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Fasting to lose 100 pounds or more.

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My name is Becca. Iím 34 years old and Iím 324 pounds.

My battle with weight is a very long one but Iíll give you guys the short version because I donít want to put anyone to sleep. LOL!

Iím from Puerto Rico and back home foods are very rich and at times fattening. On my dadís side of the family obesity seemed to be the norm. I didnít know there was a problem with my weight until I noticed how I was able to wear my momís clothes that were a size 10 or 12 when I was 9 years old.

At that point the other side of my family (my momís) basically repeated over and over if you donít start dieting you will look like your dadís sisters. At that moment my brain got programmed with the ďsupposedĒ weight issue.

Growing up I went from ďchubbyĒ to ďcute plumpĒ and then all the way to overweight or obese.

As a teenager I was able to control my weigh working out and doing extreme diets at times. Trust me Iíve done it all from Weight Watcherís, Jenny Craig, Atkins and others.

As a teenager the highest I ever went was 210 pounds and manage to keep it between 150 and 160. As a young adult I went all the way to 240 when I was 19 years old due to a personal crisis I went thru.

At that time I went on again and started dieting and working out. I did manage to lose about 40 pounds on that occasion.

As time went by I manage to get myself to 182 pounds with working out 2hrs per day and eating very little calories.

Then when I got pregnant with my oldest and I went all the way to 240 again. After the baby I did manage to lose 20 pounds and went down to 220.

When my second son came I was at 230 pounds and with that pregnancy I went all the way to 280 pregnant. After having the baby I was 268 pounds which I kept for about year or so.

With the stress from work and managing a home as a single parent after my relationship was over, the weight started to creep in taking me all the way to 315 pounds. At that time I panicked and I hired a trainer to start working out and dieting again (which was what I new at the time). I lost some weight went down to about 270 pounds but gain them back when I got transferred to another state with my job.

Along the years, 8 to be exact judging from my little oneís age my weight has been between 330 and 242. I know 242 how did I get there?

Well, I did become vegetarian in 2005 after a doctor recommending that I took my youngest of dairy products to help with his asthma. I researched a lot after this and eventually we became vegetarians.

During this time I was doing a lot of soul searching and life meaning research. I did stumbled on fasting and it did wonders for me. I was not getting sick anymore I felt pretty good and best of all my weight was coming off without me noticing it.

I got to 242 because I got chicken pox on 2006 and the only way I knew how to cure it was with fasting to allow my body to fight with all the available energy. After this unfortunately one of my family members moved in with my kids and me to stay for a while. Our family member didnít have the same views as I had and temptation came in. Somehow, I manage to get back at 270 although I was still working out here and there.

During the fall of 2007 I met the man who is now my husband. I would fast here and there snd I would do protein shakes for a bit but this time it was much harder because I had someone noticing my eating patterns.

Sadly but true I went back to the 330 pounds that were hunting me back when I had my second son. Now it came with pain which is the main reason why I decided to blog this time.

I have serious issues with circulation because I work from my home office for long periods of time. I have knee and back pain because of the weight. I have injuries on both of my Achilles tendons from using high heels while being heavy.

My vision has been impacted during the last 5 years to the point that now I have floaters (black dots) on my eyes. In addition I also have joint and back pain at times. I don't have insurance or the resources to get medical attention. Thankfully, I donít have diabetes, high blood pressure or anything that major because Iím vegetarian.

You might ask yourselfÖ How is she 324 when she is a vegetarian?

Simple, my legs condition doesnít allow me to work out as much as I would like and also I love sweets. Yes! Iím guilty. Thatís not a good combination when you have to lose as much as I do.

How did I get to decided to go for the fasting option? At this time Iím in a financial jam. My husband is a full time student, I have 2 boys and Iím self employed. Iíve tried to go back to what I know which is dieting and exercising but I canít afford the high cost of food in addition to what my family eats. Also, walking is a real torture for me at this time. I know it will get better as I get some weight off. Therefore, the only solution for me at this time is water fasting.

I have a few things on my side. To start, I donít drink anything but distilled water. Iíve been like that for a few years now; Iíll say maybe for the last 5 years or so. I donít drink juice or coffee or soda which is great. Iím already used to eating lots of veggies and fruits when I can afford it. Therefore, the re-feeding wonít be so hard.

Last but not least Iíve read everything there is about fasting from Dr. Joel Fuhrmanís books to the Miracles of Fasting with Mr. Bragg. Yes, Iíve done my homework. Now is time to take action!

My plan:

Water fast 30 days (I really want 40) then for 10 days eat raw fruits and veggies. My plan is to do this for 3 cycles.

Right now Iím preparing my body for the fast making sure that my intestines are clean and eating with no flours or yeast for at least 3 more days. Day one of my fast is Thursday June 11, 2009.

What do I expect?

To get 50 pounds off on the first round and at the end of the 3 cycles be on 200 pounds. Once Iím on 200 pounds I can get the rest of the weigh off working out and eating right like Dr. Fuhrman suggest on his books. My goal is to be 160 pounds by the end of this year.

I will be blogging my progress and I will be taking pictures at the beginning and the end of each cycle.

Send good thoughts for me.


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