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My entrepreneurial journey

How to become a Master of Time with 5 Effective Habits.

Date:   3/22/2021 1:17:10 AM   ( 47 d ) ... viewed 81 times

By:As life continues on during the Covid-19 outbreak, so does our work as leaders. Leaders are the real MVPs during this time, as their work is neverending. Individuals, communities, and teams are looking to their leaders for advice, empathy, distractions, and guidance during these uncertain times. Their job and spirit are essential.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to bring your A-game to the table and be the best possible leader for your team. This will keep them sane, focused, and productive. …

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·May 24, 2017
There is No Space Without Boundaries & How to Create it!

We all need clarity and healthy boundaries to structure our lives and focus on what is most important. Boundaries keep us from straying from our priorities so we can yes without resentment and no without regret.

We live in a very busy world. I, like many people I know, always want to maximize my time and my experiences. I want to live a full life, so I don’t have any time to waste.

Unfortunately, I catch myself complicating this process frequently.

I often try to add way too many things into my day in an attempt to enhance my experience…

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·May 2, 2017
Why I Suck at Setting SMART Goals

I suck at setting SMART goals.

Shocking! I know.

And considering that I help people set goals and create meaningful lives, this might be concerning.

WHAT? Why would you even listen to me then?

I suck at setting SMART goals because I find them ineffective. I think they are SMALL goals.

I don’t think anything inspired and audacious has ever been created by being “realistic” about it. “Realistic” and “measurable” goals rarely spark imagination and the necessary human drive to accomplish greatness.

You can create small, tangible, and mediocre dreams at best. And there is nothing wrong with that either…

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·Apr 27, 2017
Simply Live. How to live lightly in this complex world

I once heard somebody say, “Live simply so you can simply live,” which I whole heartedly believe in. It’s so hard in this complex day and age to keep it simple. It’s why I try to make it an every day intention. Otherwise I’d get swept up in FOMO and other people’s agendas. …

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·Apr 6, 2017
How I Found My Balance somewhere in Between — How to Drive Change

When I was younger, I prioritized adventure. I wanted to travel the world, so I did. Then I discovered entrepreneurship and developed a passion for defining your own destiny, so I prioritized the entrepreneurial journey and my career. I started seeing early signs of burnout. I discovered yoga and meditation, which led me to restructure priorities and make more room for my well-being. The result was astounding. I lowed down to be more productive, — my life changed dramatically.

My entrepreneurial journey had caused me a great deal of stress, so when I also began to prioritize my health, my…

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·Oct 27, 2016
5 Signs you are out of Balance + How to get back on Track

Sometimes life starts spinning out of control and you start to feel like you’ve lost your balance. If you recognize any of these signs creeping into your life, take immediate action to regain control over your overall health and well-being, restoring balance and peace.

1. You have chronic exhaustion.

You are burned out! You wake up tired every day, with so much on your plate you don’t know where to start. You are starting to show signs of chronic fatigue and have lost your enthusiasm for life.

Solution: Reclaim your life by learning how to say yes without resentment and…

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Aug 10, 2016
Make Procrastination your Super Power

Procrastination is bad, right?

…or is it actually good? I think of procrastination as practicing the art of managing delay.

It gets a bad rep, but I am convinced people mistake procrastination for self-sabotage — taking actions that intentionally hinder our progress — when procrastination is simply inaction.

In fact, putting off decisions or actions in your daily life can produce positive results if you use it as a tool to manage delay and make better choices as a result. Procrastinating can actually reduce your stress and lead to better time management.

We often mistakenly think that every problem requires…

Aug 10, 2016
What to do when life hands us lemons…(and it’s not making lemonade)

No matter what we do, life will be challenging at times. It will hand us lemons. And making lemonade might not always be the best choice.

Ugh — it sucks when we take a sudden trip to unrelenting hell.

All we can do is get through it and grow stronger.

Sometimes it’s not even worth stopping and figuring out WHY it is happening. It just is, and we have to show up and deal with it.

Rather than losing yourself down the “Why is this happening and how can I prevent this?” …

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Published in Thrive Global

·Jun 2, 2016
The Art of being present & 10 ways to keep you there

”Being present” is a state of awareness in which we can practice unbiased and honest reflection.

I aim to live wholeheartedly — and this requires me to have the ability to not get lost in my thoughts. Learning the art of being present it gives you the ability to learn how to pause before taking action so you can return to your center, remember your values, and meet every challenge with an appropriate response.

Forget About it. Learn to meditate and subsequently redirect your thinking. Redirecting your attention to sounds around you or the sound of your own breath will…

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May 19, 2016
Stress got the best of me. Here is how I fixed it.

When I left the tech start-up world in 2010, I was already pretty burned out, yet had no real idea why that was the case.

I wanted to start a business that aligned with my purpose while being healthy, happy, and highly productive ALL at the same time.

Little did I know that being a solo entrepreneur was just another way to run me into the ground. I am a go-getter with high aspirations. And this ambition of mine keeps getting the best of me.

Stress is a massive roadblock on the entrepreneurial journey. When we allow stress to dominate…

Silvia Christmann

As a German national, it is often automatically assumed that I am an expert in time management. Could be true! It might be in my genes or it might be a learned behavior. I am indeed very good at managing my time. I am, however, not very punctual, which is very ‘Un’-German of me.

We all have our weaknesses — get clear on what they are. Accept it and then find ways to get around them.

Don’t just ignore it. Poor time management is a huge opportunity cost.

“Acting busy” or “being overwhelmed” or “overextended” all stem from an inherent inability to manage time and priorities. They are driven by procrastination and a need to avoid tackling the “hard stuff”.

All too often, I see people ‘act busy’ or fall into it’s ok to use the “I’m so sorry I did not do ….x,y,z,…. because I’ve been busy” excuse. To me, this translates into: “Oh I’m sorry, I am disorganized, can’t set priorities, am lazy, and lack integrity.”

I have been guilty of using this excuse myself but let’s just be clear on what this really means. It is, in a way, a socially acceptable excuse, but is signaling that I am not on top of my game.

It’s unproductive. It shows that my goals are not synced with my values and I am busy trying to aimlessly grab at opportunities and getting lost in instant gratification over long-term goals.

Time is the most valuable commodity all of us have. Use it wisely!

12 tips to think about:

Make sure you say no without resentment and yes without regret. You don’t have to do it all — commit only to what you can actually do.

Be in touch with who you are and what you really want to accomplish. Communicate from that place.

Make to-do lists. Schedule your life. If it’s not on a list, it does not exist. If it’s not scheduled it is not real. Good intentions without actions mean nothing!

Follow synergy. Allow intuitive energy to set the tone in timing. Check-in with yourself. Make sure you feel good about your decisions and what you agree to.

Mean what you say. People will respond to you differently and stop milking your time with nonsense. Don’t fall into the making vague promises trap to avoid setting clear boundaries.

Drop-dead weight in your life. You don’t have to drag them around. If it’s not elevating, then don’t make time for it.

Learn to ignore stuff. Selective ignorance is bliss. Seriously! Ignore everything that is irrelevant, distracting, or negative. Time management is based on the discernment of information flow.

Communicate effectively. Every time there is a misunderstanding and something did not get done right, try again and communicate better.
Meditate to get back to your center before addressing any issues.
Limit your time to be accessible for time wasters.
Lead by example with extreme kindness, thoughtfulness, and positive energy.
Get excited about establishing new and healthy habits: explain why and others will respect and even follow.


Set timelines, deadlines, and agendas. Avoid meetings that have no clear purpose or objective and schedule everything. I like calendly and the new google calendar self-scheduling tool

Your workspace is your temple: do not allow casual visitors. Do not let people interrupt your workflow.
Stay focused on three tasks per day that move you forward and finish it. Get it out of the way. Try this productivity tool.

Organize your inbox. Checking email excessively is the biggest time waster. Unsubscribe from anything that you don’t need. I use Unrollme and Sanebox.

Web browsing can make you lose days. Try Rescue Time and Do nothing.

I will leave you with this:

Feeling like we are in control of our time and being able to spend it on the things we love is vital to all of us. How do you spend yours?

Are you spending it effectively across all aspects of your life?

Do you feel enriched, productive, and fulfilled by the way to spend it?

If not, start to now and change it.

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