Date:   5/23/2007 4:49:07 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 3131 times

This is an informal proposal of my theory known as "Forced Imprint Syndrome"

Author: Chris S.

"Since this is informal, if much of this isn't common knowledge please do your own research."


This is theory as simple as it is, is devastating to those who suffer from it. This proposed theory states that certain symptoms of disorders are underlying causes for a serious condition where the physical and mental defenses of oneself are lowered to such a point that it becomes the onset of an entirely different syndrome. Forced Imprint is where the mind is literally 'brainwashed' by exterior and interior negative influences. I believe that this explains why some people are completely unable to function when it comes to accomplishing sometimes the most simple of tasks.

The Forced Imprint Syndrome is something you won't find in any mental health journals or publications, nor will you read about anywhere else for the matter. Why? It's quite simple, it's because the forced imprint effect hasn't even been recognized in modern psychology yet.

I named it this proposed theory "Forced Imprint" metaphorically to how fossilized material under certain circumstances with the correct materials can cause a permanent and everlasting impression. In many ways the human brain and psyche can have this same effect when the right circumstances, along with physical and psychological contributing factors apply.

If however the forced imprint effect holds up to it's theory then we may be looking at the answer to why some sufferers of certain mental health conditions don't respond as effectively to treatment and/or counseling as others, and also to why some drug abusers especially users of drugs such as meth amphetamines have not only extreme difficulty in rehabilitation but also have difficulties becoming productive members of society afterwards.

"It's to my total disbelief that modern psychology has yet to recognize this detrimental effect in which I discovered by myself through personal observation of myself while struggling with bipolar disorder. In my honest opinion this is more damaging to the human psyche than the bipolarity itself."

Forced Imprint Effect, What is it?

The best way to describe the forced imprint effect is to imagine a sort of cross between some of the most powerful mental labeling and cognitive thought reform (another word for brain washing) theories combined into one. Furthermore, the unfortunate fact that certain disorders such as bipolar disorder and certain drug addictions can play a major role in the physical and environmental factors involved.

Some symptoms of bipolar disorder are the direct causes to are brains inability to protect itself from external psychological attacks and leaves us more vulnerable to environmental influences

1. Maybe this is why:

* People who suffer bipolar disorder are more prone to compulsions
* People who suffer bipolar disorder are more prone to suicide
* People who suffer from bipolar disorder are more prone to unwanted pregnancies
* People who suffer from bipolar disorder are more prone to abuse alchohol
* People who suffer from bipolar disorder are more prone to abuse drugs

Before we go any further let me explain where I started to notice the signs of the "forced implant syndrome and/or effect."

I first noticed the effects of my proposed forced imprint effect when he moved to Minneapolis, MN to live with who is now his former girlfriend. I was under a lot of stress, I was suffering from bipolar disorder which at the time was undiagnosed, and I wasn't sleeping much if at all. To ad further to the damage I lost over 30lbs of body weight all muscle. I was a nervous wreck, at the time I blamed it all on stress, if only I knew then what I know know I could have saved myself and my relationship. Even though I was doing no hard drugs, I looked like a typical heroin addict. My face was sinking in, my skin was losing it's elasticity, color, and tone. I literally put years on my life in a matter of months. While losing aspects of my physical health cause by lack of sleep, lack of diet, increase energy (brought on by mania,) I was also subject mental abuse by my signifigant at the time. This brought on a lot of negative emotions and thought in my mind which had a direct effect not only on my psyche but on how I percieved my self as a person, as a soul, as an individual.

I then slowly started to realize a few things. Even though I didn't know at the time I had bipolar disorder, the symptoms where quite evident. These symptoms of bipolar disorder became a direct catalyst for something even more deviant. It brought down my bodies phsyical defense mechanism to where I was psychologically susceptible to external factors which would normal be protected against by my minds own psycho defenses.

I am proposing that there is an not yet classified phsyical and/or mental condition where one loses certain mental strengths, weakened perception of the self, depleted sense of ego, and inhibiting of ones self worth. This syndrome is most likely caused by symptoms of some disorders such as bipolar disorder as well as other possiblilities such as amphetamine drug addiction.

How could something so evident go by for so long without being addressed in the field of psychology?

My relationship with my girlfriend inevitably failed and I then moved where I am living now in Colorado. Unfortunately my condition worsened. While some of what was happening to me was a result of bipolar disorder, there was so much more going on to me physically and mentally than could be explained. I was losing my will to live. At times I felt as if I literally lost all aspects of self and soul including my my ego, my dignity, my self respect. I started to notice a direct correlation between my health, my mental well being, and the exterior factors which were causing this to happen to me. When living here in Colorado I was under a lot of attacks, verbal abuse and/or nativities, verbal threats, verbal downgrades, and any and all combinations of the preceding. These negatives caused have become a catalyst for a negative self image, low esteem, low self worth, loss ego, loss of ambition, loss of will, and many others.

I was literally being brainwashed by my own mind, due the susceptibility of of external negatives. To my surprise psychology as never acknowledged the fact that some more seriously underlying psychological disorders are not necessarily caused by biochemical reactions in the brain but rather are directly caused by the symptoms induced by other disorders, addictions, and even to a certain point lifestyles.

For example, if I never had the following symptoms of my bipolar disorder:

* Sleep deprivation
* Lack of Diet (or in my case almost zero diet)
* Extreme physical and mental exhaustion (caused by mania)

If I was a Manic who ate more and gained weight due to my mania, I would not be susceptible (or be less susceptible) to what I'm proposing is a syndrome in which I named "Forced Imprint Syndrome" This is because a weight gaining manic is getting more than what they need as far as nutrition goes and therefore almost would guaranteed that because they are not starving themselves, their own body isn't robbing itself of the necessary proteins, amino acids, and enzymes needed for proper cellular function.

While some symptoms of bipolar disorder can be the underlying cause for other syndromes or disorders.

Under normal conditions and while under healthy physical conditions none of these verbal attacks would have any effect on me, furthermore, they would normally have had the reverse effect on me. However, because of my condition of suffering from bipolar disorder, and the effects that I was suffering from including but not limited to: Sleep deprivation, poor nutrition (if any,) increase metabolism to a point where I was physically and mentally exhausted yet my body and mind would not rest, and inner negative thoughts.

If you compare some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder with tactics which some cults and organization use to brainwash individuals the correlation is rather impressive. Tactic such as these are quite common. Children of the followers of The Branch Dividians (remember David Koresh and Waco, TX) have given testimonials of sometimes up to 18 hours a day of forced religious doctrine. This is a crude but historically effective tactic on how to brainwash people. If you exhaust them and malnutrition them to a point that the body is breaking down it's own tissue proteins while depriving one of REM sleep, their natural mental defense mechanisms are lowered to a point where forced doctrine or dogma become rather easy to force upon others.

Furthermore, (please note that my proposal for my theory is informal and is intent ed to merely present more so than prove at this point) certain tactics are also used in the recruiting of suicide bombers in worldwide terror networks. I believe that if the theory "Forced Imprint Syndrome" can be studied and proven, then perhaps it's greatest weapon could be education to targeted areas so people don't fall victim to these tactics and propaganda's.

Some tactics of brainwashing:

* Forced Sleep Deprivation
* Low Nutrition Low Protein Diet
* Increased Metabolism of Individuals to wear the body down of it's natural defense mechanisms (both physical and psychological
* Constant Pounding of Dogma or Doctrine

Common effects of Bipolar Disorder (only a few which have a positive correlation, some sources vary):

* Uncontrollable Sleep Deprivation
* Loss of Appetite (For me often days without eating.
* Increased energy, activity, and restlessness

(Also do your own search for common effects of certain amphetamines such as meth, you will be quite surprised of some of the positive correlations)

Now, in my proposed theory of what I call Forced Imprint, there is no "forced" doctrine or religious dogma imposed in Bipolar disorder. However in living example with myself, I had negative influence, put downs, negative comments, constant verbal abuses which replaced these.

Where's the proof? If any?

My proposed Forced Implant theory and holocaust victims

While putting the pieces of this puzzle together I knew that I would be faced with the troubles of proving what I am saying with real life case examples. Otherwise, all my words would be nothing more than fanciful literature and would most likely be ignored by many if not all. What I found even more amazing with the mountains of evidence in which I've found which is direct correlation with some of my describe symptom, but amazing in the fact that I don't understand how this effect could have went unnoticed.

My correlating evidence was in the symptoms and mental health implications found in holocaust and concentration camp victims and survivors. The suffered forced implant syndrome that the victims of concentration camps experienced more intense than I ever could imagine or what I have felt or experienced in my life.

I am in no way saying my trauma is even close to the magnitude in which they suffered. However if my proposed theory is correct it could explain many questions in which I've occasionally heard asked from lay people. Such as how the victims could stand there and allow such things to happen. I can tell you first hand and attest that under the conditions in which my proposed theory propagates, that in the combination of sleep deprivation, lack of diet and nutrients, extreme exhaustion (as victims were worked for endless hours on end,) and with external negativity, and internal negativity that ones 'wills' and 'self' can diminish quite rapidly.


There seems to be an effect on the human beings in which a syndrome and/or effect occurs and is/can be the result of different underlying factors. Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder can be the onset for an extremely debilitating syndrome in which I proposed as Forced Imprint Syndrome. The major or known causes are sleep deprivation, lack of proper nutrition diet, extreme physical and mental exhaustion, along with internal psychological factors, and external influences which have a direct impact on the human psyche when all contributing factors are combined.

Studies would of course have to be done to prove or disprove this theory.

Areas of future interests:

It's quite possible that there is such a syndrome and/or effect as "Negative Imprint Syndrome." This is where the mind and the person attempts to protect the psyche from the external negative influences. In theory this can cause paranoia, and psychosis. Meaning that the mind spots all external influences as a con piracy against it and rejects the external notions.


If my proposed theory can be supported I feel this will have a profound impact on many area of society. To name a few causes and sources, bipolar disorder, drug addiction, certain forms of child abuse, and even as far as for anti terrorism education.

Please feel free to make any comment. For or against me, all comments are welcome.

Also note: I will be adding to this proposed theory and refining it to make it more formal. I personally was too eager to get it out on the web so I opted for an informal one just to get the thought out.

If you wish to email me for any reason, questions, etc. You can contact me via send author email feature via

Or Send Email To:

ManicMe [at] Agurkas -dot- com

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