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Here is your blue print!

*** If you have any idea or concern about how the world is spinning out of control politically - then read this post! ***

Date:   5/20/2013 6:39:24 AM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 4272 times

From a FB post by : Mag Dee

Using their playbook, we need to use them as OUR playbook. Thus the 23 Conservative Goals for America:

1. We must be vocal about the current necessity to keep nuclear warheads stockpiles greater than all of the nations that current have nuclear capability combined. In 2008, we had 5,000 nuclear warheads. in 2012, we have just above 1,700. Obama hopes to deplete our stockpile to 300 by 2016 with the overall goal of total disarmament. We all want peace, but peace is especially fragile in a nuclear world. We cannot approach diplomacy without carrying a gun under the table. Otherwise, we are bringing a knife to a gunfight.

2. We must be vocal about ceasing trade with any nation that does not promote humanitarian rights, especially those who are Communist nations and especially items that can be used for war (we cannot send weapons to foreign nations that aren't our allies). We need to stop sending money overseas to our enemies, especially in our current financial crisis. We must be vocal about bringing all unnecessary funding home so that we can use the money here. Don't be fooled: Obama's olivebranch of bringing the troops home so we can do nation building here is not the same. How can we do nation building at home if we are not secure abroad?

3. By paying off the national debt, we must start sending money back to China (unfortunately) because we are in debt to them. The longer we are indebted to Red China, the longer we are in their chains. When we have paid off our debt to them, we must then be vocal about denying them a sounding board in the UN. Heck, we should dissolve our association with the UN, for all they want to do is establish a global government.

4. We must learn the histories of totalitarian governments like Germany, Italy, Russia (USSR), post-colonial Africa, South America, Central America, East Asia, and the Middle East. How are we to compete in the world and know what we are fighting, if we are ignorant to history. With that said, we must also study our founding documents. It is only by knowing where we came from that we can know where we want to go.

5. Petition the outlaw of the Communist Party, the Freedom Socialist Party, National Socialist Party, Labor Party, Party for Socialist and Liberation, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Action, Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Party USA, the Workers World Party, Working Families Party, and any other party associated with killing American values. Again, do not let their titles fool you. We must first educate ourselves on these parties agendas and then petition to have them outlawed in America. While we have freedom of speech in America, our Founders would argue that speech that intends harm towards the Constitution is not free to be given a platform in America.

6. Demand that our schools allow time for our loyalty oaths, namely the Pledge of Allegiance. How can you have a nation if you do not pledge loyalty to it?

7. Demand transparency in our government. No foreign nation should be in bed with our government, especially our Patent Office. Our ideas belong to us, not the world.

8. Petition a McCarthy-esque purge of both political parties with a modern version of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. McCarthy had the right observations; he just went about it the wrong way, and was branded as a witch-hunter.

9. Demand transparency in our judicial system. They work for us; we don't work for them. Get involved with the ACLJ (American Center for Law & Justice -
Petition for an investigation into the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

10. Encourage your children to become teachers, but be close to them in their studies. I can tell you from personal experience, education programs in higher education is full of Marxist, feminist, and anti-colonial theory. Beware. Also, get involved in your schools. Run for office in your towns. In our urban areas, the boards are run by 100% Democrats. We need to infiltrate school systems and promote change from within. Demand a diverse curriculum. Why do liberals get first dibs on what is taught to our nation's children? Demand better textbooks. Demand transparency in our teacher unions.

11. Get involved in your local schools and churches, especially with young people. They are in desperate need of good role-models. For the first time in our nation's history, the age group 18-29 (my generation) believes socialism is a better alternative to capitalism. We need to change the tide. Liberals do not have dibs on our nation's children.

12. Order the Blaze ( Glenn Beck is the only media person out there that seems to understand the state of our nation. He's not a party-line guy; he's a conservative-line guy. The more we build his company, the better chance we have in creating a media empire that believes what we do. Also, encourage your children to be journalists, but keep tabs on their education. Higher education in the Communications field is rampant with liberal professors.

13. Promote the arts, especially those by conservative artists. Encourage your children to express themselves in artistic ways, especially those in the written word. Ideas change nations. Get involved in local museums and promote our culture. Their plan is "to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art." Expose your children to the other kind.

14. Petition to reinstate obscenity laws in the media. There is no need for p 0 r n o g r a p h i c media on primetime television. This is not being Puritan, as our liberal pundits would suggest. Why should your 12yo know what a condom is by watching shows like the Jersey Shore?

15. Promote homosexual equality. We do have gay conservatives, most of whom understand the difference between same-sex marriage laws and the IRS's acknowledgement of them. Same-sex marriage doesn't give homosexuals the equality they claim to want: they have always said it was about benefits. Ask for laws that divorce marital benefits from marriage in favor of "domestic benefits." Thus, there is no need for redefining marriage, and homosexuals are able to attain the benefits they wish to have.

16. Go (back) to church, synagogue, mosque, temple, etc. We need it now more than ever. Promote and fight for "non-denominational chapels" in our schools for they promote every students' first amendment right, including those who subscribe to atheism. Every student deserves a place for quiet reflection, meditation, and (God-forbid) prayer.

17. Promote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Read it, study it, understand it. Teach it to your children. Demand that our schools teach it as well. Learn about the Founding Fathers. Understand them. Love them. Defend them. They pledged their Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor. They deserve our respect, and we should not to be able to pledge any less.

18. Promote the teaching of Russian history in our schools, but demand it to be taught truthfully. It's the difference between Ayn Rand's We the Living, based on her own personal experience in Russia, and the romantic, idealized version of the 80s movie REDS. We want the former emphasized over the latter.

19. Social programs are not necessarily socialism. Demand that our municipal powers clean up our social programs so that we are not a socialist nation.

20. Promote small businesses and big businesses that promote our values. Boycott businesses that don't.

21. Promote your children into the psychiatric field, but be aware of their education.

22. Promote the traditional family unit. Promote education on what it means to be married, not easy marriages and easy divorces. Petition to defund, or by the very lease lessen our tax dollars to, Planned Parenthood. Any organization that promotes promiscuity among our teens, let alone everything else it does, doesn't deserve our tax dollars. We must remain faithful to the right-to-life movement.

23. Promote civil disobedience for causes near and dear to us. Do not promote violence or insurrection, but only in self-defense.

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