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INFO: Sound Therapy - Orgonised

Sound-generated frequencies can be very effective for Rife research when combined with Orgonite or Quartz.

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Sound Tones

All sound files will be in WAV or MP3 format. Typically they will come in packs. I will now be using 7zip as the compression format. Download the program 7-Zip (for Windows) or Ez 7z (Mac) in order to decompress the sound packs below.

  • Healing Set (364 KB, 7Z) - A set of programs with popular, effective healing frequencies. 15 Hz, 42.7 Hz, 666 Hz, and 4103.3 Hz. Last updated: Sept 2 2010
  • The 456 (14.4 MB, ZIP) - Research frequencies, to be used to ward off entities. Don't be surprised if helicopters start flying over your house while running this.
    • Notes: 456.5766 Hz comes from "Rife Frequencies Via Dowsing" blog
  • Vervaine_PsychicAttachment (276 KB, 7Z) - Best weapon against tapeworms. This keeps them drunk and stops them from constricting you. A sound tone is included that is meant to remove psychic attachments but your mileage may vary on that one.
    • Notes: Source of all frequencies in this set is Newport from "Rife Frequencies Via Dowsing" blog.


Always searching for cheap alternatives to the pricey big-shot devices people in the Rife community use, I have started experimenting with sound card-generated frequencies.

To my surprise, I am finding many frequencies actually more effective through sound than when run on my $2000 Rife setup - which is currently an Atelier Robbin F165 frequency generator hooked up to a Scalar Craft 1A from the Frequency Foundation.

However, you must have Orgonite next to, or touching, your computer and speakers!

Sound is interconnected with scalar waves. Orgonite absorbs sound waves, and the quartz crystal deep inside sends them back out, as amplified scalar waves. (Tin Foil Hat Time: Makes you wonder how many secret, mind-control frequencies we are receiving from music in the mainstream media!)

Normally, for sound frequencies to be effective, you must concentrate on the sound of the frequency - this can be annoying and migraine-inducing. However, I am finding that as long as you have Orgonite touching your computer (or speakers), there is no need for this. Concentrating on the sound is always better though, and touching Orgonite while listening to the sound actually amplifies the effect dramatically. This is byfar, the cheapest way to get into frequency medicine yet!

Here are the pros and cons of sound card frequencies -
* Cheap - very little investment needed.
* Frequencies can be played in an MP3 Player for on-the-go Rifing
* Most tone generator programs feature the ability to produce sine, square, traingular, and sawtooth waves (my $1000 Atelier Robin frequency generator can only produce square waves. LOL)
-Programs can be very complex - multiple sounds can be played at once, multiple types of waves, etc
* Limited to 20 KHz and below - however, you can divide most frequencies by "2" or "e^1" repeatedly to get them into range and still get the same effect
* The sound of some frequencies can make your head hurt if listened to for too long. This can be overcome by using different types of waves. Typically, square waves are the most painful to listen to. Sine and triangle are more pleasant.


NOTE: You can use Quartz crystals instead of Orgonite! In fact, it is probably even more effective with Quartz alone. You can loop a headphone wire from your computer directly around the crystal, similar to a Succor Punch whereas you can not do that with Orgonite - the resin/metal matrix is in the way.

Those who have no money for an expensive Rife setup, or just want to dip their foot in to should download the program Audacity. There are many others like it. This is just the one I have found to be the most user-friendly. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The program is COMPLETELY free.

To generate a tone in Audacity, click on the Generate menu item at the top of the window. Then choose "Tone..." You will be presented with a menu asking you the frequency (in Hz), the amplitude, and the duration. Simple!

Even if you do not want to download Audacity, I will be uploading MP3 files of the most popular frequencies.
Now everyone can dip their foot in to frequency medicine. All you need is a well-made but affordable piece of Orgonite (or Quartz) and a computer.

Orgonite merchandisers I have tested pieces from: (recommended) and only sells cone-shaped TB's, not dome-shaped. The dome shape is far superior. Cones release most of the energy in one, sometimes narrow direction. The dome shape releases it all over the place. You could argue, however, that the cone shape would be better for Rife treatments, since you can direct the frequency to your body better.


-Use the Sawtooth wave form. It has many even harmonics, the most out of all waveforms.
-Place Orgonite on both the computer, as well as your speakers. Those on laptops can just place a tower buster or pyramid next to their headphone jack.
-Use a variety of different wave forms. Triangular and Sine waves seem to penetrate better than square waves. Note: this does not mean they are always better.
-Stick to the 1-2500 Hz range if you are using square waves

-Concentrate on the sound (not necessary if you have Orgonite)
-Hold Orgonite while listening to the sound - your body creates scalar waves to form the sound pattern in your brain
-Connect some headphones to your sound card jack, and loop the wire around your Orgonite. Do not attach the metal endings directly to the Orgonite.

The top of this post will be updated with new downloadable sound files regularly, targetting the most insidious of pathogens. Check this page again for regular updates.

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