Fasting & Detox: Juicing for first time
by RedFizz
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Day 8   17 y  
Not much going on...
I am having a great day. My legs hurt so much last night. It felt like I have run or walked or cycled for many many miles. I read about this happening with toxins being released from the large leg muscles. Then I woke up in the middle of the night remembering a lot of painful memories. Once again, I read something about that happening, too. Some say it is the toxins that has been released going through your system. My throat hurt a little when I woke up. I am going to run to the grocery store today.   visit the page

Day 7 evening   17 y  
I suppose I am a healthy girl...
So I realized that I have another addiction: Shopping. There is a dress I want at Ann Taylor, and it is on sale. Available sizes are dissapearing, and I freaked out! I didn’t realize that would affect me that way. Plus, I have already lost ~9lbs in 7 days. It would be so silly to buy a dress now, and it not fit once I am done with the fast and not eating the SAD diet. Hmmm. Something I suppose I need to deal with. Physical note: I have had a couple bm’s. It was only mucus. Gross. I am a little hungry.   visit the page

Day 7 afternoon   17 y  
Goal 2 down...onto the next one...
Wow! One week! After today I will have met my second short goal-one week. My next goal is a full 10 days, which is only three days away. I have been super relaxed. I finally got to sleep in today, which was nice. Not much has occurred physically. I lost another pound. Yeah! I have ordered the steps to freedom book series from, and it has helped me a lot. I am reading the first book, which is Freedom to Fasting, and it is helping me to consider other things, evaluate things in my life, and better understand the full ramifications of fasting. Although, that is su ...   read more

Highly recommended recipe   17 y  
Tastes like orange sherbert
I just had the most awesome juice mix: 1/2 pineapple 2 oranges 1 red (bloody?) tangerine 1/2 sweet potato Chill in the refrigerator/freezer for about a half an hour. I was SO afraid of juicing sweet potatoes, but it was a pleasant suprised. It tastes like the melted, leftover orange sherbert that you drink once you have eaten the frozen part. It has the same consistency, too. Yum! Enjoy!   visit the page

Day 6   17 y  
Crazy things happening
I never thought that I would get ”detailed”, but the blogs that are in depth have really helped me out. Anyway, so today I had a bm, and for the first time there was mucous in it. I have read how other people have experienced this, and I thought, ”What’s the big deal?” But it really grossed me out to think that was in me. However, it definitely encouraged me, because I now know I am doing the right thing and it is working. (I would hate to think that I fasted for a long time only to find out it was a waste.) Oh, and I mentioned that I had garlic in my juice yesterday. Well, today ...   read more

Day 6 afternoon   17 y  
A great way to get even...
So my body has been doing some strange stuff, but I will get into more details tonight-don’t think I neeed to write that at work. Anyway, I have figured out a way to get even with my office mate for trying to get me to eat by eating in front of me: I had a little garlic in my concoction last night. Bwahahahaaaaa. Now that’s what I call biological warfare. Unfortunately it tasted awful, so I don’t think I really won. : ) I am having a tough time trying to find any vegetable mix that I like. I don’t know what to do. I have a recipe that calls for a sweet potato, so we’ll see. Tha ...   read more

Day 5 afternoon   17 y  
Day 5 thoughts
So far I have lost 8 pounds, BUT I started during my period. Four pounds is probably more accurate when I subtract normal menstral weight. However, I woke up in the middle of the night and my tummy felt smaller and I freaked out. I had a real case of fear. It suddenly dawned on me that this weight has been my safety blanket. I was picked on as a child, and I learned quickly that the larger I am, the less they notice me. With that being said, I think I have a fear of being seen and harassed all over again. Wow. That is going to be tough to overcome. I have found that I am more ...   read more

Day 5...Woo-hoo!   17 y  
I get hungry, but it doesn't last
It’s day 5 and I am doing well. I am still not sleeping well, although this time it was because of a bird outside that sang all night long! By 1:00am I had to shut the window. I have not experienced heavy duty cleansing crises yet. When my nose runs, it’s minimal. Every now an then I wonder if I am just not doing something right, but I haven’t ”eaten” anything going on 5 days now. That’s what you are supposed to do, right? I am kind of afraid the crisis will sneak up on me. I finished reading ”Sugar Blues” and I enjoyed it very much. Now I am getting ready to read ”Fast Food N ...   read more

Day 4 afternoon   17 y  
Starting to waiver...
I guess I was so determined to get through day 3 that I underestimated day 4. I am hungry, but I have a lot of energy. Go figure. I feel lighter and in good spirits. Things are getting much better between my boss and me; I think addressing it helped. The hint of yellow in the whites of my eyes has turned into a deep yellow from the detox. It’s crazy. I am hungry, and every now and then I want to quit and eat. But I am trying to convince myself to keep my eye on the goal: finish the fast and reap the benefits! My next mini-goal is 7 days.   visit the page

Day 4   17 y  
I have made it to my first goal!
Today is day 4, and I have made my first goal: Make it through 3 days. Anytime I tried to fast I would always fail in the middle of day 2. Therefore, Yeah! I am noticing a pattern: I will get depressed/overly sensitive/paranoid/etc. for about an hour or two. Then that will go away and then my body or head will hurt. Once that goes away then I have either bad body odor, mucous, greasy skin, etc. So I think this is the detox cycle. Hmmm. But I have lost 7 lbs. :) I have hypothryroidism (not enough hormones) and have been on therapy for about 6 years. It started when the doctors ...   read more

Day 3 afternoon   17 y  
Not the greatest of days
Last night (day 2) was awesome. I relaxed, took a bubble bath, lit a storm lantern, turned on the easy listening/jazz station, and did nothing. I hadn’t been that relaxed in a long time. Then I had very disturbing dreams last night. I woke up with an upper-abdominal cramp, my face was greasy, I was in a bad mood, it felt like it took twice the effort it normally would just to lift my arms. I finally felt a little better this afternoon. Then there has been some things going on at work that I am become the scape goat for. I finally addressed it to my boss to understand what all ha ...   read more

Day 2 afternoon   17 y  
Does it actually start this early?
I was perfectly fine (so-to-speak) before I started fasting, and by this afternoon, my nose is starting to run. I didn’t know the mucous would show up so quickly. I am still having problems drinking the veggie juice. I guess I will just have to dilute it like crazy. Thanks for the info, Midge! I may call and make an appointment. Let me tell you what doctors call medicine: I was so stressed, cried every night, and I couldn’t figure it out. So of course my doctor immediately ”knew that I was depressed” and prescribed Effexor XR. Within two days I lost my short term memory and m ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
Is this normal?
So I tried a beat/celery/carrot juice and I hated it. I don’t think it was the taste; it was more of the thick consistency. Plus I am finding that my body is behaving like a spoiled two-year-old. My stomach crossed its arms, closed its ”mouth” and said ”No!”. The celery aftertaste wasn’t the greatest, but not unbearable. I had to throw it out and I tried an apple/carrot/cabbage drink, and it was much better. I diluted it a little, and it was not bad. I am finding that I have to take my time drinking the vegetable juice. This morning, I had a sharp pain in my chest, but I am not ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
Embarassing question...
Whoa! I was so afraid of juicing, but I had a pear/apple/strawberry juice and it was aweseom!!! What is funny is how my body reacted. I know I am addicted to sugar (and I am even more aware of it reading Sugar Blues), and I noticed my body It seemed to say to me, ”Ya, this tastes good-kind of like candy. But where is the sugar?” The sugar my body requires and expects wasn’t there. So now my body is going through an, ”Okay, no big deal. You will give me some next time.” I can tell it will be a battle. But hey, at least I understand what it is and can approach ...   read more

Last day of the SAD lifestyle   17 y  
Today I am going to the grocery store to buy my fruits and vegetables.  I am so nervous about how everything is going to taste.  Am I going to like it?  Will I be able to stand it? I am also afraid of the withdrawl symptoms I will experience.  Any advice?  Any heads up info to watch out for?  I have been through sugar withdrawl symptoms before (tremors, head ache, anxiousness) and I will have to go through those again.  However, I am reading Sugar Blues by Dufty, and that is helping me. Tomorrow I plan to do nothing, but read and relax. ...   read more

A bit nervous but determined   17 y  
The adventure begins Saturday
Thanks to all of the support!  I appreciate your "welcomes", dazzle, sunearth, raddish, and albertjohnson.  Also, I want to let ausjulie know how much I appreciate her blog reporting post fast.  I am so afraid of going into starvation mode and gaining tons of weight afterwards. One blogger made a comment that everything you eat is a part of your diet .  It just depends on what diet are you on.  I told my mom about this so she wouldn’t invite me over to dinner, and she is freaking out.  But considering that she is 300+ lbs, and if I continue ...   read more

Pre-Fasting Background Info   17 y  
Background info before I fast
I have never fasted before, and I was always scared that I would shock my body into completely shutting down, have no metabolism, and gaine twice the weight when I begin eating again. However, I have finally accepted that I am not big boned; rather, I have eaten the Standard American Diet (SAD) my entire life with no moderation.  It is time for an overhaul. A little bit about me I am Masters student studying PR while working full time.  I will go straight into my PhD in communications/PR once I have completed my MS.  Personally, PR is a tool that has b ...   read more

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