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by chef jem

More Whole Truth Re: Raw and Real Milk

The fiction in the FDA's anti-raw milk mission vs. raw milk facts.

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A multi-agency enforcement team conducted an armed raid in Venice, California to arrest three people (apparently) for selling unpasteurized (raw) milk. Meanwhile, Cargill was recently forced to recall 36 million pounds of turkey meat for a salmonella outbreak that has already been confirmed to have killed one and sickened at least 80 others. Yet no one has been arrested.

Whether or not you personally drink raw milk, the issue is our freedom to decide what we want to eat and drink. Why is our food safety system pigeon-holing us into buying only conventional pasteurized milk? Click below to tell the FDA: Stop protecting big corporations while targeting small producers for harassment. We have the right to choose what goes into our bodies.

FRESH has organized a petition to protect small-scale dairy producers. I've just signed it, and hope that you will join me in asking the FDA to stand up for our right to opt out of the corporate food system.:

---Additional information-----------
From The Three Inviolable Traditions of the Top FDA Officials and Their Inception of a Fourth Tradition, 1975-2006 by Phillip Rudnick, Professor Emeritus

A Medline search [search terms: raw milk death/raw milk fatality/raw milk fatal/raw milk fatalities] produced a single citation of a single case of death in 1983 of a 72-year-old woman during “an outbreak of illness caused by raw milk” (Tacket CO, Dominguez LB, Fisher HJ, Cohen ML.
JAMA. 1985 Apr 12;253(14):2058-60.) Since Medline citations go back to 1949, this means that, absent information to the contrary, there has been one Medline-documented fatality
over a period of 57 years (now 62 years) from the consumption of raw milk produced in the United States.

How do FDA-approved drugs compare? Even if one considered only the last 21 years of this 57-year period (starting with the GAO Report year of 1985), using the conservative figure of 100,000 deaths per year from the use of properly-prescribed-and-used FDA-approved drugs, then the death-toll from the use of FDA-approved drugs over this considerably shorter period of time has been at least 2,100,000 victims.

A page long list of articles exposing FDA:

"The need for Americans to be aware, know and understand the 'Organic Laws' of The United States of America when confronted with in any legal presentment or Act of Congress!":

The "Act(s) of Congress" includes Acts that have created agencies i.e. FDA. Also the above blog includes new info re: The Commerce Clause that is directly pertinent to Raw Milk issues where the FDA has acted in any way, shape or form with the state governments!

From the LA Times:
"If, as some scientists are now convinced, Crohn's disease is caused by a microorganism, the question becomes: How is it transmitted? The shocking answer, they say, is through that most sacrosanct of beverages--milk.

Pasteurized milk can be cultured for the Crohn's bacterium. The FDA has known this for more than a decade and done nothing.

Crohn's statistics

Crohn’s disease: 7 new cases per 100,000 people per year (1984–1993) [11]
Crohn’s disease: 162 cases per 100,000 people per year (2001) [12]
Mortality: 825 deaths (2002) [2]
Hospitalizations: 104,780 (2002) [3]


Raw milk is produced by local farmers outside of the industrial dairy industry. The cows on these farmers are typically raised on grass (their natural diet), so are not fed GMOs, pesticides, slaughter house waste, and do not live under disease producing conditions. They are not given hormones, antibiotics or the 20 or more drugs industrial dairy cows are subjected to.

Four minute Video: Dairy Industry– Hard Core Corruption/Politics/Poisoning

[The comparison between raw milk's safety and pasteurized milk's dangers is similar to that between nutritional supplements' safety and pharmaceutical industry's drugs' danger. And here, too, the FDA is trying to eliminate safe nutritional supplements (which are health giving and even curative) while leaving drugs that are killing people in large numbers, on the market.]

The Hazardous-Nutritional-Supplements-Target of FDA Police Raids:

Annual Deaths From:

FDA-Approved Drugs (1)....................60,000 - 140,000

Food Contamination (2)...............................9,100


All vitamins (4)....................................... 0

Uncontaminated amino acids (4)...........................0

Commercial herbs (4).................................... 0

1. Classen, et al., "Surveillance of Adverse Drug Events," JAMA, 1991

2. Centers for Disease Control

3. FDA Fact Sheet, July 1971

4. American Association of Poison Control Centers (data for years 1983-1990 as published in _American Journal of Emergency Medicine_)


"It apparently is FDA's view that if a company makes a claim that milk helps prevent rickets, milk suddenly becomes a drug."

-Federal Judge Lowell Jensen, District Court, San Francisco, in the _Nutricology_ case, September 23, 1993


A comparison between raw and pasteurized milk in terms of safety testing, and then between nutrients in the milk itself.

D. Nutritional Values

Enzymes, catalase, peroxidase and phosphatase are present.
Phosphates is needed to split and assimilate the mineral salts in foods that are in the form of phytates.
Wulzen Factor (anti-stiffness) available.
X Factor (now believed to be vitamin K2) in tissue repair available.

Protein--100% metabolically available; all 22 amino acids, including the 8 that are essential for the complete metabolism and function of protein.

Vitamins--all 100% available
Vitamin A--fat soluble
Vitamin D--fat soluble
Vitamin E--fat soluble
Vitamin K--fat soluble
Vitamin B--Complex:
Vitamin Bw--Biotin
Vitamin B --Choline
Vitamin Bc --Folic Acid
Vitamin B1 --Thiamine
Vitamin B2 --Inositol
Vitamin B2 --Nicotinic Acid
Vitamin B2 --Riboflavin
Vitamin B2 --Pantothenic Acid
Vitamin B3 --Niacin
Vitamin B6 --Pyridoxine
Vitamin B12--Cyanocobalamin
Vitamin C
Antineuritic vitamin

Minerals--all 100% metabolically available.

Carbohydrates--easily utilized in metabolism. Still associated naturally with elements (instable).

Fats--all 18 fatty acids metabolically available, both saturated and unsaturated.

D. Nutritional Values

Pasteurization destroys the enzyme phosphatase.
Absence of phosphatase indicate that milk has been pasteurized.
Wulzen Factor destroyed (anti-stiffness nutrition factor lost).
X Factor--No evidence of alteration by pasteurization.
Protein--Digestibility reduced by 4%, biological value reduced by 17%. From the digestibility and metabolic data it is concluded that the heat damage to lysine and possibly to histidine and perhaps other amino acids destroys the identity of these amino acids and partly decreases the absorbability of their nitrogen.
Vitamin A--destroyed
Vitamin D--Not altered
Vitamin E--Not altered
Vitamin K--Not altered
Vitamin B complex--pasteurization of milk destroys about 38% of the vitamin B complex.

Vitamin C is weakened or destroyed by pasteurization. Infants fed pasteurized milk exclusively will develop scurvy.

Antineuritic vitamin: Testing of pasteurized milk indicates destruction of this vitamin.

Minerals-- After pasteurization the total of soluble calcium is very much diminished. The loss of soluble calcium in regards to infants and growing children must be a very important factor in growth and development, not only in the formation of bone and teeth, but also in the calcium content of the blood, the importance of which is now being raised.

Carbohydrates —no evidence of change by pasteurization.

Fats--Pasteurization harms the fat content of milk.

E. Possible Damage to the Health of Consumers from Drinking Pasteurized Milk

Dr. J. C. Annand has written a series of articles in which he has advanced the theory that the increase in the incidence of heart disease was proximately related to the on set of pasteurization of milk. Different population groups were studied in various parts of the world. His theory is that the heat process of pasteurization alters the protein found in milk and as a result heated protein is responsible for the large increase in the incidence of heart trouble in citizens of western civilization, during the course of the past generation.

Dr. Kurt A. Oster has advanced the theory that homogenization of milk is proximately related to the atherosclerosis which is so prevalent in citizens in developed countries of the western world. The reduction in the size of the fat particles caused by homogenization permits them to be assimilated into the stomach lining in a manner that was not contemplated by nature. When these fat particles along with xanthine oxidase get into the bloodstream the human system sets up a defense mechanism which results in the scarring of arteries.

Pasteurization kills off all friendly bacteria. People seek out raw milk because it is rich in friendly bacteria.

‘Friendly’ Bacteria Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes, Yale Researchers Find

New Haven, Conn. — In a dramatic illustration of the potential for microbes to prevent disease, researchers at Yale University and the University of Chicago showed that mice exposed to common stomach bacteria were protected against the development of Type I diabetes.

The findings, reported in the journal Nature, support the so-called “hygiene hypothesis” – the theory that a lack of exposure to parasites, bacteria and viruses in the developed world may lead to increased risk of diseases like allergies, asthma, and other disorders of the immune system. The results also suggest that exposure to some forms of bacteria might actually help prevent onset of Type I diabetes, an autoimmune disease in which the patient’s immune system launches an attack on cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.


Drugged up on milk

If there's anything more tainted than a glass of water, it's store-bought milk.

The pasteurization process that's supposed to make milk "safe" robs it of all nutrition while doing zilch to break down all the drugs, hormones and other chemicals secretly (and illegally) given to dairy cows.

And believe me, those things are in your milk -- the only reason it's not common knowledge is that we don't actually test for most of them.

Researchers in Europe stepped in where governments have failed and ran their own tests on samples of goat, cow and even human breast milk -- and of the three, they found that "wholesome" moo juice was packed with the most drugs and hormones.

They found painkillers, antibiotics, steroids, sex hormones, anti-malaria meds and more, and wrote in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that up to 20 different contaminants can be floating around inside a single glass of milk.

Think that can't possibly be true here, in the good old U.S. of dAiry? Think again: The FDA tried to pull some very limited milk samples for extra tests earlier this year, and the dairy industry practically started a riot.

You've got to wonder what they're so afraid of.

Needless to say, no milk was tested -- and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

But I don't need a test result to know our milk is filthy. Just look at the facts: Dairy cows eventually become hamburger... and drugs banned from milk have been turning up in that dairy hamburger.

How'd they get in there? Give you one guess -- but since farmers know that milk isn't actually tested for those banned drugs, they're confident they can break a few rules along the way and no one will ever know.

But now you know.

If you love your milk, you don't have to give it up -- just make a permanent switch to farm-fresh organic raw milk. Search online or call a local dairy farm to find out how.

Milking this for all it's worth,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.



Tucker Adkins Dairy Asks FDA for Reputation Back

Test Results Vindicate Raw Milk and Dairy Farm

Falls Church, Virginia (August 3, 2011)--“How do we get our reputation back?” That’s what Tommy and Carolyn Adkins of Tucker Adkins Dairy were asking after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged last week that raw milk suspected of harboring campylobacter tested negative. On July 16 FDA issued a press release stating that three confirmed cases of campylobacteriosis in North Carolina were associated with the consumption of raw milk obtained on June 14, 2011 from Tucker Adkins Dairy of York, South Carolina. As far as is known, public health officials investigating the outbreak did not look for other possible causes of illness after discovering that the three individuals drank raw milk.

The FDA issued the press release prior to receiving the test results. The sample of raw milk testing negative for campylobacter by FDA was taken from a container obtained on June 14 by one of the individuals allegedly ill from the milk. Any threat of illness from the suspected milk produced by the dairy had already passed by the time FDA issued its press release. The agency could have waited until the test results were in but did not. The press release was a statement of agency policy that did nothing to promote or advance the public health. FDA’s accusations against Tucker Adkins Dairy are based more on its policy that “no one should drink raw milk at any time for any reason” than on any evidence.

Contrast the actions of FDA with those of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), the agency that has the hands-on responsibility for insuring that Tucker Adkins Dairy produces a safe product. The department could have suspended the dairy’s license or suspended raw milk sales if it suspected the dairy was responsible for making people sick; it did not. The department took two milk samples on its own, each of which tested negative for campylobacter. DHEC has found that the dairy has done nothing wrong. In its seven years of operating as a licensed dairy, Tucker Adkins Dairy has never been cited for a violation by the department nor has a complaint ever been made against the dairy for the raw milk it produces.

Like the FDA, the department advises the public that raw milk has inherent risk and that all milk should be consumed pasteurized. Unlike the FDA, DHEC waits until all the facts are in and does not carry out an anti raw milk agenda at the expense of a hard working family farm.

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund defends the rights and broadens the freedoms of family farms and protects consumer access to raw milk and nutrient-dense foods. Concerned citizens can support the FTCLDF, a U.S. based 501(c)(4) nonprofit, by joining or donating online at

or by calling 703-208-FARM (3276).

Media Contact: Kim Hartke 703-860-2711 or 703-675-5557;

URL Link to this Press Release:

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