Fasting to Spring
by mirabilia

2 weeks and finishing it up   17 y  
Finishing fast with apples
So i decided to quit fasting and try something else. Like raw fruits and/or veggies fo while. so far Iíve had 4-5 apples throughot the day (maybe itís too much for beginning?) and I plan to eat nothing more today. I think tomorrow will be apples as well, maybe an apple smoothie. Iím glad Iíve made this decision because I really didnít see any progress i the fast. Water fasts Iíve done earlier have been much harder, but the results were obvious. This didnít happen this time with juices. So no more need for juicing.   visit the page

Day 13 evening   17 y  
It's not for me?
I tried this MC lemonade for few days and it is really giving me cravings... I donít know, how people drink it while fasting? I even cheated a bit today and ate half a lemon. And I still havenít lost any more weight. I donít know, Iíve been having only liquids for almost two weeks, Iíve lost only 6 pounds and this was probably only water because it all came off during first few days. This fasting thing must not be for me I think...   visit the page

Day 11, afternoon   17 y  
Still no weight loss
I signed me up for a colonics next Thursday. Curious to see how it works. Still no weight loss. Iím wondering if switching to MasterCleanse would help that? Anyway I bought lemons and maple syrup today, just in case ;) If I see nothing moving by the end of the week Iíll try MC. Itís not too hard not to eat, but I still miss it. Not the food to fill my stomach but the feeling of it n my mouth, the taste, the spice, the warmth... Ohhhh.   visit the page

Day 10, afternoon   17 y  
Keeping on
So, itís already day 10. I donít feel hungar any more, but the need to eat is still there and comes to torture me here and there. I think this is something what will never really go away - the habit to eat when bored, waiting, thinking, reading... etc. Or just to do instead of something you donít wanna do. Like work. Or study. Homework. Cleaning. etc. I had this fight today, again. I won - again. :D had a coffee-enema and saltwater flush. I think I wonít be doing those flushes any more as it just doesnít seem to work for me and whatís the point then. Coffee enema was better - altho I c ...   read more

Noon of day 9   17 y  
feeling good today
Well I really meant to put a question mart to the end of the headline as I had to count days today to remember how long have I been doing that :D Itís funny. I would think I know exactly for how long I havenít been eating by now! I also keep forgetting to weigh myself (should do tomorrow hopefully...). I feel good, today. Mood is up and so is energy. I was able to run to the bus this morning, ha! But I canít seem to sleep very well. I just lay there awake and no position seems good eneough. I do sleep, some, but itís really hard to FALL asleep. I have no problems waking up tho, which is g ...   read more

In the Middle of Day 8   17 y  
I want food!
For some reason it has been very hard to avoid eating today. Maybe itís because Iím working from home today and I know exactly where the food is lol. Or maybe it was the melon juice I made and which had too much sugar in it to wake cravings? I donít know! But I know itís hard. I just canít concentrate on my work or anythink, I find myself wondering around in the kitchen and thinking what to eat! Now this even wasnít so the first two days - HELP!   visit the page

Morning of Day 8   17 y  
Enema problems
I canít quite believe itís day 8 already. Iím done one week and it hasnít been that hard at all (well, except for day 6!) I did fine yesterday, didnít have enema tho. I donít really know about enemas - are they that benefitial at all? I mean, they make my stomach hurt - all the water is coming in, but itís not coming out together but it stays in and gives me pain until it finally exits, not even carrying much with it. Is it common or do I have some twist in my colon, whatever? I can see I have lost some weight - I needed a belt for my jeans today and they were just a bit too tight bfore s ...   read more

Morning of day 7   17 y  
I felt totally crappy yesterday
I felt totally crappy yesterday (finally - you may say!). No energy, dizzy, headache, etc. Go figure, why did it take me 6 days to start detox? Anyway, it was Sunday, so I just layed in bed most of the day. Felt better by the evening, made pancakes for kids and almost talked myself into tasting one. Glad I didnít! Today is better. And I weighed 133 - 6 lbs lost in 6 days, thatís great or what!   visit the page

Noon of day 5   17 y  
Time of month - no loss?
I forgot to weigh myself today, but I donít think Iíve lost much, because I just started my period yesterday and Iím bloated and swollen from it. I also feel quite strong pressure-feeling in my lower stomach and I canít quite say is it from period or am I constipated because of fast. I had an enema last night, so I should be ok, right? I had two tbs wheat bran in the morning, just to make sure Iím ĒworkingĒ - drank it in a glass of water followed by two more glasses of pure water. Fasting was fine yesterday. I was extremely busy all day and so it happened I only had one glass of beet-carr ...   read more

Day 3 - evening   17 y  
Am I cleaning or not?
Ok, the juicer thing made me quite mad, but iíll try it for few more days and for few more fruits. It works ok with oranges... but i canít just stick to oranges, can I? Other than that, my day went fine. I was supposed to do some work which I didnít but thatís fine too. I can do it later. Got great news from the bank - theyír giving us money for the house we are planning to buy. And even more money we thought they would give. That news kinda made my day. Everything edible still looks so pretty lol. Especially chocolate. Fruits. Popcorn. Meat. Ummm, especially anything lol. I have had a ...   read more

Juicer arrived - soooo dissapointed!   17 y  
If I wanted a baby food maker...
I donít know how they can call it a juicer... itís not giving me juice. The ĒjuiceĒ it makes could be eaten with spoon. Blah! how could I know that in advance? And now what?   visit the page

Morning of Day 3   17 y  
Rise and Shine!
Good morning. So itís day three already. I found a juicing bar yesterday, so I was fine. Got home pretty late, resisted chocolate on the tabele, had a nice warm bath and hot tea. So everything went exactly as planned. And my juicer is about to arrive any minute now. Yay! I donít know why but I havenít really experieced any real detox symptoms as I see them. No headache, dizzyness, hunger, nauseaness, nothing. I must say this juice fast is so much better than water fasts Iíve done. I feel horrible on water fast. I canít sleep, run, concentrate, Iím picky and whiny, you know? This time i ...   read more

Morning of Day 2   17 y  
Good morning everyone!
I did stay strong last night - had a cup of lax tea (hasnít worked yet!) and another cup of relaxing herb tea and went to bed. Yay! Now, this morning I had a cup of coffee. Not good, I know, but better than my ususal 3-4 cups followed by another 3-4 at work :)I hope soon enough Iíll be able to skip all the coffee. Just today wasnít the day. I didnít have any juice left at home and my juicer arrives only tomorrow so I havenít had any juice yet. Iíll see if I can find any place with fresh juice today, as Iím at a conference today, itís a small city and donít know much about the places her ...   read more

Day 1 (March 28)   17 y  
It's 7:30pm and I believe I can call it a day.
Day 1 of juicefast - how has it been? Not bad I must say although I have probably had too much fruit juice. But of course, I have no personal experience yet, maybe thatís agood thing for me. After my morning coffe and newborn decision to start a fast I had nothing till about 3:30 pm - was just too busy to go juice-shopping. Then I got myself a litre orange juice, 0,5 litres apple/strawberry and 0,5 litres apple/carrot juice. And started drinking it. Itís almost gone by now, altho kids drank part of it - of course I didnít say ínononono itís mineí because Iíd like them to get benefits fr ...   read more

Introduction   17 y  
Why I faste etc.
I have wanted to start a juice fast for a while... never had the time, the will, etc. Now I have decided and starting it today. Actually I just decided a few hours ago (and after I had had my morning coffee...) lol. I donít yet have a juicer but I ordered one and it should arrive in two days. So far I will get the fresh juice froma a bar. Itís gonna cost me more but I just donít want to wait another two days. I have different reasons for fasting. Of course Iíd like to drop some weight - maybe like 20 pounds. But more than that I need some new energy. I have been so tired for the last few ...   read more


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