Blog: MMS Diary - of a cure? Or another scam?
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Day 2 of MMS anti-MS trial

I continue to hit the maximum dosage of MMS and feel great frustration and despair about its efficacy.

Date:   2/18/2008 3:39:51 PM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 2540 times

Hello, everyone. Today will be the third day since I went back to 3 daily doses of 18 drops. I'm tempted to say "nada, rien, zip", except for the fact that I slept "only" about 8 and a half hours yesterday, starting about 4 a.m. That is a marked improvement that I can only trace to going back to the MMS.

Some users say that it has a particularly strong, gaggy taste and/or feeling going down when it's going to do something that time, that there's a certain metallic kick in it that turns out to be a precursor to some reaction later in the day. I note that, not only is there not nausea from it, it is getting increasingly not-disgusting to swallow down just with water, which was pretty bothersome and burdensome to me when I first started taking it (the taste). I'm glad that it's turned into no big deal to take it - if you are going to be doing something three times a day and might do it for quite a while, it's only really going to be feasible if each time you do it, it is no big thing to get through - but I do think about a few things I've heard corrolating strength of taste with breakthrough - a big dump of diarrhea or vomitus or something.

I had 64 oz or so of liquid yesterday, including some pau d'arco, and have had none yet today. The scale showed the same stuff except 1.4 pound weight loss, which is not impressive news on a day you've just had romaine and bladderwrack and a few Brazil nuts - it hardly inherently means any health trend is kicking in. But, anyway, what I mean is I'm desperate to get that TBW (total body water) reading up.

So - the good news is the sleep, not so much as it had been. Still feeling very unsteady and tingling and I make lots of typing and writing mistakes and talk/think slowly.

I'm going to try a liver flush today, and then you have to wait two weeks till another one. I'm going to use Oxy-Powder instead of Epsom Salts.

I think they just delivered veganic low-glycaemic raw high-moisture dates at the door that I ordered last week! Will I be able to resist tearing into them? I'm hungry and have run out of food except some leaves of baby bok choy and some nori sheets, so I'm susceptible. I do have olive oil for a flush, but it's been left out forever and must be rancid (I'm renting someone else's house whose oil it is, hence the rancid oil). I wonder if the rancidity is why I was violently ill when I did my last flush - or is it that I had two pints of oil? Anyone think I should wait until tomorrow when I may be able to get some fresh oil? Can one use hemp oil for a flush?

I guess that is all to report for now. Paradophilus is due Wednesday (it's Monday) - I'm laughing at how it's going to arrive saying how to take it slowly if you don't want too severe reaction and I'll take 4 doses of 45 sprays and feel nothing - another hope dashed to the ground. I hope I can report with my sick little tail between my legs in a couple of days, going, "I'm gonna die! I was so stupid, they SAID to take it slow..." Haha.

Got to go try to have some liquid and food of some sort before I eat 10 pounds of dates and really screw up.

I wonder if there's any point in increasing my dosage of MMS or taking it more than three times a day? But maybe there wouldn't be any point, as JAB suggests.

By the way, I have repeatedly written the people behind the MMS and who are hyping it and asking them what might be going on and what to do, for the past six weeks, and they have ignored me every time. Maybe they don't know how to read - Humble sure sounds like it.

What shall we say when I've done a consecutive seven days of three doses at 18 drops , and still have full-blown candidiasis and all its symptoms as they manifest in me? Well, it hasn't quite gotten to that point - maybe I'll be hit mid-week with some really big reaction.

I should not belittle the difference in sleep-hours.

By the way, the stuff does seem to turn your blood a kind of orange color, which is possibly what oxygenated blood looks like. The inner-biological-terrain camp would have one feel that if you've got visibly oxygenated blood, you've got it made, and I confess that has made sense to me when I didn't have it. Also alkalinity being the fountain of all good things seemed sensible to me when my pH was so acid (as it is now again, after an MMS break of a couple of weeks): when I was on the MMS, my pH got higher than it has ever been since I've ever been measuring it. It got up to 7.2 or even higher. You can imagine how thrilled I was for a while, because I also believed that when you get alkaline, you start to get healthy, get functional, release fat, feel more energy and clearer thinking - the whole shebang. But, as with bright orange blood, it seemed, once I got the alkaline pH (of course I aim for 7.4 or .5), that all sorts of wonderful miraculous thinga did not in fact start to happen. Maybe it takes months for changes to manifest once you HAVE reached oxygenated/alkaline level. I always felt I'd feel different, when I got above neutral pH, that it would be a truly differet world, sort of Shangri-La where disease and unhappiness could not, physically could not, happen. But when I was there I still had difficulty with living, breathing, eating and digesting, thinking, sleeping, wanting to live, moving - nothing had changed except a color (on a pH strip or in my blood). Same pain, despair, lethargy, lifelessness.

My lesson here to you if you share some of these concerns is at least not to think that when you achieve alkalinity (or 7.3ish alkalinity) and oxygenation, things immediately change or are different. I know I had that mind-set and was deeply disappointed and it was that that made me chuck the MMS. Whether I should have done that or kept at it, we shall see... I do know that within a short period of time, it was as if my pH never was even in the mid-6 range - last time I checked a few days ago, it had plummeted again to 6.3. I mean to measure it again, but even if it has gone up radically now, this would strike me as a sort of artificial accomplishment, not "intrinsic", internal and a permanent sort of change. Naturally one's diet must support the maintenance of alkalinity...

Anyway, I'd better go. Thanks for reading! Good luck!

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