Fire at the Kitchen, World's First Liquidarian 'Blog
by loganberry

Juicearianism, Day 4   17 y  
Still here..
Not much to report - grass juices with spirulina only for a while...oh, and experimenting with fulvic acid - indeed, with megadoses daily - I understand 12 oz. daily is a ”therapeutic dose”. Anyone interested in this? I’ll report - today is Day 3 of that.   visit the page

Juicarianism, Day 1   17 y  
Juicearianism, Day 1, after a day of disappointing liquidarianism yesterday.
Yesterday was a disappointing first day liquidarian. I thought I had a liquidarian ”buddy” who was doing it with me, who was going to do smoothies and oil in her liquids. So I got majorly side-tracked from my original vision, and made my ”juices” with dulse flakes and hemp oil. At first it tasted great, but by the end of the day, I felt salty and loaded down from refined-fat overload. I certainly wasn’t what I’d been thinking of earlier in the week, when I decided to go liquidy. Adjustments like that may well come later, but I want them to come from the prompting of an ”inner voice” of ...   read more

Lquidarian Basics   17 y  
Day 1 Liquidarian Challenge
There are two strands of challenge here, of difficulties in doing this (well, not counting social) - the physical and the psychological.We must provide for ourselves physically, fine-tune our liquidarianism so that it is supportive of health. No point doing this just to ”be extreme”. We must find an intersection between things we’ve read from ”health gurus” and other raw-foodists, and the things we know about our own body or body-mind, what things work, what things are too heavy, too much trouble, too likely to lead to bingeing, etc. We must figure out what elements of nutrition our body-m ...   read more

8.28 p.m. March 29th 2006, Wednesday - I go liquidarian.   17 y  
Start of "DayOne" as a real liquidy (not like D. Jubb).
Gee, what an adventure. See you tomorrow.   visit the page

Some reasons for going liquid...   17 y  
Some words on commitment.If it makes sense to commit to a true love for the rest of one's life, can we bring an analogous depth to bear on diet?
Going liquid is a personal choice, in that unlike raw or veganism, you can’t say it’s what the whole world should do. It’s what you feel you have to do to fulfill your potential and ”maximize your options”, as Someone once said to me. Once you’ve puzzled over what you need and want in your life, and tried various dietaries, you’re in a position to know yourself. What’s really going to make you happy to wake up? happy to go to sleep? more loving with trees and your loved one? the best dancer and singer and colorist and drummer you can be? the calmest when rejected? the alivest and healthies ...   read more

Liquidarian Challenge.   17 y  
Day -1 of going raw vegan liquidarian.
I am preparing to go liquidarian. I really badly, badly need to mineralize, alkalize, and save myself from jumping in the river. I’ll eat tomorrow, and then start in the evening - March 29th being something of an important anniversary for me. I’d like to invite anyone to join me in ”going” whatever your next step is - 100% raw vegan, raw alkalarian - or perhaps in going on that fast you’ve been wanting to. I’m sure that’ll be for you as big a step as this is for me. So think about it...if you want to join the fun. I’ll post tomorrow, Day 0.   visit the page


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After years of raw vegan, and experiments with fruitarianism, I go 100% liquidarian. more...

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