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Lazzi, Starseeds, Update, A Game

**~I've got a couple of things for you today.. I have an update, a 'game', and a little article on Starseeds~**

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~So~ last night I was supposed to leave,
and before I did, my roommate asked,
".. Do you want to watch 'The Butterfly Effect'..? I think you should watch it. I've always thought of that movie in connection with you somehow."

Yes, he's mentioned that connection for over 8 months, so I said Sure, that's fine. We have the movie for 3 days, it could be the last thing I do here..

We settled down to watch it .. and I had no idea what was in store for me.

How to explain it fully, I'm not sure. The whole incident was like a whirlwind. Watching the movie on the screen triggered something... memories I had totally forgotten about, fears that suddenly jumped out and consumed me. I couldn't stop crying. I kept seeing white flashes, and more and more images pouring into my mind. I was experiencing two movies at once. With each new scene on 'The Butterfly Effect', dozens of memories that I could 'see' and could not 'see' would accompany it. I -quite literally- felt as if I was drowning ... shallow breathing, dizziness, a sense of sinking, the consuming fear, paralysis, I felt like I couldn't escape. I emphasize that. I felt like it was THE MOST AWFUL FEELING IN THE WORLD and that I was STUCK there, and NO ONE could pull me out of it. Meanwhile I heard 'voices' and continued to replay and feel hidden emotions and memories.

I turned to my roommate in tears [what I was in for many parts of the movie] and remarked hoarsely 'I DON'T LIKE this movie! I'm remembering things from my father that I've forgotten about.'

"I know..."

By the end of the movie, I was visibly shaken and extremely nauseous.

It was a trip.

When I tried to tell a friend about it today, I realized I was already forgetting about what had happened. I felt compelled to write it, in case I do...

Why am I forgetting things? A friend of mine calls it 'selective amnesia'. If I can't remember much of my past, is that what I have, or is that normal? If I'm forgetting things that happened yesterday, is that normal...?

Here's a game for you.
**** Bit of entertainment here ... works for some, my answers are on the bottom ****
~Do NOT read ahead, *just do it*.~
(I'm sure everyone has played this game before. :) )

1st. Get PEN and PAPER
2nd. When choosing names, Make sure they are real people that you actually know.
3rd. GO WITH YOUR FIRST INSTINCTS !!!!! Very important for good results.
4th. Scroll Down.
1. On a blank sheet of paper, WRITE NUMBERS 1 through 11 in a COLUMN on the LEFT.

2. Next to the NUMBERS 1 & 2, Write down any two numbers you want. Do you have a favorite number?

3. Next to the NUMBERS 3 & 7, write down the names of two members of the opposite gender.


4. Write anyone's name (like FRIENDS or FAMILY...) next to 4, 5, & 6.

5. WRITE down FOUR SONG TITLES in 8, 9, 10, & 11.


1.) The number of people that like you is found in space 2 [Whatever. The Universe is Love. Multiply the number you have in space 2 by infinity. ~Papillon]

2.) The person in space 3 is the one you love.

3.) The person you like but your relationship cannot work is in space 7.

4.) You care most about the person you put in space 4.

5.) The person you name in number 5 is the one who knows you very well.

6.) The person you named in 6 is your lucky star.

7.) The song in 8 is the song that matches with the person in number 3

8.) The title in 9 is the song for person number 7

9.) The 10th space is the song that tells you the most about your mind.

10.) And 11 is the song telling you how you feel about life.

11.) Number 1 is your lucky number.

Here are my answers :D
1) 3 ~ Isn't 3 a spiritual number?
2) 7 ~ Multiplied by Infinity.
3) Aye Aye ~ Aww, you know it Aye.
4) Victoria ~ This girl is a year younger than me and is SO BRILLIANT XD!!!
5) Jai ~ Surprisingly, she does, and she's only in the 6th grade.
6) Niz ~ That's right, buddy.
7) Austin ~ !? I hardly even know this guy...
8) The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - The Postal Service After last night's events, ... wow, this song DOES fit.
9) Letters to God - Boxcar Racer ~ Hah! I feel this one is true, too.
10) Cat Like Thief - Boxcar Racer "Call me back when word is that she's gone.. Cat like thief, she stole air from my lungs..."
11) The World - .hack//SIGN OMG IT IS!!!

You can post your answers and share them too, if you'd like!


Here's that article on Starseeds that I promised you. <3
[Starseeds (original post from psychicchick)]

Not everyone on earth is from earth. There are those who are here from other planets and civilizations in this and other universes. And though they walk around in human bodies, in truth many have forms that are not human.

Many starseeds feel that this is true, but they dont have information available to them to confirm it. Many are drawn to animals and other life forms on earth that, in fact, closely resemble their true form. For instance, some are very drawn to dolphins and there is a race of Beings called the Nommos who live on a planet in the Sirius star system.

There are other factors indicating a starseed identity. Here is a list of a few of them.

1. They have an intense sense of loneliness.

2. They feel like they dont belong in their earth family.

3. They have a fascination with the stars and feel as though their home is out there, but they cant remember where.

4. They begin to question the ways of earth at an early age. Many are the black sheep of their family.

5. They are drawn to metaphysics seeking answers to why they feel so alone and why they dont seem to fit in on earth.

6. Many have an adversarial relationship with the parent of the opposite sex.

7. The majority of starseeds have the facial shape of their mother but the remainder of their physical body is like that of their fathers, or the other way around depending on which parent is the real parent, the starseed parent from off planet. This is done for a reason.

8. The majority of starseeds carry the Crystal Gene for DNA Recoding/Ascension. The crystal gene enables them to easily channel and access beings on other dimensions as well as recode their DNA.

9. Lower than normal body temperature and inability to handle heat.

Starseeds have at least one parent who is not on earth. In other words they have one parent who is their real parent and one who is a surrogate parent. The surrogate is usually their earth father but not always. Sometimes it is their mother.. And just in case you are concerned, there is always a contract made between the earth parent and the real parent, before the starseed child is born, for the earth parent to stand in for the real parent and to love and rear the starseed child. Many times the earth parent is a starseed themselves.

The starseed child looks more like the earth father to ensure that they are accepted by that parent at birth. In the majority of cases the real father of the starseed is not of human origin.

Starseeds are here on earth as representatives of their civilizations. Their purpose is to create templates that can be used by the members of their home world to overcome some societal problem that hinders their spiritual evolution as a soul group.

I am told that 144,000 civilizations have sent some of their people to earth as starseeds. These civilizations closely watch their beloved children while here on earth. The real parent, the starseed parent, is usually a guide for his child while that child is on earth. It is my understanding that this is why so many starseeds have experienced visitations from an early age. Their family on their home world uses many ways to communicate and maintain the connection and love bond with their family member on earth. This is also why so many civilizations have ships orbiting earth right now. They have family here and therefore have a vested interest in seeing that earth ascends.


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