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by chef jem

From The Beginning!

Continuing with the Original: "Welcome to this Blog - on the goodness of raw milk, and on the divine and Sovereign Rights of Your Life, Liberty and Pursuits of Your Happiness. Happiness includes property and property includes your food!"

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"Update" - May 9, 2020 - An archived list (originally from Mark McAfee January 8, 2008) of raw milk subjects and the associated studies that can prove or support them.

CA Ag Code

AZ raw milk laws

FDA rules on making natural claims

Excito-toxins MSG

Dr. Jan Krancher PhD Nutrition and dairy science/ pro-biotic expert

Dale Jacobson Chiropractor Nutritionist, Nevada City, Calif.

Lindy Woodard MD Pediatric Alternatives

Dr. Robinson MD Mission, to help CHRONICALLY ILL CHILDREN. 760-806-7877

Gut Flora? Great! Why 750 trillion bacteria in your gut are essential to
your health and your life

Asthma and Antibiotics linked to babies

Antibiotic resistance genes shared between bacteria

Antibiotic resistance crisis looming

New generation of super-antibiotics are very dangerous

Organic Center Research on Ecoli 0157H7 and grain verses grass fed cows.

OPDC Special with CBS Katie Courick - Probiotics

Probiotics reduce food poisoning in Humans

Nestle to sell Pro-biotics to heal respiratory illness in children

Pro-biotics to prevent immune disease

Dr. Cabana TIPS UCSF research on Asthma and Probiotics using raw milk
type beneficial bacteria including Lactobaccilus and Bifidus bacteria as

Osteoporosis and the enzyme Phophatase Dr. Royal Lee and Dr. Douglass
and others

FDA chief resigns after his investments in drug companies stock he was
regulating was revealed.

OPDC dairy article

Can this cow make you sick? LA TIMES,0,165925.story?coll=la-home-magazine

Mike Schmidt Raw Milk War in Ontario Canada

FDA approved drugs kill more people annually than all illegal drugs in
the USA combined and are the 4th leading cause of death in the USA.

FDA NSAID’s like Aleve, VIOXX, Celebrex drugs can kill you

Raw milk Immune therapy Patent,376,198


January 9, 2008 - Greetings All Raw Milk Lovers!

And Welcome All Who Are Sincerely Interested!

I salute your enlightened awareness of one of nature's more perfect foods and your enjoyment of a long standing form of nourishment used by traditional societies since recorded history!
Long Live Raw Milk!

Food and "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" -

The Sovereign Right of Americans (and other peoples) to freely choose their food is included among the 'Self-Evident Truths" that are referred to in "The Declaration of Independence" (Adopted in Congress July 4, 1776). Government is created by we the people to "secure these rights" and not to diminish or limit them in any way. Just think about this: what lawful authority does any government have over what you decide to put in your mouth? ......... There is no such "law"!

If the sole legitimate purpose of (American) government is to protect the Rights of the Sovereign states and the Americans who live among these states then what Rights of others could you possible be infringing upon when you are exercising your Rights toward obtaining the food of your choice? There is nothing in the way of the public's "rights" for government to protect other than your own right to keep your food.

There is no advocating of violating the rights of any other human being in this declaration of: "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" (with "happiness" sometimes referred to as Property). The food that you obtain is positively Your Property! Your Life is sustained by food (and the high quality nourishing forces it brings to you)! You need to exercise your liberty to obtain your food. This is all connected, interdependent and positively Self-evident!

People who do not want a certain food are free not to choose it. There is no need for government to legislate against allowing a real food to be distributed, in the name of protecting people, simply due to the fact that real food does not violate the rights of anyone!

Imagine a comedy skit where "food police" arrest bottles of raw milk and when asked where the "injured party" is they look around at each other with the most lame expressions on their face and you can almost here their brains vibrating at the frequency of "duhhh"! ; ~ )

In the case of commercial raw milk everyone has their freedom of choice regarding whether or not they buy raw milk. No one's rights are ever violated! People can choose for themselves and don't need government to choose whether a food is good for them. The truth is government is not even capable of determining whether or not a real food is "good" for anyone.

With regards to raw milk we are talking about a food that has been consistently nourishing mankind for longer than there were governmental legislators! Food and people predate government! Imagine that concept! What if government legislators were doing their legitimate job of protecting the Rights of the people to have access to real foods regardless of how much big dairy wants to monopolize the markets with their non-food items?

This Blog-writer's intention is to mention a few points regarding the legitimate place of government in relation to the people and the people's food. Apparently there are only seven State governments that have written legislation declaring that the commercial sale of raw milk is prohibited.[1] That alone is worth shedding all the light that is necessary to completely expose the apparent fraud, usurpation, threat and coercion involved in leading people to think that buying and selling raw milk is somehow "against the law." Whenever fraud is involved with a so-called "law" or an action perpetrated under "color of law" that "law" is null and void from it's inception and as such doesn't obligate compliance. Raw milk that is intended for human consumption is not and never has been against "the law of nature and nature's God." Government has no legitimate business even contemplating how they can make this food "illegal."

This writer hopes that you are being impressed with the idea of your "sovereignty"! This is the foundation that he wants to lay here. The shadow side of this is - if you don't know that you are a sovereign being who has every conceivable Right over your life, liberty, pursuit of happiness (/pursuit of property including food) then when the "food police" appear you will not have a firm foundation to stand on! You have to have solid standing when it comes to preserving, protecting and defending your Rights! There are plenty of indications in most of the States that tell us we need to get clear on who we are and were we stand. I'm picturing us so enlightened that when the thought of food demonizing/criminalizing appears it will be most laughable!

Cheers to the Truth of You ...
and to the certainty of all your Rights to Life, Liberty and the every Pursuit of your Happiness!

Chef Jemichel -
Executive Producer of the DVD:
"Raw Milk: The Whole Truth" -
See four video clips at:

In the row of 4 icons the 4th is part 1, the 2nd is prt. 2, the 1st is prt. 3 and the 3rd is prt. 1 of chapter 2.

Contact Chef Jemichel for additional information.



This page was created to recover the very first post that had faulty code. That original post had 4,293 views up to May 9, 2020.

raw milk, food sovereignty, raw milk advocacy, raw milk education

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