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Date:   10/15/2014 3:07:38 AM   ( 7 y ) ... viewed 749 times

This blog is for my personal use... to enter timelines and info that may be relevant.

Born 1980. 6lbs 6 oz 20"
All regular vaccines were given that was normal for 1980.
History of milk & soy allergies since birth. Severe colic.
Eczema as an infant and young child. Very sickly child, always on antibiotics for colds and such from birth until about 9 years old.

1984- Drove my parents crazy with calf and shin pains. Nothing could be found after multiple doctor and specialist visits but flat feet. Corrective shoe lifts were made and I was put into ballet class to correct flat feet and to help leg muscles.

1985 - received small pox vaccine, why? No clue. Still have scar.

12/1988 - Dad took us to a friend's house who had 2 american eskimo dogs and a cat. I got extremely ill. Flu like symptoms and severe chest congestion. Visits to doctors and allergist confirmed multiple allergies and asthma. Was given an inhaler and nebulizer

The worst of the asthma and allergies have gone by 1993 - only flares up in winter... and I have been competing in dance with dance company, gymnastics, acrobatics & figure skating without inhaler.

1994 - wisdom teeth removed - oral surgery.

1996 - first child was born @ 36 weeks via emergency c-section (breech)

1998 - second child was born via VBAC

2004 - 3 mercury fillings were replaced with ceramic.

2006 - asthma flares up. 3rd child is born

2009 - develop cholestasis during pregnancy because of increased levels of estrogen, gall stones and sludge develop. 4
th child is born.

2010 - took a year off work and teaching dance/gymnastics - return to work and start my own business 4/2010

3/2013 - health is good, but 4 years of liver flushing failed to eradicate gall stones, gallbladder begins to rupture, emergency surgical removal.

6/2013 - return to work

11/2013 - renovating building to add in supports for aerial acrobatics, dust or something causes bad bronchitis and pleurisy. Treated with z-pack & prednisone.

5/2014 - Family takes a trip to local amusement park with other homeschool groups for an end of school year thing. Outdoor buffet is provided by the park. Only myself, youngest 2 kids (girls) and their dad attends.

6/2014 - 2 weeks after the trip, oldest daughter (8) develops green diahrrea and stomach cramps. Doctor said it must be a bug going around. Increase fluids.
A week later it progresses to vomiting, doctor still says to increase fluids.

7/2014 - Parasite infection confirmed in my 8 year old daughter. Family was given meds as precaution.
Daughter was fine after 3 weeks of meds.

8/2014 - Parasite infection confirmed in myself via stool test. Eosinaphil level was 38. IgG, IgA also. Larave migration to lungs also. Confirmed with ultrasound. Was medicated with albendazole & stromectol. Partial worm blockage in ileum. Symptoms subsided 8/25.
Post ultrasound and biopsies confirmed no presence of parasites. Once a month follow ups for 1 year.

9/2014 - I noticed that symptoms of asthma have decreased by about 40% since taking albendazole. Symptoms of candida also completely gone. This makes me wonder if asthma was candida related?
I decide to experiment.
Also worth mentioning... was diagnosed with the beginning stages of adenomyosis in my uterus. Wtf? Estrogen again? I decided to get the novasure ablation done. My endo lining will grow back in 5 years, so I have 5 years to get this estrogen thing in check.

9/25/24 - start Iodine protocol. Lugol's 7% @ 120mg daily. Also vitamin C & msm 1000mg each 3x a day, 200mcg selenium, centrum multi vit/mineral, D3 10k IU, Magnesium 500mg
Felt amazing on iodine from day 1.
Day 2 - develop tiny sweat pimples on left chest. Were gone in 2 days.
Day 4 - wake up with full on chest cold, ton of green mucus, chest slightly vurns when I breathe. Very mild.

Chest cold goes away the next week. I am learning this is how my body os detoxing with iodine.

Day 13 - had some kind of reaction to iodine. Mixed it with juice that contained food starch. It turned purpleand the 2 sips I took burned my nose, throat and stomach for about 10 minutes. Dumped it down the drain.

Day 15 - started iodine agai - smooth sailing.
Week 2 I tried to add in ALA supplement, got headache that lasted 3 days and did not feel effects of iodine for those 3 days. Salt loading took headache away and proceeded as normal with iodine.
Week 3 - attempted taking ALA again. Same reaction, minus headache. Had blood test that showed very low level of iodine despite taking 120mg right before. Iodine loading test showed most of the iodine was excreted back out in my urine.
ALA will not allow my body to absorb iodine and pushes it out for some reason. Will stop ALA for now.

Currently blowing 480 on peak flow meter... which is above what is expected. No wheezing or mucus for 2 weeks. It's as if asthma never existed.
I want to be cautious and not count on it being "cured" just yet.

Current: height - 5'4
Weight - 110
Bp - 115/70
Cbc and cmp was good. Kidneys were good, creatine was good. Eosinaphils was 1. Heavy metals blood and urine test showed "much lower than they'd expect" so, assuming that's good.

Iodine seems to have improved a lot of things. Muscles retain heat, no soreness in hips, knees and ankles after 20 hours of training each week.
Asthma appears to be gone for now.
Left knee brace hasn't been used in 3 weeks for gymnastics
Did 36 a la secondes straight through 10/14
- beat my 12 year old title holder who got to 23 before toppling.
Avoided a near collision/pile up on 61 last week because I was alert after working all day.

Diet- 1/3 cup steel cut oats with flax seeds, a banana and 1/4 cup milk and small coffee with stevia and milk for breakfast. Half gallon of OJ per day, 2 qts of water. Apple or pear + 1/2 bagel with butter for lunch. 4oz activia yogurt and banana for snack. Every day. Dinner is always different and not always something healthy. Tonight I had a stuffed shell and piece of french bread with butter. Sometimes I'll have oatmeal & banana for dinner too. Herbal tea in the evening... licorice root, orange peel, fennel, coriander and ginger.

Current goals - cut out all dairy - with the exception of my 4oz of activia yogurt. Cut out wheat. Cut out beef, bit will eat small amounts, maybe once a month. I was never much of a fan of meat besides chicken. All my chicken comes from the organic, free range farm... so I will leave that. I do well with that as a protein source, besides apricots.
Need to add more omega 3. Scared to eat fish because of pollution.

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