Finally! 30 day apple diet
by 2dreem

End of Day 3!   16 y  
Feeling down, but I'm still going
Alright, not feeling so good. Have serioulsy ODíd on dates. And since Iím a diabetic, that is a complete no-no! Its not so much that they make my blood sugars go crazy, because Iím pretty good at taking enough insulin to match what I eat(the way a the body naturally would), but they just leave me feeling very unbalanced. I flirted with the idea of just going off for today to make myself feel better. But I wont do that. I can take this. Iíve quit so many times, and I dont think I could take the guilt. So, Im tredging on. Tomorrow I will start the mc for a few days to get back on track ...   read more

3rd Day   16 y  
Day 3
O.K. so its day 3 for me and Iíve been a little off track. Instead of reaching for the apples when Iím hungry, Iíve been eating peaches, and today I had watermelon and figs. Not exactly my plan but I am proud of myself for not blowing the whole thing off. So I plan on doing the mc for a few days, probably until Tuesday, to get myself back on track. This isnt that big a deal, I can do this. Well, now that thats aside. Day 3 of my fruitarian diet more like! So since I made a goal to get to day 3 without giving up, I am rewarding myself with a nice hot bath tonight. On to my next goa ...   read more

2nd Day HORAAY!   16 y  
day 2
So Iíve made it past my first hurdle, the first day. Last night I felt awful. I felt starving and thoughts of wanting to quit were going round and round in my head. But I just ate a lot of apples, drank a lot of water, and got through it. And now Iím feeling really good. Itís funny because everytime I do a fast, Iíll have a dream where I eat something I shouldnt. Then Iíll wake up with a guilty feeling until I realize it was just a dream. This happens every single night. Weird, huh! Iím getting really excited about being thin and healthy for the holidays. I know Iíll keep it off, ...   read more

1st Day   16 y  
day 1
Itís the evening of my first day and all of these negative feelings that I usually get when I start a fast are coming up. Iíve been having thoughts like ĒI dont want to do thisĒ, or ĒI dont need to do thisĒ, or Ēmaybe Iíll wait till laterĒ This is the hardest part for me and when I usually end up breaking. But I will get through it. Iíve just got to keep my mind on my goal and how happy Iíll be when I accomplish it. I read something yesterday about how to achieve your goals and I thought it was really cool. It gives 6 steps to achieving your goals. Step 1) Set a Big Goal ...   read more

The Beginning   16 y  
exclusive apple diet
Hey! I decided that I would create a blog describing my 30 day apple fast to help me get through it. Iíve been trying to do this fast for months and months, but I always quit. So I figured if I shouted it out to the world that I am going to achieve my goal, it will happen. So here I go! Im a type 1 diabetic and about 30 pounds overweight. I have been my whole life. I used to be a ballet dancer, and the weight was always a problem and prevented me from dancing as good as I could. After I got sick I stopped dancing. Now that Iím ready to dance again, I just canít make myself go until I ...   read more


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This is my blog where I talk about my 30 day apple diet to help me saty with it more...

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