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Bugs Inside and My Story about Trying to Get Rid of Them!

Personal experience with eliminating parasites.

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Let me start by saying that I am not a doctor and I am not offering any medical advice. I am telling my story. Consult with your healers about your condition.

Edit as of 2-1-2017. I have passed a tapeworm unexpectedly. I have come to the conclusion that my protocol works well for roundworms, somewhat well for flukes and does not work at all for tapeworms. I am pursuing MattK3's protocol for flukes and tapeworms using pharmaceuticals. This is a long journey and I now believe all those who said it would be a 2 year process. It appears that I am eliminating parasites as though they were layers of an onion. I keep getting healthier, so I am blessed. Read my latest blog post for more info.

I am a personality type that will try almost anything once I have determined that the risks can be calculated and that they are small. So doing research on diatomaceous earth one day, I found multiple entries that indicated that you could eliminate parasites with it. I did not have any symptoms that I knew of at the time but I am always looking to increase my health. I had traveled to Belize and Mexico several times in the past five years.
One blog indicated that you needed to start slowly, which I did.
After reaching a dose of 1.5 teaspoons, I was extremely surprised to find several worms in my toilet. They were whole, intact and undigested. One was about a foot long and the others were several inches. Freaking out, I make an appointment with my naturopathic doctor. In CA, they are licensed to be primary health care providers.
After describing the worms, he advised me to continue with the diatomaceous earth-FOOD GRADE ONLY- for the 5 days before and after the full moon. I did so and found other critters which my Dr. identified as liver flukes. After 2 months of doing this, I went back to my Dr. and said that I was getting lots of parasites. He added an herbal formula, Vitaklenz and advised me to start out slowly with it.
After the next full moon cycle, I was still getting lots of parasites and we devised more treatment. Since I talked a lot about my parasites, several friends asked for my protocol. Here is the information that I wrote for my friends.
How I Am Getting Rid of my Parasites
I have found that I am heavily infested with about six to eight types of parasites. This is how I got rid of them.

Edit: Please note that I developed this protocol by adding one thing at a time. I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO DO THE SAME. Start with the diatomaceous earth and then after 2 weeks, add in another element in the protocol. Your body needs time to adapt to new things. If you add multiple items to your protocol at once and you have an adverse reaction, you have to go back to square one. SO GO SLOW. Every time I have broken that rule, I have regretted it!! Your body is already compromised by the parasites.

Please note that one of the very first keys to getting rid of the parasites is to clean up your diet. Get rid of all toxins by eating organic food only. Genetically modified foods (GMO'S) are present in about 80% of processed foods. So EAT ORGANIC. Get rid of as many carbs and sugars as you can. Parasites feed off of them. You want to stop feeding the parasites! Also, eliminate all vitamin supplements. They are feeding the parasites too. You can reintroduce them once you have eliminated the parasites.

1. 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth- Shell Flour. Get it on Amazon
Start out slowly with ½ teaspoon of the dia. Earth. Work your way up to 1- 2 tablespoons per day. Mix it in at least 8 oz of water but be sure to not inhale the dust that will be created by mixing. Take on an empty stomach or hide it in smoothies. I think an empty stomach is best but if you are giving it to your kids, you can hide it. You can spread it out during the day or take it mixed with water all at once. This will dry out the parasites and will kill eggs. It will make your hair grow and your fingernails strong as it contains silica and trace minerals. Again, it must be food grade!!

2. Vitaklenz herbal dietary supplement-Avail from Naturopaths or you can find it at or on Ebay (from Australia)
Start slowly with one capsule before one meal a day. Work your way up to 2 or 3 capsules per day. The manufacturer says that you can double dose for the first month if your infestation is heavy. I never tried this. This contains primarily wormwood, black walnut and pumpkin seeds. This is a traditional formula. One bottle has 90 capsules. I found 3 capsules difficult to take. I took this formula every day for about 45 days until I felt too toxic to continue. You have to make yourself sick in order to kill the parasites. My doctor said I could take a break. I did so, timing it with the moon cycle. Some of the herbs in the formula may make your rectum sore. Put coconut or olive oil on it to soothe it. On another go around I switched to the herbal parasite treatment from the Parasitology Center of Arizona. It works as well or slightly better than VitaKlenz. The formulas are very similar.
I had a lot of my parasites pass after about 24 days of treatment. Apparently, it may take some time to kill them. What I assume is that the toxicity of the herbs accumulates in the body. The different types seem to come out at different times, almost sequentially, so don't assume that you only have one type of parasite.

3. Bromelain 2400 by Pure- 500 mg. Avail in health food stores. It is a digestive enzyme from pineapple.
This helps you digest the proteins in the parasites and the bio film that may surround them. Take 2 capsules 2 times a day BETWEEN MEALS. I BELIEVE THAT THIS IS ONE OF THE KEYS. Eliminating the bio film. Dr. Kalcker uses chlorine dioxide (MMS) to get rid of the bio film and an herbal formula called Stone Breaker. Bio film is made up of magnesium, calcium and iron, so don't take any supplements with those in them.

4. Something to loosen your stools. Originally I had posted to use magnesium taurate but subsequent research told me that magnesium is a component of the bio film that parasites create. See my notes on the use of activated hydrogen too.

5. Cod Liver Oil capsules by Carlson
Put the capsules in a plastic bag and freeze them. After you have started the cleanse, start by taking 5-6 frozen capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. You can work your way up. I went up to 10-12 capsules. This is to attack parasites that may reside in your small intestine. It will smother them. I found this to be one of the most effective ways to remove some parasites combined with the diat. Earth and the Vitaklenz. Do this every day or every other day for a while. If nothing shows up, you may want to stop and then try again later. Edit: You can also use pumpkin seed oil in capsules or caster oil in capsules. Freeze well. USING THEM ALWAYS GOT RESULTS.

6. Golden Flax Seed-whole. Grind 2 tbsp. up in your blender and add them to a smoothie in the morning. This is to bulk up the stools and make it easier to pass the parasites. Essential.

7. Raw Pumpkin Seeds: Eat at least ¼ cup of these a day. You can grind them up or just chew them. I found this to be optional.

8. Aloe Vera juice: I take one ounce of this juice in my smoothie some days. May or may not be needed. It does help soothe the digestive system. Experiment.

9. Cayenne pepper and honey mixed together and put in capsules. I tried taking 2 of these per day with meals. Theoretically, the honey attracts the parasites and the pepper kills them. This didn't work for me but the cayenne pepper gives a nice energy boost. Make sure to take it with meals!

10. Raw garlic- you can try eating 1-3 cloves of raw garlic a day. It is recommended to put them between slices of apple to eat the cloves. I have not tried this yet but it is a traditional remedy. You can also take 1000 mg of garlic in pill form. I eat a lot of cooked garlic.

11, Beets and beet juice. This seems to work well but it stains the urine, stool and the parasites. That may be why it works so well. I either ate cooked beets or drank beet juice with other veggies, most of the days I was on the cleanse.

12. I use activated hydrogen. This eliminates the need for a stool softener. I am told that there are over 400 studies on its benefits. The essential science is that you are adding an extra hydrogen atom and that it attracts free radicals and combines with them to produce water. I had watery stools for several days but it was not diarrhea at all. I think it may combine with some of the toxins that the parasites give off and neutralize them. I was recommended to use this product by another CZ member. I think it is effective. I get mine from the website run by MomsAcrossAmerica. I THINK THIS MAY BE ONE OF THE KEYS. It changes the chemistry/electrical charge of toxins in the body. Cheap and easy to use.

13. Yogi tea-Detox. Great for alleviating die off symptoms. I can drink it without the need to add sugar. I also used Dr. Schulze's DeTox tea at higher strengths than the directions. My Naturopath recommended this. I needed some sweetener with this tea. Both of these teas are diuretics. DO NOT COMBINE WITH CASTER OIL. In my case the combination caused severe diarrhea. I was able to short circuit it with bentonite clay but it took about a week before my digestion was back to normal.

14. Papaya seeds: I tried using a tablespoon of dried papaya seed mixed with honey. It made me very toxic but I was also using the herbal formula at the same time. In getting rid of parasites, toxic is better but I am very sensitive and this was beyond what I could tolerate. This is a traditional remedy. My recommendation is to try this with caution!

15. Plastic forks and straws to put over the handles to make them longer.
These are for checking your stool. Squish the stool against the side of the toilet. Stool squishes down to almost nothing but the parasites won't. Put the parasites in a jar of hot water and wash the stool off of it. You will get used to this. Remember, it is just digested food and bacteria. You want to see if you are reducing the parasite count. You want to be able to identify what is making you ill. You can also buy "hats" to collect your stool on Amazon. Type in specimen collection to find them on Amazon. This would be good for kids.

Watch for tapeworm segments. They are whitish segments that look similar to a sweet corn kernal in shape. If you have tapeworms ( I didn't) go to a good knowledgeable doctor. My protocol is not necessarily for tapeworms!!

16. Paper plates and alcohol to disinfect. You may also want to buy latex gloves and face masks if you are dealing with other people's parasites-- like your kids!

17. You will need to do either enemas, colonics or salt water flushes. See my notes below.

18. A good digestive system and immune system will help in the battle. I am using Bravo probiotic to heal my gut.I started using this towards the end of the active cleansing. It is designed to stimulate the immune system, working with something called GcMAF. It is a yogurt that you make from dried ingredients. Easy to make. Can be expensive but so is bad health. I am very impressed at how rapidly I am recovering my strength. It is used by some alternative doctors as part of the treatment of cancer. It is used by Kerri Rivera as part of her protocol for healing kids with autism. She calls it a 'game changer'.
Listen to Dr. Marco Ruggerio talk about Bravo on YouTube at the AutismOne 2014 conference. He has a protocol for the probiotic. I won't repeat it here. It is in my blog.

You may find flesh colored parasites. You may find red parasites. You may find roundworms that have been partially digested and look like hollow spaghetti or mucous or you may find whole ones. You may find parasites that look like slices of mushrooms or round buttons. They can be of various sizes. You may find other interesting things. Some people find rope worms. (See the Facebook group Rope Worms, if you do have them.) See my blogs for some hideous things. Sometimes I put them in a jar of water to show to my doctor. Other times I just put them on a paper plate and took a picture. I put a quarter on the plate for scale and wrote the date on the paper plate too. Keep track.

I eventually eliminated 3 separate nests of worm like creatures along with multiple flukes and various assorted other creatures of unknown identity. The nests had a similar pattern. I would get out a large specimen, then some smaller adults and juveniles and then lots of babies. Usually all within 1 day. Each time I got rid of a nest, I felt so much better.!My parasites seemed to come out sequentially. One type one month, another type the next month. It was really strange.

If you have a tapeworm and it starts to come out, do not pull on it and break it. Take a milk bath and let it come out itself. I didn’t have one of these but my doctor explained it to me anyway.

Start the cleanse 5 days before the full moon. Continue for 30-40 days. If you find nothing in your stools, you are probably OK but Kerri Rivera in her book, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism says that some parents are just finding worms in their kids up to 7 months after starting a parasite protocol. Once again, you are on your own. Everyone is different. Be aware that it is very likely that you may have more than one type of parasite. Some of them may be contracted in a similar manner as the eggs are often in the same soil. The weaker your immune system, the more likely you will have parasites.

If you find something, continue the protocol for about 40-45 days continuously and then go on the moon cycle (5 days before the full moon and 5-15 days after) for a full year! ( Note: I made the mistake of not doing this and I found after about 5 months that the flukes came back!!) You may have to continue with a herbal formula for 90 days in a row if your infestation is really bad. Both herbal products I used said this was OK. Everyone is different and has different infestations. Read the label directions. Listen to your body. Do not be afraid to take a short break. Just time the break after the full moon cycle.

Dr. Kalcker says to do the protocol for a year with the moon. You need to kill the immature ones and the eggs. They can lay 100,000’s of eggs a day! He then recommends that you repeat the treatment every 3-4 months for the rest of your life. I think he is a very wise man. I did not follow his exact advice and I became reinfested with flukes! I stopped too early.

There are some who think that you need to change the poison after several courses or months because the parasites either avoid the poison or learn to adapt. I did this by changing the herbal formula from Vitaklenz to the one from the Parasitology Center and then by going to Dr. Andreas Kalcker's protocol. Google him or get the book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism. He has his protocol day by day in the book but he uses mebendazole, which is unavailable in the US. You have to order it from a foreign supplier. Takes time. He also uses chlorine dioxide, castor oil and a product known as Stone Breaker. Also neem. Chlorine dioxide is known as MMS. I found a supplier off of Jim Humble's website. I found this protocol difficult for me. I am repeating my herbal formula based protocol in the egg destroying phase of the protocol.

Stool tests are hit and miss. Parasitologists identify parasites by their eggs. Depending on where you are in the parasite cycle, eggs may or may not show up. There are 300-1000 different parasites in humans! They do not have tests for all of the parasites! Urine samples can turn up some parasites. Blood tests may turn up parasites that are protozoans and possibly strongyloides. They may show elevated eosinophil counts and elevated white counts. Some specialists think that you need to do stool samples on 3 separate days. Others say that capturing a stool during a 'purge' is effective if you wait and take a sample from about the 4th bowel movement and thereafter.
There are ELISA tests that can show a few parasites but they can't tell if you have them or had them.

My doctor has given up on stool tests, ELISA tests, eosinophil tests. My belief is that most western doctors will not know much about parasites. Most of the posters on CZ believe the same. You may have to go to a infectious disease specialist if you want professional help. They only seem to work off of lab tests, so they may be fairly useless but if you have a blood borne parasite, I would pursue this. I use a naturopathic doctor as they are licensed in CA to be primary care providers. Some chiropractors have some knowledge as do some acupunturists and chinese herbalists. You are basically on your own. Keep a journal. Read my blog for more complete details on what happened and each element of the protocol.

Read the book "Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism". Yeah, there is a definite connection. Google Dr. Andreas Kalcker. He has his protocol on line with extensive info on parasites. About 18 pages. Free. Read Dr. Hulda Clark. I am of a mixed opinion on her but others in this Forum think she's wonderful and recommend her zapper and cleanse.I never did her protocol.

Go to the Facebook page Rope Worms. Ask to join the group and then search their files. They have great pictures and descriptions of parasites. The best I have found. They also have in their files a copy of the book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism. Dr. Kalcker's protocol is in the book.

If you find parasites, you will probably have what are called die off symptoms. The parasites die and release toxins. You may get headaches, feel depressed or hyper. You may feel tired and weak. You may have allergic reactions. You may develop more brain fog for a while. You may become fairly ill with what seems like the flu. You are essentially poisoning yourself in order to kill the parasites and it made me weak and ready to pick up minor other illnesses. You may have some unusual skin eruptions. Warn your family that you may have some symptoms. Drink a lot of the Yogi tea to detox.

The jury is out on whether or not you need to treat other members of your family. If you have pin worms- absolutely. If you have pin worms (and you will probably know it because your ass itches at night,) you must do extensive cleaning of family and living environment. I don't have them but have read about them. Do some research. Pay close attention to sanitation and hygiene. Use alcohol to disinfect. Bleach doesn't work. There is an over the counter medication for pin worms. Reese's Pinworm medicine. I would repeat the treatment after two weeks as recommended by the CDC. Just go ahead and treat all other family members. Children get reinfected easily. Vitaklenz works for pin worms too.

Parasites can be acquired in a number of different ways but there are some that are present in fresh water, on unwashed veggies and fruit, from animals (especially roundworms and dogs) and eating uncooked fish (sushi) and under cooked meats. I am of the opinion that you should avoid pork, sushi, watercress and water chestnuts. Avoid any and all meats that are raw, smoked, pickled, dried or salted. Avoid ceviche. The CDC has some basic info online. That's where I came up with the info about watercress and water chestnuts. Pork is traditionally prohibited in several cultures. I believe it is because they carry the roundworm and tapeworm larvae and it is readily transmitted and hard to kill during cooking. Under cooked beef can contain the beef tapeworm. You do not want to get either the beef or pork tapeworm. They can be very deadly. You don't want to get fish tapeworms either. Tapeworm larva can migrate to the brain, cause cysts, adult onset epilepsy and death. You can also pick up parasites walking barefoot or laying on sand or dirt. You can pick up parasites while swimming as many parasites have snails as intermediate hosts. In other words, parasites are common and you need to treat for them on a regular basis!! If you travel overseas or out of the country, I would do a parasite cleanse on your return.

Children are especially susceptible to parasites. Puppies are generally infested by their mothers and will contaminate your kids. Parasite eggs can be found in sandboxes and in soil. Parasites can cause intellectual and physical growth retardation. A serious roundworm infestation can cause intestinal blockage in kids.

Avoid eating seeds, tomatoes, onion rings, mushrooms and peppers. Some of these foods appear to not be fully digested (at least by me) and you may mistake them for parasites. It is recommended that you eat mostly cooked veggies and meats or other proteins. Chew everything really well. Avoid fruits, sugars and simple carbs as these feed the parasites. A mild ketogenic diet is the best as the parasites feed off of glucose. On a ketogenic diet, you are primarily running on ketones. The glucose is minimized.

Stop your vitamin supplements as these are feeding the parasite. They especially like iron and B12. You may be slightly anemic from lack of iron because the parasites get it first. The two exceptions may be zinc and stomach acid.

I found that my desire for sweets disappeared suddenly after I had done about 3 weeks of a parasite cleanse. It came back again and I assumed that the timing was the life cycle of a parasite.

Parasites can get into virtually every organ. A common parasite is the liver fluke. I had many of these and once I got rid of a lot of them my digestion got a lot better and I started craving less food. They also commonly get into the bile ducts. I also passed some gallstones and cholesterol stones (painlessly). I am breathing better and sleeping much better. Part of the life cycle of some parasites is in the lungs which is why I believe I am breathing better. It has been suggested that it may be a cause of asthma. Some parasites are implicated in cancer.

After completing 5 months of the parasite protocol and eliminating hundreds of critters, I feel better than I have felt in years. Looking back, it was loss of strength and unrelenting fatigue with brain fog that were my main symptoms. Western doctors basically told me that those conditions were because I was old and fat. &^)(*&)(*_(_(*+

It is recommended that if you do find parasites, that you start on a regular program of colonics. I have found it very helpful. The person who does my colonics told me that the colonic can clean out parts of the large intestine where parasites can hide. My Dr. recommended that I do them 1-2 times a week. I did them once a week for about 8 weeks. Dr. Kalcker thinks that enemas are essential. I think that in any case you need to attack the parasites from both ends. You choose the method. I BELIEVE THAT THIS IS ALSO ONE OF THE KEYS.

I also tried salt water flushes. The person who does my colonics says that once a month for salt water flushes is OK. It's your body. You decide. Be prepared to reintroduce good bacteria if you do a salt water flush. I got out one large fat parasite that had 5 attachment suckers with a salt water flush. Be prepared to camp out in the bathroom for several hours if you do one. I found this to be hard on the body. Instructions can be found online.

Good luck, It has taken me hundreds of dollars (now up to over a thousand) and many hours of consulting with my naturopathic doctor to eliminate my parasites. I also did hundreds of hours of research online. I added some elements that my Naturopath did not know about-the frozen cod liver oil treatment, the beets and the activated hydrogen.

If I had to do this again, I would start using the diatomaceous earth only. I would do the complete protocol as my body tolerated it. One thing at a time. GO SLOW. I might also add Reese's pinworm medicine as the first med I took. It is supposed to paralyze some worms and give you time to kill them. Reese's pinworm is an over the counter med found in most drugstores.

My Dr. has told me that I have set a new standard for infestation and for passing parasites that are mostly undigested. It appears that as soon as they die, I pass them. That is unusual. Most commonly, they will come out in small, digested pieces. I found them easy to find in my stools. You may not find anything but you may get rid of some unknowingly and feel better after the die off symptoms go away. If that happens, I would continue the cleanse. That is just my opinion. I am not a medical doctor!!! I was also lucky in that I really did not have any other complicating factors- yeast, fungus, low immunity, candida, etc.

It used to be traditional to do a worm treatment every year as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms and pinworms are very common. Especially if you live with dogs, cats, or other animals. Dr. Hulda Clark says that roundworm larva is basically present all over your house if you live with dogs. Dr. Kalcker says to get rid of your dog.

There are some interesting Youtube videos. Watch the AutismOne 2014 conference. AutismOne 2015 is good too.
Paul Chek is an interesting speaker. I ordered his expensive DVD's and got the advice about frozen cod liver oil and beets.
There is a video on removing a liver fluke from the liver surgically, and another one on removing worms surgically. Show them to people who think you are nuts.

There is a list of recommended books on this site. I bought some used medical textbooks on parasitology on line. Very helpful. The CDC has some information but I found their website hard to navigate.
Essentially you have to become educated and be your own healer. Then, please, advocate for education for doctors. Some of us believe that with genetically modified foods, that there are some genetically modified parasites showing up. Search for rope worms and morgellons and make up your own mind.
Good luck. I have attached some images of the parasites that I have passed as I have not seen them anywhere else. They are in my blog postings.
Last update, 08/19/16

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