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Day 11

Today marks the center of my fast

Today is a big landmark for me in this fast. When today is over, I will be officially past the halfway point! Today is hump-day. Iím really very syked about this. It has not been that hard to endure. Last year I fasted this time and couldnít make it to the end. I was doing a master cleanse and the salt water made my blood pressure shoot up and caused me to have heart palpitations. I was only planning the master cleanse for 2 weeks with a week of juice fasting preceding it. I didnít make it. I made 7 days of juice fasting and 10 days of master cleansing. I fell 4 days short. And I was sick the whole time. In the summer I tried to juice fast again for 3 weeks. That time I only made it a week. So last year I did a total of 24 days of fasting. Now that I look at it like that, I wasnít bad. I would have just liked to have done it all at once.

I have almost stopped exercising. The aerobics class I had been going to is over. Iím scared to walk alone, and the friend I usually walk with has a few issues now. I have some yoga tapes in the house; but you need to be able to go into some hand moves and my hand is still tender from a previous injury. Iím confident that Iíll get back on board.

I havenít lost any weight since last time I reported it. Iím not surprised. When I lose a large amount of weight like that quickly, my body needs time to remodel itself. For example, my double chin has receded and there is no cellulite on my legs at all! Ha! And Iím still a thick shorty (please excuse the ghetto dialect, Iím dizzy). Also my cycle is due at any minute. Fasting at least a week prior to my cycle will always make it a little late, though shorter and lighter. Itís really good to know oneís own body.

Next weekend, Iím planning to do a liver flush. I read that fasting can cause stones to form in the liver. I did a liver flush last year and got more stones than I ever expected. After all, Iím a vegetarian. I wasnít expecting any. I should be healthy and fit inside out. The research I conducted stated that one should do liver flushes quarterly until no stones pass. Whereas I can see that as a good seasonal ďcleaning outĒ; I find the whole process disconcerting. Also, you really canít leave the house with your bowel spitting out stones can you? Plus with the intestinal problems I had been having, Iím a little wary about putting anything laxitative to my colon. No physician is going to sign off on it either.

I might have mentioned this in another post, but it bears repeating. I have decided, even though I am going to eat like a Viking on Easter Sunday (You should see the gluttonous debauchery I have planned), Iím going to continue my regime of fasting until I lose all the weight I want, plus a little extra. The little extra is to account for the weight that Iíll gain once I resume eating solid food. Did Oprah teach us nothing? It may sound extreme, but Iím confident that once I get the weight off of me, I will be meticulous about making sure it never comes back. That is unless I get pregnant. Then Iíll have to do this all over again.

Easter is still 10 days away. Iím expecting to lose at least another 5-7 lbs. Iím looking forward to being svelte in my new white Easter suit. I always get a new Easter ensemble. Iím a big kid making no apologies.


Date: 3/26/2007 10:52:36 AM ( 73 min )

Day 9

I feel like the Energizer Bunny

I don't really have much to report. Just wanted to post. I haven't been on the scale since the last time I mentioned it. No reason really. Yesterday marked the 2nd week. That was really powerful for me. I find that if I look too far in advance, I'll feel like giving up. I'm still making plans for the all over binge that I'm planning for Easter. (Why shouldn't Easter be a celebration for me to look forward to?)

I have been feeling sniffly lately. I'm not sure if it is realted to the fast of if it's pollen doing this to me. All weekend I've found myself choking on mucus. I didn't notice anything like this prior to fasting.

I don't really have hunger, but I do get cravings. Ugly intense cravings. My tounge is thickly coated. Even my teeth are picking up some fuzz. My oral hygiene has really picked up because I'm brushing like crazy. I'm sleeping soundly; really soundly. I have started cheek biting again. That's a nasty habit that I have had since childhood. The more you bite, the more there will be later to bite when the body regenerates itself. This can't be good for me, it hurts, and it's disgusting. I have a rubberband on my wrist and I snap myself when I realize that I'm chewing.

I do have a whole lot of energy. It's hard to process all this extra. I mean I was so energetic on Saturday while dancing, that I pulled a muscle! And then almost pulled another while at church yesterday. I have to watch myself. I'm scared to go walking alone. Although I have crazy energy, the trail is really isolated. I don't want to go out there and pass out. Last time I went walking alone, I got really tired and had to sit down more than once. I never have to sit. I'm going to save it for when I have a companion to at least call someone. So for now, I'm exercising in the house, doing low impact.


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Day 6

A Praise Report!

Today is such a nice day. I have such mental clarity. Iím feeling really positive. Also, I got on the scale today and saw that I lost 5 additional lbs! that brings my grand total to 17lbs! I was shocked. I wasnít going to get on the scale at all until my cycle passes this month, but I must admit I was curious. I was amazed, and promptly did a happy dance. Naked. (just thought Iíd throw that in there for color)

Iím tripping about how nice I feel. I would say that it feels like Iíve taken a percocet. I mean I am really mellow. Stuff that usually bothers me is floating off my back. Iím even more efficient at work. I have to recommend this.

I have been taking special care to write down all the epiphanies that have been coming to me for when I go back to eating. I have almost decided to keep fasting until I get to my desired weight, eating intermittently. Like eating one meal every 3rd day. That way I wonít be starving myself or anything like that. I donít want to become anorexic. I donít think that would happen, though. I find eating a sensual experience and I love cooking. Or I could have sex and find another hobby. :-}

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Day 5

I feel like I drank the Kool-Aid

So far it going kind of good. Iím still doing all the activities that I usually do; walking 3-5 miles on the weekend, aerobics 2-3 times/week. All is well. Although, at my last aerobics class I scared my instructor. She said I looked exhausted. I feel a low grade exhaustion. Iím juicing appropriately. Meaning Iím getting in all the juice I should be taking in. Had a little scare with some beets the other day. But Iím good now. The hunger pangs are gone. If I never have another one I would be very happy. I am still cold. I was driving yesterday in 80 degree weather with the windows up and the heat blowing on full blast. This is no way to be enjoying a southern spring. Iíve not gotten on the scale yet. Iím still high on the last bit of weight loss. My cycle is approaching and if I have managed to gain a pound that might set me off the deep end.

I realize that while fasting, I cannot have any kind of relationship with food. I canít look at it I canít smell it, nothing! A stray thought will have me lusting for all manner of delicacies. Iím talking about foods I donít even eat. Itís sensory overload. I can feel the foods in my mouth; I can feel myself chewing it, my throat swallowing it, and my stomach filling up. Itís crazy. My imagination and senses are on overload (except my vision). When I smell food, I declare I can tell you the exact recipe. When I sleep at night it is incredibly deep. I consciously have to turn the TV off before my evening program goes off.

Mentally, my mind feels like I have medicine head. I feel like Iím walking through a fog. I have clarity of thought, itís just hazy. I hope you can understand that. It makes perfect sense to me.


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Juice Fasting

I plan to juice fast until Easter

Iím struggling to post. My hand was injured in a cocoa butter accident. Itís been two weeks and Iím still not 100%. Now I can use all of my fingers, but just not in the way Iím used to. Iím still pressing on. If anybodyís out there, please send me some good intentions.

Iím on my second leg of fasting. With less than 3 weeks to go before Easter, I have embarked on a juice fast. Today is day 3. I have done this fast in years past. It always gives me clarity of mind and/or a relief that Iíve not experienced elsewhere. I trust the decisions I can make and/or the way I feel when fasting like this. But because today is just day 3 (of 21), Iím still hungry. Which is the killingest thing. I mean true hunger that shakes you to your foundation. I know it will be gone by day 7. It might be later than that, today is a holiday, and during ritual, one is required to eat. I pray the deities remove the calories.

I love the food network, but I have forbid myself to watch it until the fast is over. I watched this program on Sunday about macaroni and cheese that had me about to run to the farmerís market. And I donít even like macaroni and cheese! Iím wondering how much strenuous exercise Iíll be able to handle while fasting. I went jogging yesterday, but that was still pretty early in the fast. I almost couldnít complete the whole course. Thatís got me concerned. I have aerobics tonight. Weíll see what happens. Once this hunger settles down, I will meditate and ask my body how it wants to proceed.

Juicing is something I plan to continue doing. I have been juicing for breakfast all through Lent. Now I juice my ďmealsĒ. It takes some time, but freshly juiced juice is amazing. Iím going to keep this practice. I can juice all my required servings for breakfast! That is the ticket!

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This is a Happy Post

Finally the scale moves!

I have tremendous news! I stabbed myself in the hand and lost 4 lbs! That brings my grand total to 12lbs! I have no clue if one is related to the other. I hope not. Because if it is, Iíll really have to resist stabbing myself again. You do realize that Iím playing. I would never intentionally injure myself.

I am so very excited. Finally, my efforts have paid off! I can probably attribute it to the fact that Iím slipping into what I call ďSummer EatingĒ. Iíll eat a small breakfast have a light snack, then soup and salad for lunch and very little if any dinner. It may sound crazy, but thatís how I eat in the summer. I canít stand a lot of hot food in the summer. My diet always gets more and more raw in the summer.

Iím still exercising 3x/week, even a little jogging. I have stopped buying cigarettes. Iím officially a moocher. When I say Iím done with smoking it never works, so this is a new approach. I will only smoke squares that I mooch or the occasional loosey, but never buy another pack.

My intestinal problem has been corrected. Iím still shocked that I was on Rx meds since November and nothing happened. Then I take supplements for a couple of weeks and they work. Iím still taking supplements though especially the probiotics. I want to counteract the effects of antibiotics that I have been taking for my hand.

I just feel good. My clothes feel better. My navel piercing can breathe. I look better naked and in lingerie. Today is a good day. Also, I believe the wheat restriction has alleviated the clogged and bloated feeling. Although I have no concrete proof of that.

Five more pounds and I buy myself a gift!


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Day 7

There is progress, just not what I was hoping for

All the way into Day 7. Can I say that I have been really good on this fast. I have found out some interesting things about my body. 1) Iím one of those people that need to eat multiple small meals throughout the day. No matter how much I eat at any given meal, Iíll need something to nosh on in a few hours. 2) I learned what actual hunger feels like. Not the severe Iím starving hunger, but the hunger that should lead to actual food consumption. 3) I am a big fan of the ďfullĒ feeling. I find it comforting. I really have to find something that is equally as comforting. 4) If Iím kind to my body it will reciprocate. 5) There is a difference between superficial and real sleep. Real sleep is a very good thing.

Iím still following my regimen and my intestinal problems have lessened. Iím actually getting mostly solid movements. If you would have asked me 15 years ago how if I would ever find myself this concerned about my bowel movements, I would have laughed in your face. I need to garner a more positive attitude about exercise. I mean itís good for me. I need to stop plotting harm toward my aerobics instructor.

The reduction of television, has freed up a whole lot of time. I can now see how I can get all the things done that I want. I canít believe that I have allowed for the box to be such a distraction for me. Although, the not sleeping with the TV on had the effect on me that I expected it would. I have been through an incredible amount of emotional issues these last few years. I would not have been able to sleep had it not been for the distraction of the TV. Sleep without that distraction has been very painful. But it doesnít happen every night. Just nights when I turn the TV off and Iím not really all that sleepy. I now try to exhaust myself before bedtime. But that too is a distraction. That canít be normal.

I plan to stop smoking by the weekend. Lent caught me with a Ĺ of carton of cigarettes. Iím going to keep it real, I canít stop smoking with cigarettes in the house, car anywhere where I wouldnít have to pay extra to have one. I have been battling a cold that just wonít give up the ghost. I realize smoking wonít help me get over it any faster.

I have not lost a blessed pound yet. That combined with all the weight I havenít been losing in the past 3 months, brings my grand total weight loss to 7 lbs!!! I have no clue what Iím doing wrong. I drink the water and eat ALL the fruits and vegetables. Iím no longer am eating bread (wheat allergy + Daniel Fast) or any wheat containing products, no dairy, am about 75% raw, and exercising 3-4 times per week for at least an hour. Iím at a loss. Maybe this intestinal thing is more involved than I suspected. Maybe Iím pregnant. If so, prepare for the 2nd coming!!!!

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Day 2 and 3 kind of

Food you are welcome in my life!!!

Oh the wonders of eating. Yesterday was a successful day 2 for my Daniel Fast. I enjoy eating. Total solid food fasting hurts me to the core, but them I suppose thatís why I do it. AnywayÖ.

I broke my fast with a morning smoothie composed of almond milk, 1 banana, about 5 strawberries and some ice for body. It was pretty good, though not really filling. I drank it on my way to work (7-7:45am). By 10 am I was hungry again so I ate a bag of rice chips (Wheat & gluten free). For lunch I had a salad made with cucumbers, onions, tomatoes over Quinoa. Kind of like taboule, kind of not. I also had some vegetable soup. That combination filled me until I got home (late) for dinner. Dinner consisted of baked potato with nut cheese and soy bacon bits, grilled Portobello mushroom caps (they taste like steak esp. with A-1) and collards mixed with cabbage. Very satisfying. I did eat some Pringles yesterday. I donít see that they violate the fast. They are potatoes so they are wheat and gluten free, and their baked not fried. I consider that win-win!

I am supplementing for my other issues:
Slippery elm 3x/day for bowels and 2x/day in a throat drink
2 Mega multivitamin for women 1x/day Ė cause I just feel like I should be taking it
1Tblsp Coconut oil for my dry skin and hair
1000 mg of Flax Seed oil Ė to get in those omegas
1 capsule of probiotics morning and night for my bowels

The only thing Iíve noticed thus far is my movements seem to bee getting a tad more solid and the color is good. That Slippery Elm is really nasty, Iím glad to see that itís working.

My other Lenten sacrifice is television. Not all the time, but most of it. This hurts me really badly, because TV is very important to me. And itís not really television, per se. Itís doing several things at once. When I multitask, I donít do anything well, nor am I fully aware for the moment at hand. But I can see that Iím going to have a lot more time than I thought. I have time to cook and clean house. I was always struggling with finding time to do those things. Wow.

AnywhoÖ Todayís breakfast was a green smoothie, and a loose banana. Iím shocked how tasty it was. Had I been home, I would have made another one. For lunch I have made a spinach salad with strawberries and onions and some lentil soup. I also have a mango and some soy yogurt. I have some flax chips in the dehydrator for later to eat with salsa and the nut cheese. I hadnít intended to go high raw, but what the hell.

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Daniel Fast - Day 1

Day 1 of the Daniel Fast

Okay. Yesterday was a nightmare for my intestines. I ate everything I thought about eating. I even ate a Big Mac. I haven't had one of those in 7 years! Can I tell you, it wasn't even that good. I can't believe I was lusting in my heart for it. I'm glad I got it out of my system. But I am bloated.

Today, I'm fasting. I was fine until after lunch. I guess it was all that food I had yesterday. Now my stomach is cramping in pain and my head hurts. That could be PMS too. I want the ugly detox on day one. I've decided that I'm going to use this fast to transition into raw food again. I tend to get more raw as the weather warms up and vice versa. DST is coming early this year, I expect to have it together by then.

My fast is from food only. Some die hard Christians will tell me that real fasting is an abstinence of everything. I'll say this: I'll do me, you do you. I have been drinking a tea with slippery elm in it, hoping to relieve my diarrhea. It's disgusting, but I have been trouping on.

I expect some real relief by tomorrow. Not neccessarily from the diarhea, but from the ugly stomach pains. I have planned out my menus until the end of the week. I'm hoping that knowing what Im going to eat will do the trick.

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The D-Chronicles

I'm loose, and I don't mean that in a good way

Itís been awhile since Iíve posted. I have been ill. I have an intestinal disturbance that hasnít quite been diagnosed yet. Oh I have been to several different doctors and specialists. No one has been able to tell me what the problem is. All the tests that have been run on me have come back negative. But I donít know, I think that persistent diarrhea, that has been here since October, is not healthy. Initially they thought is some type of parasite, but they canít find anything. All the other tests they have run (breath test, colonoscopy) have found nothing wrong. Now Iím not making this up. If I hadnít had to give a stool sample, Iím certain the doctors would not have believed me. I am miserable. I have cramps and use the restroom all the time, which causes me to drink a lot of water all the time, which causes me to go back in the restroom again with cramps. The only way I can get the situation to stop is to not eat. That doesnít help either because I get really hungry. You would think that I would have lost a lot of weight by now but I havenít. Iím thinking that this problem Iím having may be contributing to my inability to lose weight. They did prescribe and oral suspension that helps a little. But it only works when Iím taking it. When I stopped because I was out, the diarrhea came rushing back.

Iíve been a vegetarian for 7 years now. My family thinks that the vegetarianism is what is causing my problems. They also think because Iím a vegetarian, Iím suicidal, but lazy about it. Whatever. It has solved more problems than itís caused. AnywayÖ Tomorrow begins Lent. My church is doing a Daniel fast. No meat, no dairy, no wheat, no sweets, no soda, no caffeine, no nothing seems like. I think Iím going to go on the fast with the church. Maybe my system needs to be rebooted. So since today is Fat Tuesday, Iím going to pig out like a Viking (hence the Fat). Iím going to eat all the stray food in the house. And anything else I feel like I canít live without for the next 6 weeks. For tomorrowÖ I fast.

If anybody out there has a similar experience, or knows something that would cause persistent diarrhea for 5 months and counting, please let me know.


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How do you spell punk? 6-0-1-5-7

I'm looking for a miracle to save my knees!

OK. Iím not a proponent of posting everyday. I know I posted yesterday, but I have just got to say thisÖ. I am an out-of-shape punk! Yes, I am.

I went to an aerobics class at my church last night. They needed 10 new people to sign up so that it would be a free thing for the church. Anyone can attend. Some public service thing. There are a lot of elderly people in the church who, I know, attend the classes. I just wanted to be supportive. I didnít want the church to lose this activity. My church is not near my house, but it is near to my job, so I said why not? OK, I get to class, change my clothes, get my water and find a nice place on the floor. The class begins, and can I just say thatís when the punking out started. OMG. The workout started out easy but then it progressed to a point where I was having trouble keeping up and breathing. My knees (both knees) have not hurt like that, ever.

The old people were having a good time socializing, though. When the exercising got past their comfort level, they stopped, rested and chatted. You could tell that this was a social event for them in their new track suits. Some of the ladies had on those velour J-Lo suits with shoes on and Latoya Jackson headbands! I was shaking my head. Iím glad they have this outlet. I worry that when people retire they donít just sit around waiting to die. If there is something I can do to help and engage them, I will. Besides, old people are interesting and they know a lot.

Now I am no stranger to working out. I walk 10 miles/week and do yoga twice/week. I thought I was in pretty good shape. Apparently I am fooling myself. Maybe this is why my weight is so slow about coming off. I plan to stick with the class. Iím not about to let this thing beat me. But can I just say, this has been a rude awakening. There is no class for today, but I am back at it tomorrow.

Where were the endorphins last night?

Yíall pray for me.


Date: 3/28/2007

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Another 2lbs

Let me know when the fireworks should kick in

Well I have finally lost another 2 lbs. Iím very pleased that after 2 months of writing everything down, drinking excessive amounts of water, eating 5 servings of fruit and veggies and exercise has paid off.

Yes, Iím being sarcastic. 7lbs? That was supposed to come off the first week! Iím not one of these chicks who only has 25lbs to lose. Iím looking for 75lbs to go! If it takes 2 months to lose every 7 lbs, I wonít reach my goal until for a year and a half. Damn.

Donít get me wrong, Iím happy about the removal. I know the slower you lose weight, the more likely it is too stay off. Whatever. I just want lose this weight a little quicker. And it seems the more dedicated I get, the slower the weight comes off. Is this the watched pot phenomenon?

A funny asideÖ. I went to the doctor yesterday, and took a sneak peek inside my chart, and they described me as an ďOverweight, pleasant ladyĒ. What if I was in a mood what would they have described me as then? Demented obese cow?


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I'm back with a Vengence

Does shivering count as exercise?

Let me start off by singing a little songÖ.
And I am telling youÖ Itís not going. This is the worst weight Iíve ever known
Thereís no way it will ever goÖ No, no, no way itís living without me. I just
want to be free. Itís staying, staying! And it, and it, and it, itís gonna punish me!

Thank you for allowing a silly moment. On to the seriousnessÖ

Iím back from the funeral, and can I say it is cold in NJ. Damn. There was all this food at the house. Chicken, ham, chicken, ribs, chicken, beef roasts, chicken, a stuffed turkey, chicken and a plethora of cakes. For the most part Iím a vegetarian. (I do eat the occasional fish) What was left for me to eat? Cakes! And the sick part is; I donít like cake. I was just hungry! I had no car, and no one had any sympathy to take me to the store where I could purchase the food I eat. I would have walked, but it was just too damn cold. I took snacks up there with me. It didnít last long. I guess the old song is true. God bless the child thatís got his own.

Anyway, I didnít gain any weight over the last week. But I didnít lose any either. Yeah I ate badly, but I didnít eat large quantities. I just couldnít put my hands on anything. It was so cold that I didnít get any exercise, yet cold enough to make me sick. I guess the combination has kept my weight stable. Oh yeah, my cycle started this morning. Lucky me. Two cycles in one month.

Iím back on my diet with new dedication. It should be easy right now I have no appetite and canít taste anything. I have been forcing myself to eat, but I havenít exercised in almost two weeks. There is an aerobics class at the church starting tomorrow, I wonder if I should force myself to go? I canít even speak; Iím so badly beaten with laryngitis.

My body looks different. Not better, different. My lower stomach looks like itís getting flatter, but my thighs, which were nice last week, are all jiggly with cellulite. Stretch marks are making my stomach look like I was burned. I probably wouldnít be complaining if that damn scale would just move down some.


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Things are starting to come into view

I welcome the emergence of my behind!

Okay I can see real progress in my body these days. For example, my upper thighs and my behind are separate entities. Iím very excited. I consistently complain that I have no behind. That it is just one big mass. Now Iím seeing some definition. Another thing is my lower stomach (yes, I have 2) seems flatter. Not gone, but flatter. I need to figure out how to get rid of the upper stomach and the back fat. They sicken me.

There is a fly in the ointment. I have had death in my family that requires me to travel out-of-state. Itís not that I canít take all my diet stuff with me. Itís the funeral food. There will be cakes, pies, fried fish, homemade mac&cheese and all that other good funeral food. Itís rude not to partake. Itís a totally different environment/culture that here. Meaning, foods that I love but I canít get here (Spanish not Mexican food, real pizza, sub sandwiches, diner food, canolis, fish and spaghetti, etc.) I will be able to get there. My sorrors have already claimed an evening where they are going to take out. (Eating and drinking) Damn. Just when I was seeing some progress. According to ďWendyĒ (Weight Watcherís nemeses) you can overeat every now and then and that will cause a rapid loss of weight. I donít really disagree with her because Iíve experienced that before. But I donít want to take the chance that it was just a one shot thing. Also, there is snow on the ground at home. I know I wonít be trying to walk around, so I will be missing out on exercising, unless shivering counts.

Iíve not gotten on the scale yet for this week. I save that joy/torture/whatever for Wednesdays. Iíll be leaving on Wednesday so I will have to post what happens when I get back. I may not have access to computer while Iím gone.

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Something Extra

An unexpected perk

Okay this is an aside.

When I exercise, (at least 3x/week) I generally do so for an hour or more. (I want to earn the extra food points.) I have noticed that after exercise, I feel more Ö feminine.

Whatís up with that?

Itís like I move differently, more graceful, more sensual. I feel sensations on my skin more acutely. Food tastes better. I can smell things more intensely. I even smell better. It will last until I go to bed. The next morning Iím back to normal.

I have no idea where this is coming from. Is it coming from the diet? Is the exercise causing this? Is it just being outside thatís doing this? Is it my Wicca studies? Is it meditation? Whatever it is itís related to the exercise because I can do all these other activities independent of the exercise and do not come up with the same result.

Any thoughts?

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January 16, 2007 - Small Victory

I've lost 5lbs in 21 days. Big whoop.

I have been on this diet a total of 21 days now. I have been writing down the foods that I eat. Planning everything out to a tee. Monitoring my water and fruit/veggie intake and exercising at least 3 times per week, alternating between cardio and weights. Of the 75 lbs I want to lose, I have lost a big fat 5 lbs.

What the hell?

I have never been this good on a diet that allows me this much flexibility before. Crazy. On every diet I've ever been on, the first month is when most of the weight comes off. If 5 lbs is my big weight loss moment, this is going to be a long ugly haul.

But other than the scale, I can see progress. Iím stronger. I donít feel winded when running up and down stairs. I can do a quick sprint to the bus or to catch a falling child if I need to without being winded. Iíve been sleeping better, harder and deeper. My skin is amazingly clear. I must say this is the clearest Iíve ever seen it in my 30ís. My belly chain is not tight anymore. My navel ring is no longer suffocating. Finally my clothes are looser. I guess the old adage is true, muscle does weigh more than fat. I still want to see the scale move. I know in my mind that all this other stuff should give me some comfort. It does, but only a little.

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Welcome to my Blog

Originally written January 8, 2007

This is the biggest, weight-wise, I have been in 5 years. I donít get it. The scale says one thing my clothes say another. Back when I weighed this amount last, I was a size 22. Iím still a 16! Again, I donít get it. I have been on a diet for nearly 2 weeks now. I already wanted to be on a diet when the New Year started so that it canít be one of my resolutions.

I have been following the Weight Watchers point system (bootleg). What I mean by that is I was on WW for 2 years and lost about 40lbs. In 3 years Iíve managed to gain it all back. I still have all the materials to do it on my own. Hence, bootleg. I donít need to go to meetings and get weighed. I actually found that humiliating. I didnít make any friends there. It was very cliquish. So I canít see why I have to pay $15/week for conversation.

I really liked WW, because no food was taboo. You could eat whatever you wanted. You just had to plan for it. Cake? Exercise 1 hour and 15 minutes. Chocolate? Whatever. Even alcohol! I think the inventors of other diets were trying to push off their opinions about certain foods on the dieters. WW doesnít do that. If you like pickel moose-ass dressing, just add up the points.

I have been doing this diet for 2 weeks and I have not seen the scale move. AT ALL! I have been exercising at lot, maybe thatís why the scale is not moving. My clothes arenít necessarily feeling looser either. I think my body has gotten squishy. The one thing I can point to is my navel ring is really starting to hurt. I was at least 20lbs lighter when I got it. I think the belly fat is suffocating the poor thing. I have noticed that the ring is no longer vertical, but off to the right. Problem.

I have been following the whole point system religiously. I havenít really needed to use the flexpoints. 30 points per day is a lot of points to eat. I have been exercising daily for at least 30 minutes. Although Iím shooting for an hour per day. That will allow me to eat an additional 5 points per day exercised.

I have been going over the journals and I have noticed that Iím not really getting all the fruits and veggies I should. Last time I labored drinking water. This time itís the fruits and veggies. I want to eat 5 servings per day. Thatís at every meal and 2 snacks. Thatís not easy to do. Especially when you work full time. Iím going to have to really force that in.

Also, I think another reason why the scale hasnít budged is Iím coming off my cycle. All women know you blow up before your cycle. I have noticed that sometimes that weight doesnít go away after. I should see something by the end of the week (According to Janet Jackson - Ha!). Iím also going to try other means.

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