My 30 Juice Fasting Journey
by Raiven
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Day 1 (of 5)   16 y  
looking forward to a little cleansing
I have missed juicing. I am amazed that since I ended my last juice fast I have really missed how good I was feeling while juicing and that even when I ate completely raw I still couldn’t get that same feeling. I can really see how good it is for you now and my body literally craves it! I leave for my cruise soon so I am getting a 5 day fast in just before to clean out and refresh. This will help me make healthier choices also while on the cruise. I want to enjoy it and feel vibrant - not all run down by over filling on bad foods as many people do while on a cruise. My body has chang ...   read more

Day 50 - Done! :)   16 y  
One chapter closes and another opens . . .
Well, I have brought my juice feast to a close at day 50. My body was telling me that I am ready to eat solids again. I broke the fast with the soaked prunes as outlined in the juice feasting guidelines and everything went just fine. I am very proud of my 50 day cleanse and I will definitely do this again next year - maybe for a little longer each year. I have 5 weeks left until my vacation and I am going to continue to eat very healthy and keep up the daily exercise. I am happy with the progress that I have made this year in the health department and I am excited to see how far I c ...   read more

Day 41   16 y  
stepping it up for my vacation!
I can’t get my vacation out of my head because I am so excited! I got up early this morning and did the elliptical. I will do my toning when I get home from work. My goal is to drop another 15 pounds before we leave so I hope that comes true! I am working hard to make it a reality. I get up early, exercise, get my green powder drink down (1 tblsp green powder, bee pollen, 1 tsp flax oil) and then get my juices in the rest of the day and plenty of water. I am feeling great! Happy juicing to everyone - you can do it!   visit the page

Day 40!   16 y  
Yesterday I found out some great news - I am going on a cruise to Mexico! :) 5 year anniversary this year so me and the hubby are going on vacation. So, my plans of breaking my juice feast was originally 10/20 but we will be on the cruise that week so now I will be breaking it on 10/6. That way I have my week to transition back to solids slowly. I am so excited because I have never been on a cruise before and what a way to reward myself for my long juice feast too! Now I am really determined to keep up my exercise and increase it a little more each week. So far, I have lost 23 pounds ...   read more

Day 38   16 y  
Energy is good today!
I am getting my hair done today and I always love those days - so relaxing and rejuvenating. I have been friends with my stylist since I was 9 so the visits are so much fun. This feels like a real treat today to myself for the commitment I have made so far. I can’t believe on Wednesday that I will be on day 40. That is so huge to me. I am feeling really good today with more energy than I had last week. I am so excited - just one week away from my 1/2 way mark. Thoughts of solid food are starting to creep back in slowly but I just push that aside for now. Plenty of time to think abo ...   read more

Day 35   16 y  
5 weeks done!
Wow - 5 weeks today! I am feeling really good today. I got a long great sleep last night and it really helped. I added some new fruits into my juices to get some variation in nutrients and I think that is helping too. My clothes are getting big now so I will need to get some shopping in soon. :) Fun stuff!   visit the page

Day 33   16 y  
Feeling better today!
This morning I feel better than I have for the past 2 days. I have a little more energy and I am not as tired. I weighed myself this morning and I have dropped 21 pounds so this juicing is helping me clear out a lot of excess waste and pounds at the same time. That makes me feel really good! Progess is wonderful ;) In 2 weeks I will be halfway through this journey. At times it feels slow and at other times it feels like time has flown by. It just depends on the day. I am excited to see the changes that are coming because the ones that have happened for me already are great - phys ...   read more

Day 31   16 y  
All new experiences from here on
Wow, new territory today. 30 days is the longest I have gone in the past. Today I feel the most tired that I have during this whole process, but it could be from the new puppy cries in the middle of the night. ;) We have a new addition to our small family and she wanted to cuddle all night instead of staying in her own little bed. Other than that I am feeling pretty good. I am going to increase my exercise this week as I have read that now is the time that I can in this process.   visit the page

Day 25   16 y  
Already 1/4 of the way!
So, here I am at day 25 of another juicing journey and I am feeling really good. I am embarking on a 92 day juice feast. I previously did a 30 day last year so this one will be the longest I have ever done. I feel like these first 25 days have gone by pretty quickly so I can’t imagine that I will have any problem going the distance. I have already gotten rid of so much old waste and at day 25 am still passing solid BMs. That amazes me! My skin looks great and of course some weight has come off. I am getting clean inside :)   visit the page

Day 1 - Mini Juice Fast   16 y  
Another juicing journey - short and sweet!
Well, I am ready to get back into the juicing world today. I am just going to stick to orange juice, carrot juice and water for the 2 days. Simple and easy this time. I am doing this short fast just to let my body catch up with the solids I have consumed over the past 3 weeks since my last juice fast. I am pretty sure that I will only do the 2 days, but who knows. If I feel really good I may go longer. I will see how my body feels and act accordingly. :)   visit the page

Post Fast Day 22   16 y  
The weight loss will continue!
I can’t believe 3 weeks had already gone by since my juicing days. I am happy to report that I weigh exactly the same as on the last day of my juicing. The scale went up a couple pounds the week back on solids but I have gotten it right back down. Now, I am on to more progress. I am eating very healthy. I have been on an organic dried mango kick these past couple of days. I am going to do a mini juice fast of 2 days at the end of this week. Happy health to everyone! :)   visit the page

Post Fast Day 9   16 y  
Wow, has it only been 9 days?
I am so proud of the transition I have made to solid foods. I have been on them for 9 days now - slowly getting back to full solid meals. I still have a juice thrown in daily and I have been on a completely vegan diet high in raw foods. I weighed myself and I am only 2 pounds up from when I ended the fast. That is great considering the books tell you to expect a 5-7 pound gain. I will increase my exercise a little more next week to get those 2 pounds back off. I know the difference is I have solids in my system now, so that is what the 2 pounds could be. But I am determined to conti ...   read more

Post Fast Day 4   16 y  
Feeling really good and eating healthy!
Well, today is day 4 after the fast and I am feeling better each day while my body is adjusting. Yesterday I had: 80 oz water 1 pear 1 apple 16 oz carrot juice whole wheat pretzels 2 corn tortillas with rice, beans, lettuce, salsa, avocado Yesterday I felt a little more hunger than usual but I think that is due to my increase in exercise. I am so happy today is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend! If the weather permits, I may go for a long walk on the beach.   visit the page

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