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a triple lock system

*** How do I feel about the triple-lock system?
It's good stuff to know - or else we invite even more catastrophic failure. ***

Date:   3/7/2016 10:38:12 AM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 1100 times

*** There is a heavy chain hanging over the heads of all who have not accepted Islam and it is much like the THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES:


DIONYSIUS, tyrant of Syracuse, was not happy, in spite of all his wealth and power. He was especially haunted by the constant fear that some one would murder him, for he had been so cruel that he had made many bitter enemies.

We are told that he was so afraid, that he never went out unless surrounded by guards, sword in hand, and never walked into any room until his servants had examined every nook and corner, and made sure that no murderer was hiding there.

The tyrant even carried his caution so far, that no one was allowed to come into his presence until thoroughly searched, so as to make sure that the visitor had no weapon hidden about his person. When his barber once jokingly said that the tyrant's life was daily at his mercy, Dionysius would no longer allow the man to shave him.

Instead of the barber, Dionysius made his wife and daughter do this service for him, until, growing afraid of them also, he either did it himself or let his beard grow.

Suspicious people are never happy; and, as Dionysius thought that everybody had as evil thoughts as himself, [209] he was always expecting others to rob or murder or injure him in some way.

His sleep, even, was haunted by fear; and, lest some one should take him unawares, he slept in a bed surrounded by a deep trench. There was a drawbridge leading to the bed, which he always drew up himself on his own side, so that no one could get at him to murder him in his sleep.

Among the courtiers who daily visited Dionysius there was one called Damocles. He was a great flatterer, and was never weary of telling the tyrant how lucky and powerful and rich he was, and how enviable was his lot.

Dionysius finally grew tired of hearing his flattery; and when he once added, "If I were only obeyed as well as you, I should be the happiest of men," the tyrant offered to take him at his word.

By his order, Damocles was dressed in the richest garments, laid on the softest couch before the richest meal, and the servants were told to obey his every wish. This pleased Damocles greatly. He laughed and sang, ate and drank, and was enjoying himself most thoroughly.

By chance he idly gazed up at the ceiling, and saw a naked sword hanging by a single hair directly over his head. He grew pale with terror, the laughter died on his lips, and, as soon as he could move, he sprang from the couch, where he had been in such danger of being killed at any minute by the falling sword.

Dionysius with pretended surprise urged him to go back to his seat; but Damocles refused to do so, and pointed to the sword with a trembling hand. Then the tyrant [210] told him that a person always haunted by the fear can never be truly happy,—an explanation which Damocles readily understood.

Since then, whenever a seemingly happy and prosperous person is threatened by a hidden danger, it has been usual to compare him to Damocles, and to say that a sword is hanging over his head.

{Which it is so with the Islamic take over}


Islam has a triple lock system

Do I have anything to say that I haven't said before?

There's a book I'll recommend: Stephen Coughlin's Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad.

The general outline has nothing new - for example, you're not allowed to change anything from the Quran. Almost everyone knows that. But there are masses of details I didn't know - such as, Islam has a triple lock system, like a maximum security prison.

- Lock one (as stated): if it's in the Quran, and not abrogated, that's the way things have to be forever.

- Lock two: if it's become part of Sharia, whether or not it's in the Quran, it must stand forever.

- Lock three: if Islamic scholars have agreed on something, whether or not it's in the Quran or in Sharia, it must never be re-opened for questioning.

The first lock is enough to convince me that Islam is not open to reform - because to do so, you go against the Quran, and the punishment for that is murder. But then, two more locks. Heavy metal doors clang shut.

How do I feel about the triple-lock system?

It's good stuff to know - or we invite even more catastrophic failure.

What am I getting from Catastrophic Failure?
Most of the time I act from knowing, with my head, that it's vital to act against Islamization in its many forms. Reading this book makes me feel, on a gut level, how vital it is to do all we can.

How does Coughlin keep going, I also wonder. Before Obama, he was briefing top people in the American military, FBI, CIA.

Now he's an outsider - and he has kept going, doing, reaching anyone he can - with online videos, speaking engagements, and his powerful book.

It's so important to be able to keep going, when the forces against us are gaining ground, sometimes massively - as has happened in Europe this past year with the mass influx of Islamics - and as is currently happening in Canada with the new pro-Islam prime minister.

This isn't a story - like Star Wars, where we know that, somehow or other, all will be well in the end (until the next episode).

This is life! Folks plain and simple...
The outcome isn't set in stone. Even what happens next isn't set in stone. Lots of surprises along the way - including good ones, like the emergence of Trump.

Anyway, today, not much to say. Except, as always, that it's time to continue, to keep going and doing.

All the best to all of us who care and dare,


PS. If you're anywhere near Montreal on Wednesday, March 9th, ACT for Canada is bringing in Paul Weston, a rising politician of a mainstream political party in England concerned with terrorist threats and mass migration. He was arrested in 2014 for quoting a passage from Winston Churchill's book, The River War.
How could that be?
Churchill did not have a great opinion of Islam.

Time: 7:30 p.m. sharp
Location: Ruby Foos Restaurant
Ticket price: $20.00; free for students
For further information, contact

PPS. More about Stephen Coughlin.

I first heard of Stephen Coughlin through a video on the OIC. The OIC?
What was that?
I had no idea. I learned a lot. We all need to know about it:
The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law

And, in case you don't know about the 'Milestones' Process:

Also, Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring & the 'Milestones' Process:
Understanding the War on Terror Through Islamic Law:

Then, an interview with Stephen Coughlin:

Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job

Finally, in case you feel up to tacking Stephen Coughlin's book:

The words in the corner, by the way:
Banned by the White House.

PPPS. For lots more, from the many times I had a lot to say, come to:

World Truth Summit - Updates


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